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Marine101 Arc 5: Ambersberg

June 2, 1800 Ambersberg

          Episode 2: Getting into the heart of things! into Brückenstraße

Daniel was already up traveling in the street of Brückenstraße, this place was quite historical yet it did have its troubles to come with it. The pirates have ransacked this place heavily from a good distance, although this isn't the nicest thing to see he'll be able to handle whoever is doing this. After a few minutes of walking he found the mayor's friend standing quietly, Steven Emaurri looked up to find Daniel coming towards him softly. He breathed a sigh of relief knowing someone came to help out here, now they can get down to work with the task at hand.

|Oh, thank heavens! Someone came to help me out in this part of town, the pirates have brought those stubborn ravens again to do there dirty work now. But you better be careful about these dark birds of fright Daniel, these guys aren't your Wingdale ravens you fought in the other world. They are much harder to fight since they have a lot of vitality with them, however the ravens didn't come here alone to help the pirates I'm afraid. There is a new enemy here know as the Sandling Brutes who work out here with then too, so make sure you come prepared knowing this place very well. First off we've got to get some clue into who's controlling these guys, that is where your going to come into play Daniel boy. I know there are some Sandling Sword Slashers down the street not far from my location, go down there to see if you can find any clues on them. Once you do that come back to me I'll see what I can make out, maybe we can find this guy in this street quickly and quietly.| Daniel left to find some Sandling Sword Slashers.

This street was quite large from one persons perspective, Daniel isn't experience at all in Ambersberg from the looks of it. However that doesn't mean that Joseph Waterbane isn't experienced with this place, you see he was born here so he offered Daniel change in brigade order.

|Daniel allow me to be in the front in the brigade order, I was born here so I know this place like the back of my hands. Like always it may be a new change for you out in these parts, yet you don't have to be afraid of new things that come to you. Trust me this new enemy we have is nothing to play with right now, however we aren't that fast to every use the words giving up. Don't worry about the darkness that comes closer to use, with me here there is nothing you'll fear for some time.| Daniel placed Joseph Waterbane in the first column for the second in command.

Walking down the street it wasn't long before he found the Sword Slashers, they were stealing valuables from the historic housing here. Once they saw a marine they were furious at the sight of him, by the looks of these guys they were slashmen...Terrifying slashmen to be exact. These guys weren't like the warriors in Shailand from a long shot, they were much tougher and had more abilities as well. This wasn't going to be an easy battle for Daniel this time around, after an good hour he finally found something on one of them. It looked like a small piece of paper that had strange writing on it, however it was too small for even him to make out something of it. Going back to Steven Emaurri he wanted to know if he knew anything about this, unfortunately even he couldn't get anything it was too small.

|Oh seems to me like you've got a code to something Daniel, I'm afraid I cant make it out to you one bit. These guys might have more clues for you to find, yet they might have hidden some of the things there. Wait those numbers look familiar to me right now let me take one more look, there's secret house on far from here with these numbers on it. I bet there might be a good clue if we check that place out, you want be to be extremely careful when you do explore that place. I don't know what could be hiding there but it might be dangerous, these guys may plan to set a trap when you enter the secret house. So you might want to take your friends inside just in case, maybe we might find a clue or too inside. However we wont be able to do that if you just standing around, go an check the place don't worry I'll be right here when you come back.| Daniel left the area to find the secret house.

Daniel already had a bad feeling in his gut about going there, he thought there was going to be a surprise that he wont like one bit. Reaching the secret house he snuck inside to see if there was someone inside, sure enough he found some ravens inside waiting for him with their swords. They were guarding a clue in the corner of the room, whatever it was could be useful to them in his mission. Yet it seems like they wont be giving him this item easily by the looks, so he's going to have to fight them in order to get to the clue. After a good hour and a half he finally got the clue from then, he wasn't lying when he said that the ravens were tougher here than in Wingdale. After getting the clue he went back to Steven Emaurri to see what he knows, once he gave it to him he had a hunch that someone was hiding from their sights.

