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Pastel Girl by dreammaker123
Pastel Girl
This is our friend Mindy in her little pastel look, as you can see she likes bright colors a lot with her outfits. Despite all that she can be really jolly and loves candy, with those colors she looks just like the rainbow in the sky. Don't ask her why she loves those colors its a long story my friend, yet being playful can be quite a loving things.

Lineart by :iconyampuff:

where to find it…
Marine101 Arc 6: Starabia

June 20, 1800 Starabia

               Episode 3: Finding a thief! Into Al Mubarakiah Plaza

Daniel was already up in Al Mubarakiah Plaza with a quick step, this place was big so there were a lot of hiding spaces out here. He was going to meet up with Abdulla Mistflame to help him with a few things, from the looks of things the baddies here have really caused havoc all around this place. Once he found him it was time for him to get to work on this street, something tells us that it's going to get a bit rough out here. Finally reaching Abdulla they quickly got to work out here, this place was close to the sultan's palace maybe the shadow five is their as well.

|Good, you've made it here! At least something is going good for us out here for the moment, this place has gotten a lot more chaotic ever since the shadow five came here. Something tells me that they are not at their hideout at all, I bet that they are at the sultans palace trying to rob the place of it's valuables heavily. However first w have to focus on Al Mubarakiah Plaza, were going to need some clues and you already know it isn't going to be easy getting those. I'm not strong enough the fight the enemies out here but I know you can, for the most part their scattered very will out here so be on the look out my friend. First I would try fighting those Arabian Blademasters they seem the be the most cunning, you better watch out those guys are strong and their attacks aren't that pretty to take. Once you have a good clue come back to me and I'll look at it, there is got to be someone controlling these guys out here. However there is a lot of work here and we don't have time to talk, so you better get going I'll make sure no one tries to gang up on you in the process.| Daniel nodded as he headed off to find some Arabian Blademasters.

Walking down this street you can feel that someone is watching you, yet the Blademasters found Daniel quickly so it's time to get to work. Fighting these guys was a little pain for they were leadsmen with a lot of health, yet from his many battle he can handle the challenges pretty well from the looks of things. After an good hour the finally defeated the Blademasters with a little scratch, during this battle he found a strange letter of some sorts. Going back to Abdulla Mistflame with the strange letter that he has, maybe he might know more about this if he gives this time him. Finally reaching him he handed him the letter softly for him to examine, what he read was quite shocking indeed.

"Pirates there have been a chance in plans my young friends, I'll need four of you back so I can defend Skull Island greatly. Those three higher ranks have already cleared out the other four streets before the first ones, now that were cornered they will head to defend Skull Island from the Seala Marines. If they happen to get this note we are done for my dear young pirates, the four Shadow Five members will come with me to protect what we have left. Richard Hawkeye will stay here causing trouble as a distraction, yet if he gets defeated at the Sultans Palace are plans are ruined. I shall let you know when check for them if they happened to know about this, if they do we better start getting ready for a fight. I shall tell you when to write me back when everything is safe for us, I'm counting on you heavily to make a distraction Richard.

Signed, Captain Avery"

|Yes this is a great clue for you Daniel that you got from the Blademasters, I bet that this Avery person is who you are searching for at the moment. Well I'll let my friend here take it to one of your higher ranks out here, I'll bet he'll be happy knowing that they broke their plans here. However we need to get back to who is causing trouble out here, you did get another clue on them as well but we cant do nothing with this. I still need more in order to find out who leads out here, and I think I know some monsters that can help you with in that situation quite well. The Desert Slashmen are known for being deadly with those swords so be careful, yet I have all the faith in you that you'll be find fighting these guys. Things are starting to revile themselves as time starts to go fast, yet for the meantime we need a good clue my friend we have not time to wait. I'll be right here when you get the clue so don't worry, I'll also make sure no one tries to ambush you with a sneak attack.| Daniel nodded as he went to find the Desert Slashmen.

