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Seala March 14, 1800

                  Episode 2: Sailing into the winds! Finding something new

Daniel was sailing in the air the winds were cool to the touch, his brigade was out on a mission to investigate a recent troubles at an a colony. This place was a settlement for the kingdom of Seala, the people here also have their pirate troubles themselves. Recently a swashbuckler has been causing havoc on this island, well on of is henchmen has been doing the work for him right now. Landing on the island they wanted to talk to the governor of this matter, he has so many things on his plate he doesn't know what to do. Coming into his office he looked relived to know someone came here, well at least one thing off his mind for the moment's time. It sound like he is in dire need of some help with this fellow, although he was only a henchmen he can give them some information.

|This fellow is named Richey some people call him cunning for a reason, you see yesterday we had a priceless box of the family jewels in our museum. Last night someone broke into the place and stolen the valuable item, this isn't just priceless it belongs to the kings wife Frederique. She heard about the news a couple of days ago I can tell you tat, she and her husband has sent marines everywhere to find it. However he's hit again stealing more gold from the royal family. I've know not to be a person that would rush into things like this, however one they stole that item I had the last straw. He has to be brought in to face the crimes he did against the crown, maybe it may bring us once step closer of finding his boss soon. He's much worse than this guy is I can tell you he's fast too, he did in more people than I could count for. Well this wasn't the first time he came to our shores from what I can remember, oh I almost forgot that he is an escaped fugitive from Seala deep prison. His crew was able to defeat the guards and get the key, with him in the skyways he is the most dangerous. Luckily some of the marines can catch him in time before he strikes again, however we need to focus on Richey at the moment. From my repots he somewhere near Evergreen creek not far from here, he has some mean with him as well so be careful now.| Saluting Daniel and his crew went off to search for this Richey.

It wasn't a long time searching before they found their first clue, it was a jewel glistening on the ground. Chun-Hu picked it up to examine the precious stone with his soft feathers, looking at it you can tell it was a ruby just like the one from the box. After a few minutes they found Evergreen Creek it was a pretty sight to look upon, yet they weren't here for sight seeing out in these parts. Richey came out here to hide from the marines watchful eyes, they knew that this place is too big to trek alone. Chun-Hu knew exactly how to catch this little fellow, yet thinking of a plan was the tricky part about this mission. Richey location had to be somewhere there where Chun-Hu can fly to check things, taking to the sky he had the best eyes from above to find him.

Daniel paced waiting for him to return to give him a report, he doesn't normally do this often by the looks of things. Even though he was thinking he had to be cautious about this guy, Rickey works for the swashbuckler no wonder what he will do. Chun-Hu kept flying to see if he could spot the hideout, all of a sudden he saw something glistening from a far distance. It was another jewel coming from a strange house not far from here, now that Chun-Hu knows where they are he can report back to Daniel. As he stood their waiting Daniel look up to see Chun-Hu, he had a little relief to know that one of his mean wasn't hurt.

|Daniel you don't have to pace anymore I manage to find his hideout, for a henchman he isn't too bright by his looks. By the looks of this he accidentally drops some of the jewels as he carried off, they make a path right straight to his little shack. If we follow there trail it will lead straight to him, then once we deal with some of his men we can arrest him...but don't expect him not to put up a fight. Once we get him we can get the jewels clean for the mayor, at least this trouble will be one thing off of his mind now.| Daniel agreed with him as they followed the trail of jewels. Continuing down the path they found a secret shack in front of them, this had to be Rickey's shack at last it was in deep part of Evergreen Creek.

Before they could go inside Daniel heard some chatter coming from the shack, whispering to his crew he wanted them to be quiet so he could hear. Putting an ear to the door he was able to get a good bit of the conversation in progress, he got some information that could really be help the other marines in the skyways...and he is going to tell the grand general about this as soon as they arrest Rickey.