|Hmm if I was a gambler I'll bet that Jacob Baldovino is hiding from us, he's been doing so much trouble out here since the pirate came along. I wouldn't be surprised he got a job from the dark fellow in town, yet we don't know of his whereabouts are at the moment Daniel. This might be tricky but you might have to fight one more enemy, this time I saw some ravens near the south side of town causing trouble. Could you fight a few of them to see if you could get the clue to Baldovino, for once you do we'll be able to defeat him and clear the area. I can already see you had your encounter with some ravens, I told you they were quite fearsome indeed. Your going to have to be careful about thinking everything might be easy, trust me out here its not even the simple baddie can bring someone trouble if their guard is down. I know that will be another difficult task for a young marine, yet you wont be doing any good if you just stand there. Come on, Daniel! We're going to need those clues and so do you in that matter, go fight some ravens don't worry I'll be here waiting for you if I feel something is off.| Daniel went off to find some more ravens.

Walk for a few minutes he found the ravens doing some dirty work, they were quite intimidating from the looks of them. However he had to get a clue from them before they did something worse, so he took a deep breath and went to battle knowing he's about to get some good scratches. After another hour he finally got the clue they needed from them, heading back to Steven he knew they got the clue that would show them Baldovino in his hiding spot.

|Great work, buddy! You've found the hiding spot of Jacob Baldovino, he in a tower at the end of the street its not far from here. Be careful though he is a sneaky little rat, he'll do anything to defeat his opponents. In other words I'm saying this guy is a cheating coward that doesn't play fair, however you shouldn't have to much trouble with that guy. Just done underestimate him he can do things you marines cat do, while you are gone I'll be right here making sure nothing happens secretly. Once your done with him come back to me safely now, at least I know this place is well off from that dark fiend for good. Yet it wont get done if your thinking about how to take him down. you can do that when your in his tower fighting him heavily...Just be careful ok?| Daniel left the area to find Jacob Baldovino in his tower.

For a little place it sure has a lot of hiding spots for baddies, so Daniel kept a look out just to make sure no one ambushed him while walking. Once he reached his tower he went inside to find his men ready for him, Baldovino was standing with them ready to inflict pain on anyone who intruded on his plans. Daniel was also ready for him however he might destroy those plans of his, after a good hour and a half he finally defeated him in his tower. Going back to Steven he wanted to tell him the good news about Baldovino, breathing a sigh of relief the street was finally cleaned up. Even though Daniel cleaned this place doesn't mean he done just yet, for there are many streets in this place that has the same problems.

|Thanks a bunch for helping us out in this place Daniel, now that Baldovino is gone the street feel a little bit safer now. However I do have my feeling about this shadow five person out here, I know for a face that on of their henchmen might be behind all of this mess. Yet we need to focus on the other streets first my friend, you see you may have cleaned one place but there are many others. My friend Alexander Ekkrhardt is having a bit of trouble of his own now, he is in the street of Hahnenstraße that place has really gotten bad ever since that pirate came. Each street is worse than the last one so you want to be very cautious, however I'm not going to let you go there just yet Daniel. Its already night fall a swashbucklers paradise, going to fight now means you giving yourself a death sentence. Don't worry you can still get there tomorrow if you rest now, our street has a rest house you can use for tonight. So why don't you get yourself a good rest before heading out tomorrow, its in a way of saying thank you for helping me out here.| Daniel left to rest up and heal from his scratches.

Patrick closed the book on another chapter as he got ready for school, what will happen to Daniel is still hidden from our sights...perhaps waiting might be the best solution.  
Isis Universe Style by dreammaker123
Isis Universe Style
This is Isis in her goddess form in Steven Universe in the world of Chrysalis, although she is not seen she still watches over the gems from the safety of her realm. She is mention in the episode where the elder gem tells them of the past, which is called "From the  world Unseen"(fan episode) The elder also stats a dark enemy that threats the gems existence, who this enemy  is yet to be determined

maker by :iconazaleasdolls:

where to find it…
Marine101 Arc 5: Ambersberg

June 1, 1800 Ambersberg

                 Episode 1: Guten Tag! Welcome to Ambersberg

Daniel finally arrived in Ambersberg as he sailed softly, he was in the EverField Skyways with a small sense of ease to him. Once he got to the docks a high rank marine came looking for him there, it was Sergeant Charles Swiftwillow he needed a lot of help out here now. Since the sighting of a shadow five member things a hectic, trust me there are more baddies here than you can imagine.