Things were started to show themselves greatly as time passed, the Desert Slashmen were up ahead and they weren't that friendly. Dealing with their fast attacks aren't that pleasant but a marine has to do it, after an hour and a half he finally defeated the Desert Slashmen. Getting a good clue he went back to Abdulla Mistflame he game him the clue he was waiting for, as he looked at it he gave a big smile to his face. Finally he got the final piece that he was looking for out here, and it came greatly as one of Daniel's higher ranks were coming down into this part of the street.

|So he's the one who's been causing all of this mess we have, that rotten Altair has been working for Richard Hawkeye for quite some time here. I bet he's hiding in an old building not far from our location Daniel, I've should have kept an eye on him since I saw a lot of his men move back and forth. If we defeat him then all of the chaos here will be over and gone with, then you can get to the Sultans Palace quickly to help your friends in fighting Richard Hawkeye. I know this person well he can do trick you in so many ways, just keep attacking him and you will have your victory. Don't worry about his men I'll summon more if you bring one down, just worry about Altair and you will be done with him for good. I'll talk to your marine friends while you are busy fighting him, well there is no time to waste you've better get some work done my friend.| Daniel nodded as he left the area quickly.

Walking down the path he finally found the old house, with his brigade he was ready for this rough battle with Altair. Going inside they saw a lot of guys in here that fought with Altair, yet Abdulla told them to only focus on Altair and him only. Although they can do this the men weren't going to make this easy one bit, with his trickster ways this is going to be a long battle indeed. After a good hour and a half he finally defeated Altair with a few bruises in toe, going back to his spot he found that Commander Oscar Dreamfeather was their taking Abdulla's place. He was quite pleased in what Daniel has done around here with his brigade, the other two higher ranks handled the other street before this one so they can get to the palace easily. Now that they have the note he told the other ranks to give this note to Grand General Starswimmer, they'll await for his command on what to do. However Commander Oscar Dreamfeather spoke to him before he rested for the night, tomorrow they will have a hard task for them tomorrow.

|Well done, Daniel! Now that this place is cleared we can head to the Sultans Palace, that note you gave us is the single thing that we needed. We've got Avery on the run and the shadow five members joined him, Starswimmer is getting his men ready to go to Skull Island for the final battle as we speak. You'll meet up with him when you are well rested after you leave Starabia, I have a feeling that this is going to be our biggest challenge yet from my eyes. Well now that my other ranking members did work we're ready for Richard Hawkeye, however you wont be doing that in your condition I'm afraid. Remember Richard is a Musketeer he can shoot you down while you approach, plus your injuries don't help you at the slightest bit buddy. You've earned your rest for tonight so you should head over there pronto to heal up, once morning comes meet me at the Sultan's Palace quickly so we can capture Richard Hawkeye at last.| Saluting Daniel left the area to rest up for the night.

Patrick closed the book softly as he yawn a little bit, what will happen to Daniel is yet to be seen...perhaps waiting might be our best solution.    
Kurami's Bio: Gem Goddess

Name: Kurami

Age: Unknown

Element of Choice(s)-Night or shadow gems

Job: Goddess or Queen of the night gems, Protector of night or shadow gems.

Bio: Despite her history as being Dark Sentinel Kurami is know for being mysterious, she tends to keep to herself hidden in the shadows. Although she may seem sweet her wraith can be very dangerous, even the night can hide dangers you cant see. With her powers she is able to make the night skies for her gems, yet she also the teacher to the young night goddess who learns her ways. She also deals with Stealth gems who worship her through the night, although the night cant be scary she can be the upmost loving with her children. Being the sister of Isis she sometimes can be the serious one, but in the end they can both be carrying mothers of the gems.

Personality: Silent, Mysterious, Calm, Loving, and sometimes ruthless.

Like: Night, stars, moonlight, being hidden.

Dislikes: Light morning sunlight anything that awakens her.
Tales of the Gems: The Ruling Queens

            Episode 5: Dark Sentinel Defeated! Kurami finally freed

Dark Sentinel was finally on earth using her magic to create chaos, the gems were battling hard but even they were no match for her. Isis went to her mother the Crystal Queen to learn how to use the diamond of harmony, this might be the chance they have of purifying her at last. Saying the magic words her gems got a new look to them, yet they also go some strength to deal with the void demons. Matthew and the other five gems were with Isis at the time on earth, they represent the elements of truth as they are need very soon.

|My children with this new power you will be able to defeat Dark Sentinel, but to do this you must work together as one to make this possible. Once you do the evil of anger will finally release Kurami at last, however it will be easier said than done for she will try to destroy you if you get to close. Try to distract her if you can while she is standing still, with the element I shall join you in battle every step of the way. When she is held by magic by the mystic queen I shall use my staff, with the help of you all the magic will be too much for Dark Sentinel to handle. Yet everyone must do their part in this matter quickly to ensure it's success, for balance can't coexist if there is fighting within the gems heart. Now my children onward I shall join you momentarily when I get done with the spell I've created, don't worry I'm going to see you once again dear twin.| The gems jetted off as Isis slowly controlling her thoughts.