"Great job boys now we got this Armada trooper sneaking into our hideout, he must be helping out the marines to seek us out. Well I have to say you didn't think very well when you came here, matter of fact you clockworks never think of the consequences of coming her don't you? Don't worry we'll soon be done with you in no time buddy, I'm sure my boss Steel Jack shall be pleased to know your done away with. Before we do you in I shall ask you one simple question: Who sent you here to spy on us anyway?" However he was cut short by a loud crash through the doorway. Daniel came to see if this Clockwork trooper was alright at the time.

|Rickey I wouldn't ask that question right now to him, you should be worried about yourself instead of the Armada trooper in front of you. I see that you've brought your guards here to deal with me from the looks, don't worry a marine never goes anywhere with out his brigade with them. Let him go he was doing a mission for the grand general in Seala , you are all here by under arrest for kidnapping a fellow marine. We can do this the easy way or the hard way Rickey your choice?| Daniel saw his men ready to fight with him now. Daniels brigade was able to handle his two henchmen that he had with him, so this leaves Daniel to deal with Ricky himself now.

As Daniel was fighting him he was able to push him back with his sword, this will give him enough time to regroup for them moment. Rickey came closer with a trickster look to his face that second to attack, with a nasty trick he threw sand in Daniels face heavily that moment. He couldn't see for a second as he cleared the sand out his eyes, Rickey was now able to attack a blinded Daniel with easy. However what he didn't expect was Chun-Hu behind him giving him what for, with one kick to the back he trip over something throwing his sword away. Now that Daniel can see he can arrest him for a much greater charge, with the other goons done with Rickey his finally done for now.

|Well Rickey your going down for this robbery of the queens gems, by her majesty you are under arrest. Come we're taking you to the grand general you have some things to tell us, you better not lie you'll have more things to face when you do.| Picking him up they sailed back to Seala to meet the grand general. However they went to give the jewels back to the mayor first, with the gems back he has one thing off of his mind.

Now to the grand general Daniel told him what Rickey said about Steel Jack, this information was quite keen for them right now. This pirate has been plaguing them for quite some time now, yet he hasn't came back to Seala in a long while  to their relief. However you must be careful you never know when he'll strike, so Seala might be under high alert for the time being.

|Well done Daniel you've finally got Rickey to the dungeon where he belongs, however he did revel something dangerous during his conversion. Steel Jack is his boss he was reporting to a couple of days ago about the gems, do you remember the swashbuckler I told you about when I sent you on your first mission? That's the guy who has been causing us so much trouble out here in these parts, he's from skull island I think if I am correct. Thank goodness you were able to help out the Armada trooper back there, he one of our good allies in the fight against these pirates. We've got to up security in order to brace for the next attack, for the meantime you get some rest for tomorrow now. Going out late at night gives a great risk of an ambush, don't worry tomorrow will have a new adventures for you.| Saluting to the grand general Daniel left for his quarters in the academy.

Patrick closed the diary book slowly with a big grin, it seems that this marine academy is surely starting to get him a little interested. However he needed to read more just in case something happens, maybe we might need to see into this as well.
This is chapter two of my game fiction! please I would love to get a review on this chapter, if you do so I would be grateful for it :)
Cherry Spice by dreammaker123
Cherry Spice
meet Lilly she a little cherry spice cupcake, please don't try to eat her that wouldn't be good. Although she maybe small she goes on many adventures through the lands, she lives in the world of Candias a place of sweets and  tasty places. She is one of the cupcake sisters that live in the pastry valley, she is quite the cutest little thing isn't she?

Lineart by :iconyampuff:

where to find it…

I colored her on it took me two days to finish her I hope you like it 

Seala. March 6, 1800

                Episode 1: Memories and Tears! Doing the first mission

It was a gloomy day in Seala the air was cool with sadness in the air, Daniel was standing over his fathers grave with a small tear in his eye. It's been three years since his father was killed in battle with a pirate, although the pirate is long gone he still holds a bad grudge against them. He goes to the Marine academy not only to train but to do missions, it was his fathers last wish for him to advance to sail in the skyways. Grand General StarSwimmer runs the academy to train the future marines in battle, although he doesn't look the most fit he does have great battles under his belt. He left the lobby after talking to the king and queen of Seala, it seems that more pirates have stolen from the royal family. This time I think they have had enough of the pirates coming to their realm, they will not allow them to steal another priceless jewel from the grand chapel.