{Welcome, young marine! I see that you where the help that got sent to us, well I've heard what you did in Shailand from lower rank. I must admit you did really good out there buddy, but now your playing in the big leagues right now Daniel. Steel Jack is nothing compared to the Shadow Five, trust me they are more skilled than he ever was when it comes to them causing trouble in the spiral. One of there members might be rumored to be out here with us, its now proven to be true now that the citizens have seen him now and again. This does not look good if there here we've got to drive them out, I'm going to let you go talk to there mayor out here. His name is Jack Adelhard he'll be waiting for you when you leave the docks, we don't want to let him down by not helping him out. He'll be pleased to know that the marines came to help him, however you wont be any help if you keep standing there...get going to help the poor guy out.| Daniel saluted as he went to find the mayor.

After a few minutes of walking he found Jack Adelhard looking worried, well at least he could feel relieved that someone manage to help him. Once Daniel got there they could discuss the plan to deal with the shadow five, this time you have to be on your toes with them.

|Oh hello I didn't expect anyone to come help us out here, yes my name is Jack Adelhard the mayor of Ambersberg you speak of. Oh the shadow five are terrorizing the citizens don't even come out of there houses now, they all fear they might get taken if they see the shadow five causing trouble. I cant stand them trying to steal everything they get there hands on, some of these things are priceless collections for the queen herself. She desperately needs your help in order to drive them out, however you don't know where you sold start now do you. Don't worry I know a good friend that can help you in this dark time, his name Steven Emaurri he's one of my close associates out here. He's normally trying to keep the peace out her all by himself, but I think he might need more help out there if I do say so. If I'm not mistaken you'll find him on the street of Brückenstraße it shouldn't be far, that place could you a good cleaning up...well all the streets could be cleanse from the shadow five. Well I don't want to keep him waiting for help so you better get going, oh and thanks for helping us out please do what you can.| Daniel left the area quietly.

It was getting late it was already sunset so Daniel went to the rest area, the night seemed peaceful as the star shined in the sky. However let me tell you that it wasn't so peaceful when Richard Hawkeye was here, once he found out that the marines were here he wasn't so worried one bit. There was something very sinister about this guy they were about to face, yet whatever he has in store for them wasn't pure at all.

|These marine don't like to give up easily I see, well I guess I'm going to have to teach them what happens when you meddle in the affairs of marines. Its going to get a bit messy at first, but we pirates like to get messy once in a while. These marines have no idea how strong we are if they challenge us, however there some brave little rascals so I'll give them that. Yet sooner or later you guys are going to die from us, when that happens don't say we didn't warn you about us...but we'll get away with the victory...Heheheheeh you'll regret every challenging the shadow five| Darkness was even coming to this peaceful place.

Patrick closed the book on a new arc he's started on, what dangers await Daniel is the new world is yet to be determined...perhaps waiting might bring more clues to us.  
Marine101 Post Arc

May 27, 1800 Seala

                Post Arc: Giving the report! Facing the Shadow Five

Daniel was finally home after a long trek from Shailand, he was going to give the report about Steel Jack and all the chaos he caused. However that wasn't the only the only thing he told about him this time, the shadow five he mention scared them quite a bit there. Grand General Starshower greeted Daniel as he came into his chambers, he was told everything about Steel Jack and the shadow five.

|Well done, Daniel! Now that Steel Jack is gone he wont be any trouble to us now, oh he's locked up in a prison cell in our dungeons. Oh its great down there for him since it is very protected, he wont be getting out for a long while I'm afraid. Now to the Shadow five that he talked about, they really scare us from a stand point my friend. I don't know where they are located at for the moment, that could be very dangerous if we can pinpoint there hiding spot for now.| Starshower looked up to see another marine coming inside his room.