As the gems fought on they saw Dark Sentinel ready to attack them all, they have to be extremely careful about her moves. Things weren't looking so well for them at the look of things, yet they managed to get in position for their final attack. The other five goddesses prepared the barrier as Dark Sentinel came closer, Isis stood with the other gems as she held up her staff with the grand diamond. Chanting words her staff glowed like the star in the night sky, as Dark Sentinel attacked Isis released the harmony attack as well. At first Dark Sentinel thought she had the upper hand against Isis, then her powers were getting pushed heavily back towards her. She couldn't handle the attack as the powers of truth engulfed her dark powers, with a flash the angers shadows left the earth and headed to some place unknown to them. What came forth from it's grip was Kurami knocked out cold from the hit, awakening she looked to see all of her gems looking at her with caution...but not before she heard her name called from a distance.

|It's been ten thousand years since I've seen you like this, whatever happened in the past is the past and must be forgotten Kurami. We must rule together as we create both night and day, we are after all twin sisters...I've missed you so much Kurami| Isis hugged her sister tightly as Kurami looked at the other goddesses.

They didn't have the same feeling for Kurami at all from their faces, the Crystal Mother will have the last judgment about what to do with her daughter. Kurami arrived at Chrysalis as she pleaded for mercy for her crimes, she would do anything to correct the damage she has done to her gem sisters. Yet I think that the Crystal Mother already knew this from the start. She told her that she is forgiven of everything that she has done, yet she can help by being the gem queen of the night and train Etsuko with the stealth gems in her care. Nodding she went to Etsuko looking at her with a dark like stare, getting her spear she held it up high with her eyes looking at her heavily. Kurami lowered it down quickly in Etsuko's face as she flinched. It seems that even the new night queen will be the apprentice to Kurami now.

|Etsuko you flinched when I lowered my spear down towards you, my child you must embrace your darkness in order to master the gems of night. Fear can halt your powers and makes it a bit harder for you to control it, sometimes we must turn our fears into weapons to shoot back to our enemies. It seems even in my state you still are a young apprentice still learning the ways of the goddesses, even the mystic queen herself is learning quite well. Come I have much to teach you about the gems of the night, although mysterious their powers can be breathtaking once you unlock their potential. My gem children hear my very words clearly from the palaces, Dark Sentinel is gone now she is never to return again. Who you see now is my true self and I'm going to stat for a while, lend me your love and I shall give my strength to you as fight the forces of darkness. I know that you feel weary of me since I have been cleansed, but believe me when I say that I look to you all for guidance and forgiveness. Even a goddess knows sometimes she can be wrong about something, now that I see my children embrace my night I shall protect you from the Nightwatchers. As for my marriage to Creed that too is over as I have destroyed the ring, I am free from my bondage ready to server you all as the gem goddess of the night. Now let's get to the night palace my stealth gems you have some training to do, oh and one more thing I need to add. Thank you dear sister Isis...for opening my eyes at last.| Kurami left as the night gems followed the old queen as they prepared to train.

Although it seemed peaceful someone was watching from the dark void, she was new queen as the Nightwatchers felt betrayed by Kurami. She is unknown to us but from the look of things she wants revenge, on who we don't know for sure.

|Those goddesses think they have sealed Creed away forever, they were fools to think that they did with good intensions. Those rats only sealed Hades away my beloved husband is gone, Creed's body was destroyed when the gems us their attack on him. Every night I think of a plan to free my husband from the Dark Nebula, although I can't I will find a way to free the Nightwatchers. They were betrayed by Kurami I will make sure she pays the most, for even a goddess like myself will takes promises seriously...they will all die!| Whoever this was speaking from the void was stronger than the gem queens...and the Crystal mother knew her well. What new dangers await them is yet to be seen, but maybe the truth will be told at a later time.
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Marine101 will be on hold for a little bit because of writers block, don't worry I'll still finish Starabia soon. I'm starting a new fanfiction so stay up to day with me :)
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