Coming to his chambers most of his students were out doing their duties, Daniel will go on is first mission today to check out the Everglade Valley. That's a small village not far from Seala so he'll do a little walking, but believe me there is a pirate causing trouble for the little village there. Calling Daniel to his office he began to tell him of this situation, it was urgent the people there were scared stiff of this person.

|Daniel today you will be going on your first mission my boy, this task you will have to deal with the pirate know as The Ripper. My other students are out hunting pirates that our criminals back at Seala, oh now that Ripper is back I don't have many students to deal with him now. I see that you are really ready to et started on this mission, if your father was here to see this he would be so proud. I understand that he got killed by a shot in the back young marine, but don't let your anger get the better of you young one. I have your partner with you his name is Chun-Hu he will aid you, I also have another friend name Madam Jeanne Stormsmith she is out there also.| Saluting to the grand general Daniel set out with his new partner in toe. Although he was a bit nervous about this mission he had to do, Daniel wanted to make his father proud that he joined the marines.

Going into the village he found the people were waiting for him, going into the town he spotted Jeanne Stormsmith standing in town looking around impatiently

|There you are I was getting worried about the grand general, well enough of this we have a lot of work to do around here. Ripper is somewhere near the coast not far from here, I know he has his men protecting the area. That place is full of pirates you'll have to do some fighting there, yet with your training at the academy I don't see a problem here. Be careful Ripper is a tricky one I can tell you that, he will do anything to win in battle when you duel him. Don't waste time now go out there and give him what for, come back to me when you defeat him. Then I shall have a little peace of mind.| Following orders he went to the coast to find Ripper's hideout. Chun-Hu was skilled with hand to hand combat Daniel can learn a thing or two, yet getting to know each other will help them create a bond like brothers.

Finally reaching the coast they noticed some ships standing at a makeshift port, Rippers here they have to be careful not to get spotted. Daniel really want to fight them so they could feel his pain, yet Chun-Hu want Daniel to cool down before their battle. He was told about his past by the grand general, how is father died was quite gruesome indeed. You see his father Andrew Willowsmith went to the academy as well, for many years he was a great warrior fighting to keep Seala safe from pirates. One day he got a mission from the grand general to help out a friend, Deacon was captured by a pirate when is ship got surprised attacked by it's crew. Andrew was sent to rescue his good friend from those fiends, little did he know that this would be the last time they would ever meet. The air was quite cool with gloom and sorrow within it, Andrew wasn't afraid to die nor what waits for him beyond the worlds. The only thing he was worry about was his friend Deacon getting destroyed by the pirates captain, yes this captain was the father of the swashbuckler we will meet later on in the story.

Andrew came to the ship seeing the pirate in his sights, his crew was fearsome indeed he had to be very careful with this fight. With the help of his brigade he was able to take out the other ones, the pirate was only one left to deal with now. Going to free Deacon the pirate had another gun under his vest, with quick speed he shot Andrew in the back finishing him for good. Not before Deacon did finished him off for killing his friend, the deacon returned to tell the news to the grand general. Daniel was young at the time ready to sign up for the academy, the general had to tell the sad news to his mother. Crying she pleaded with him not to join the marines and stay, she didn't want to see Daniel die the same way her father did. Yet the general told her that join the marines would honor his father greatly, Daniel agreed to honor his father by joining the marines and making him proud.