It was another one of his students Corporal Amy Nightflower, she was doing work in the place known as Ambersberg it seems like she needs some help there.

|Starshower I've noticed a lot of things happening in Ambersberg, recently someone shady has been causing trouble for us. There's something that person been talking about his other members, he also stated the shadow five will be waiting for him once he is finished with the marines. If I could remember well I think he goes by the name of Ruthless Richard Hawkeye, he's been seen in Ambersberg recently and I've gotten into a fight with him. If he's there then were in for serious trouble ahead of us, should we sent for more back up there Starshower? I will go back now to return to my post.| Starshower realized that this person might be apart of the shadow five.

|Great Holy Shamrocks! Ruthless Richard Hawkeye is a member of the shadow five, he's been the person we've been looking for. He responsible for the deaths of five people in Seala, and another host of crimes throughout the spiral. I know recently of one in Felindon not too long ago Nightflower, thank you for telling me this news! Return to your post tell the highest rank I'll be sending some help, I'm sure that it will be much needed in your position| Amy Nightflower left the office to return to Ambersberg.

As she left Starshower already knew who he was going to sent there, so Daniel got ready to head to a new world soon.

|Daniel I want you to head to Ambersberg to aid them out there, I also want to warn you about the shadow five. Trust me they are far more deadly than Steel Jack was, so you want to stay on your toes with them. I don't know what to expect from them since they are quite mysterious, yet that doesn't mean we wont be able to defeat them. I do have a red Starstone for you to use to get there, so you wont have to worry about trying to find your way there. I just know were in for dark times now that we have Steel Jack, I also might call my Armada friends to see if they can aid us now. However you need to focus on the task at hand here Daniel, for we cant let the map of El Dorado fall into the hands of the pirates. I wish you great sped on your journey to Ambersberg, but be alert the shadow five could be on to you will never know what they'll throw at you. It will take you at least six days to get to Ambersberg, so you'll be able to get some rest on the long journey.| Daniel saluted as he got on his ship to Ambersberg.

Things were starting to change for the marines of Seala, they were now ready to take on bigger threats...yet somewhere they were being watched by a certain person. It was the leader of the shadow five looking on with anger, now those marines were getting a bit too close for comfort.

"We've got to take those marines out they are getting too good now, they've already got Steel Jack so he basically through now." one of the members spoke feeling annoyed with them.

"Agreed if this marine named Daniel got Steel Jack he's trouble, besides I didn't expect those marines to catch on that fast" Another member spoke feeling worried.

|Don't worry people were going to be just fine the way we are now, I'll give that little marine credit he's smarter than he looks to be. However this is where the marines luck is about to run out for them, you see were stronger than those other pirates that worked for us. Trust me with my crew we could easily destroy a young marine's brigade, Daniel is going to have a hard time dealing with a skilled swashbuckler. You marine might have foiled are plans that we had for now, however soon I will be ruining all of good time little marines.| Chuckling he set back in his chair thinking of a plan to destroy them.

Patrick closed the book feeling a little shiver down his back, what new dangers wait Daniel is not very clear at the moment...yet waiting will show new things in the up coming arc.
Marine101 Arc 4: Part 2 Final Part

May 25, 1800 Shailand

              Episode 5: Defeating Steel Jack...and saying goodbye to my love

Daniel got up ready for to fight Steel Jack with no one protecting him, he's a sneaky one and is not to be underestimated one bit. Doing so would give you a death sentence really quickly with a swashbuckler, luckily Sergeant Ironsmith was already ready to enter the Ruby Palace. Daniel made it to his location as they snuck into the palace, it wasn't going to be easy from the looks of things, speaking of other things Daniel was ahead of Sergeant Ironsmith. Keeping a eye out for trouble he silently walked inside the palace, Sergeant Ironsmith gave Daniel his orders quickly.

"Daniel this is it the battle with Steel Jack that we've been waiting for, just because he ran away from us doesn't mean he's not dangerous. We're dealing with a tough swashbuckler here young marine, I want you to go into each room checking for any danger waiting for us. Be careful we dont know fully what awaits for us, yet i know that Steel Jack has to be tanken care of. While you check the rooms I'll clear the way fot you when your done, just meet up with me for Steel Jack will cheat a lot if you didnt know that. I cant promise that we wont come out of this without a scratch, but once Steel Jack is gone you can continue your mission s through the spiral. However we wont be able to do that if your standing there, get going we don't have much time to spare when fighting this pirate." Daniel went off to check the rooms with caution.