Now that you know most about his past we shall continue, Daniel and Chun-Hu snuck into the camp not to get spotted by the others. Once they go there they noticed that they have to fight a few of them to get by, Daniel was a leadsmen he carried a sword just in case to fend off those who chase him. These guys were tough yet not so bad for them to handle, Chun-Nu was able to toss a few of them into each other with ease. He's was skilled in the fighting style of the crane, yet he still doesn't know much and trains everyday with his master. With them out of the way finding Ripper would be simpler now, going down the shore they found a ship looking a bit empty. This had to be his ship so they went inside to arrest him, yet they had no idea how good he is by his fighting.

|Hold on there I wouldn't venture in there if I were you sonny, you maybe a marine yet you have know idea how strong he is. The names Richard Steelwright I no pirate young man just a sword fighting who likes a good fight, let me help you out with Ripper in there I have a beef with him myself if you didn't know it. Trust me you'll need all the help you can get from me buddy, come on we shouldn't be out here looking like were visiting him.| Going inside they saw Ripper standing with a bunch of his crew with him. Daniel and his partner Chun-Nu thought they were in deep trouble, however Richard told them that his crew are cowards by nature. Once Ripper was out they would go running like a pack of wolves, so taking Ripper out would be the first thing on their mind.

As the fighting started it was obvious that Daniel was still training, even though he has a sword doesn't mean it makes him great. His father once told him that "a sword doesn't make you a good warrior, having a good strategy will help you learn to be one." Remembering those words help him fight Ripper right now, yet when his sword got knocked out he was in trouble. Even though he could get it back he'll get hit from behind, luckily Chun-Hu was able to deliver a knockout blow to him. going up to him they tied him up so he couldn't get away this time.

|Ripper, by the law of his majesty you are here by under arrest. Get up you have a meeting with the grand general my friend, and he isn't giving you a afternoon tea time either.| picking him up they took him to Jeanne Stormsmith she was one of the grand generals assistance. The other men took them to the grand general to prepare for his trial, once the grand general got a hold of him he talked Daniel about the good work he's done today.

|Well done Daniel now that Ripper is taken care of he wont be stealing again, although you took out your first pirate doesn't me the rest will go that way. I can tell you that there are many pirates out there way strong than he was, always keep a sharp eye out for any threats that come your way. Oh Jeanne Stormsmith ask if she can join your crew my boy, it would be wise to add her to your ranks Daniel now. Every marine captain needs a marksmen to help with enemies from a long distance, Jeanne is the best one marksmen we have at the academy. Look at you your father would be so proud of you right now, I know he's looking down at this glorious moment. You will get a ship from me to sail across the skyways with now, however you need your rest Ripper did nick you a good bit of times. I should know that it's never a good idea to send a injured warrior into battle, get some sleep for tonight you shall need it.| Saluting Daniel and his crew rest for tonight

((End of Flashback))

Patrick was reading the first piece from his great grandfathers diary, he was pretty amped to continue reading to the next page. Jonathon came into the room looking at his son eyes as they grew with excitement.

|So I see you like the diary you haven't put it down since I gave it too you, however if you don't like old stories you can give it back to me son. I'll-----| He was cut short by Patrick that moment.

|No father I don't want to give it back the diary now, I cant stop reading it the fighting was cool. Yet the part about his father was quite sad when I look at it, I didn't know his father was a marine as well. I guess back then it was too dangerous to turn your back on anyone, can I read more?| His father nodded at his son as he turned the page to the net chapter. What will happen in the old times we don't know for sure, perhaps waiting might be the best thing to do.      
Ok this is my first chapter on pirate101 its in an alternate universe where the armada are the good ones, please let me know what you think about this game fiction I made a review would be most welcomed :)

                      Prologue: the diary of my great grandfather

It was a beautiful day in Seala Jonathan Willowsmith was with his son Patrick, he was in his attic looking at all the old things he had from his family. Patrick was looking in the boxes and found his fathers old Marine attire, it seems that he did study at the academy for a good bit of his life. Patrick also found some weird diary that was in his box, so he asked his father why did he go to the academy it wasn't important.

|Dad don't tell me you went to that boy school it look so boring, besides did you have to wear that ridiculous uniforms? They looked like something that came from long time ago from the appearance, and you want me to go to the school to learn and wear that?| His father chuckled as he patted his son on the head softly. To him they maybe just a some strange pieces of cloths in the attic in his eyes, but to his father they were family items that was passed down from generations. Speaking to him he told his son that his grandfather was a great general in his time, and that he had to work to get his rank.

|Son did I ever tell you about your great grandfather? Oh he was a good man he wanted to protect the spiral like his father before him did, I read about all of his adventures in his secret diary he had in that box. Why don't you read a little bit of it Patrick, you might find that those silly things to be interesting. He had many fights with pirated back in his day, and he also had a few love tales as well.| His father handed his diary for him to read a few chapters. What was in there was quite mysterious from his eyes, yet there could be many tales of which the book could show him. Opening the book he began to read a little bit of the pages, it was if he went back in time reading the tales of his great grandfather.

"To my grand children far off when I am long gone from here, if you happen to find my diary read it learn of my great adventures. Back in the old days of Seala we used to sail the skyways in ships to track pirates, even to this day I could still feel the wind against my face. If you wish to read more simply turn the page...| I guess it's time for us to look into this now   
Knight's Tale Revamped: Death's Folly

                 Episode 12: The goddess of light! Passing her test.

As Arashi entered the town it was already night time, Diablos was ready to head in for tonight to some sleep. Arashi was in a room ready to get a good night rest right now, although he wanted to speak to Yuki she was sleeping herself. You see the magic she used to make the magic barrier was pain taking, it will whip out energy for the time being while she tries to distract Thanatos. Going to sleep Arashi wondered what will happen to him in the next battle, he got visited by Shinjitsu the goddess of truth as he slept. She told him some information that was helpful for him, it seems the knows more about this map than Arashi at the moment.

|Arashi well done you've found the map to a special item, it can unlock the underworld and take you to the place know as Elysium if I'm correct. The key of the afterworld is the only way keep you away from the last sister, yet let's worry about finding Mitsuko for right now. I'm sorry for disturbing you in your rest at the moment, yet this information was quite important for you to know this. The map leads to the forsake shadow lands. The key might been hidden there for safe keeping for Thanatos, yet with you help we'll be able to retrieve the key soon...goodbye for now.| Arashi was still dreaming as the night went by slowly as the wind blew gently. As the time turned like the shift of the wind it was morning, Arashi was already up getting some stuff for the journey.

Getting everything that they needed he set off to find the goddess, she's sealed somewhere in the crystal caverns not far from here. Diablos was able to see the shinning of crystal from a good distance, they were at the right spot as he landed near the cave. Taking the lantern inside the whole cave shimmered like a diamond, for once Arashi felt calm coming into this soothing and pure place. Looking ahead he found Mitsuko in s crystal cadge looking up, he has to be careful about meeting her she can be a bit rough at times. Mitsuko was pleased that he came however she wasn't so impressed either, however the water goddess explained in her situation don't be picky.

|Oh there you are Arashi it certainly took you long enough to get her, although I wish they would have chose someone more strong and wiser than you are. However at the moment I have to settle with you right now, even though you don't seem very impressive from my standpoint dear. Yes I'll help you out to save Yuki don't ask about it, yet I'm not going to do it right now dear I want to see if your worthy. Don't get angered at me by saying I've defeated these monsters dear, you couldn't have done it without Diablos proving that your weak. I don't know why in the great heavens that they picked you, I mean look at the knight of rose he looks impressive enough. Well never mind that you have a lot of work to do if you want my help, first off you need to get me out of this cadge I feel like a trapped rat in here. Second you need to get the key from that vile specter Phlegyas in his cavern, oh try to get his treasure box too it holds a beautiful diamond that I can use. He's located in the Onyx mountains not far from here it should be easy to find, why are you still standing there Arashi?!!? Get going so I can be free from this place!| Arashi hurried out quickly before he could hear more of her rant.

Although the goddess of light can be harsh at most mortals, she can be quite picky when choosing someone of her liking. Enough about this matter time to go back to the story, Diablos too off into the sky in search of Phlegyas lair in the Onyx. Like always he has to be careful out here it's difficult in the Onyx Mountains, there are terrible monster that live on that mountain. Landing down the winds were very high up near the top of the mountain, lighting the lantern he trotted off to go deep into the forest . From nowhere Dread Feeder came to attack them heavily, with them being ice Arashi was going to have a problem with them at first. However he forgot about his dragon friend Diablos was a fire type, so with his attack he was able to fend them off. Well not before one of them bit his hand a for a tiny second that moment, oh I can ensure you Arashi knew that it hurt really badly. Now that they were dealt with they can focus on Phlegyas, his lair was up the mountain a few steps away. Reaching his domain Arashi got off of Diablos to seek him out, his dragon was coming with him just in case he needed some extra help.

During they trek inside Diablos was already growling now, he could smell him from inside the lair so there was no hiding. Phlegyas came out looking at them both with a devilish glare, stopping right there he spoke to them on how much trouble they were in.

|Well it seems that these rats don't know when to quit, I must admit we didn't think you would become such a big problem. However this time I shall put an end to you right now Arashi, I cant believe that those other runts couldn't handle one little human. I'm being quite serious about this matter as well, you weren't suppose to defeat them all with that type of force. It distaste me that a small human like you were able to defeat them all, yet no matter you wont have an easy time with me. I'm a monster that you have to be in fear of, for you just don't know how terrifying my curse attacks are little boy. We shouldn't be talking about it let's just get started, I promise you that my dark powers will have you shaking like a rag doll.| Phlegyas came flying at them with break neck speed heavily. He was know as the fastest monster that Thanatos had in his army, although he looks small he can deliver devastating damage to his enemies.

Arashi saw him using one of his curse like attack that second, with speed he launched it heavily at them. Arashi thought his shield would protect him from the attack, yet a tiny bit hit his armor causing a good bit of damage. Arashi was holding his side tightly the curse can have bad effects on people, luckily Diablos was with him and did some damage to him. Although the attack didn't do much to him he wasn't pleased, Phlegyas maybe should have made a barrier to keep his dragon out. However it was too late to change his mind now the dragon was already here, Arashi recovered slowly from the hit he was able to do some damage as well. Now that they've made him a bit mad he going to really fly, Phlegyas was now launching curse attacks left and right at them. Arashi knew that his shield wasn't going to do much at the moment, however he needed to think of something before he gets killed my this freak. The Arashi noticed something about his dragon's attack just then, when they attacked together the damaged was quite heavily by the looks. Arashi thought why didn't he do this with the other battles, yet for now they better keep an eye on their enemy.

When he came in close Diablos and Arashi launched there attacks together, this did extreme damage to Phlegyas. With the light magic they did cause bad damage to him, you see curses and light magic are two different things friends. If a dark creature using a dark aura on someone it is a curse, yet if a someone uses a pure aura on that monster it's light magic. Now that he was hit heavily they could defeat him for good, yet even Arashi knew that the curse was still taking effect on him. Going back to the goddess of light gave him some relief, she is know for healing people that have suffered from dark magic. Holding the as he unlocked the cadge Mitsuko was pleased, for the first time ever she was finally being nice to a person...well kind of nice in a way.

|Freedom finally my powers can heal the mountain of it's corruption, yet I haven't forgotten about what you did for me Arashi. Yes I admit I didn't think you were strong enough to fight him, however even a goddess knows that we sometimes pass judgment a bit too soon. Well now that I'm freed I can continue my work out here, yet you too need your protection from the dark curses. "This shield you have can reflect your foes, yet with a curse it's not likely so. With the diamond of the dawn you shall reflect their curse, giving the caster something worse." Well now that you have your shield I'm afraid that all I could, however your work isn't done just yet my dear. As you well know I am the fifth sister you freed so far in your journey, that means you have only one sister left to free. She is located somewhere in the underworld where Thanatos resides in, Shinjitsu might be more help to you if you ask for the location. Oh well she messaged me earlier telling you to go to the Shadowlands. That place is filled with evil everywhere you go Arashi, be careful and always remember the light will follow you in the darkest storm.| Leaving for the Shadowlands Arashi felt relived to know his shield was restored. Yet as he that his next journey has him with a small bit of fear, things were going to get a bit rough for him now

What will happen to out friend we might now know for sure, waiting might be the best solution when dealing with the shadows.
Well people, I'm starting my first year at my new high school so I wont be on for so long. Don't worry I will be still type like I always do. Monday the first day of school
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