Danil thought that this place was small from the look of it, yet it's massive on the inside when you enter the doors. Daniel felt a bit uneasy as he when through each room with caution, anything could jump out at him any moment if your guard is down. Once
Daniel cleared some rooms he was able to continue on, yet he did have the strangest feeling he was being watched. Chun-Hu watched his back as they walked down each hall with silence, little did he know was that someone was watching him. That person was indeed Steel Jack coming in for a sneak attack, like a flash Daniel was hit heavily with a slash attack. Daniel was bleeding a little as he grabbed his arm where the cut was, luckily it wasn't bad so he could let it slide for now. Yet Steel Jack had one thing on his mind in this battle, and that was to take out Daniel for good this time.

|Daniel didn't think I would find you sneaking into the palace, you see I been getting hints from the warlord's men from time to time. So basically I've been one step ahead of you meddling marines so far, oh your higher rank wont be saving you this time Daniel. Even if he finds out that I trapped you he'll be too late, you'll be already dead when he discovers you on the...Well isn't this a predicament I'm in. I guess I didn't expect your higher rank to catch up with my trap, but no matter you will both die even with your brigade with you. Ironsmith will die a swift death with may speed I shall take pity and do it quickly, Daniel on the other hand will not be as lucky as you my friend. Daniel will be the one who receives a painful death from me, it will be revenge for what he did to my friends. When I do defeat you I shall tell the shadow five about this, at least they'll be safe from you in Ambersberg. However I really want to ease there minds by take you two out, if I was to get defeated they would know that Daniel was a big problem. Well I hope you to are ready to die now, for you'll be getting a nice reason on why to never disturb a pirate when he is doing his...| Steel Jack was heavily hit by Chun-Hu.

I guess Daniel's friends got tired of his boasting so much, hey I don't blame them this Steel Jack dude can be a real douche bag if you ask my humble opinion. They go ready battle swiftly as Steel Jack's crew was by his side, Daniel was going to deal with the other henchmen that he brought with him. Although Daniel was a lieutenant he was still to inexperienced to fight Steel Jack, Sergeant Ironsmith was since he's been fighting a lot of cheating pirates. Don't worry Daniel will be able to do this as well, he just needs a little more training before he can fight dose guys. Sergeant Ironsmith wasn't the person a pirate would play around with one bit, do that and you might find yourself alone without your crew to protect you. The battle continued on with speed as no one wanted to give up, in the end Steel Jack couldn't do a thing and got defeated for good. He was on the ground peeking slowly, he was pretending to be defeated so he can do his sneak attack. Unfortunately someone didn't tell Jeanne Stormsmith about that thing, she wasn't going to let him get off even a sneak attack from her view.

|Its over, Steel Jack! By his up most majesty you are here by under arrest, you wont be doing anymore mischief through the spiral. Finally it feels good to know your off the map, I've already got some other marines here to take you back to Seala. Don't worry I'm sure you friends will love to see you in prison...boys take this ruthless monster away now!| Two marines came in as they took him to another ship.

His crew was also take as well however in different locations, you see they don't want to take any chances with his crew freeing him. By putting them in different locations they cant get it since its guarded, Ironsmith can breath a little easier knowing that Steel Jack was out of the way. Yet something else was on his mind as he looked puzzled really thinking about what Steel Jack said, whatever the shadow five have its doesn't bode well for Seala. However they needed to greet the emperor who is forever thankful, not only did they save his daughter Tz-Luo-Lan...they brought peace to the land restoring it to its gentle form.

|Oh thank you ever so greatly for restoring order to this place, I was worried about the warlord doing some harm to my daughter. I wanted to stop him my friends I tried to do what you did, however he had my daughter I couldn't risk her getting hurt by my foolish thinking. Even though you stopped them there is more dangers awaiting you, I heard that you too were talking about the shadow five. Steel Jack mentioned something about Ambersberg that's the world in great trouble right now my friends, recently someone went there through the EverField Skyways. You'll need a red Starstone to get there if you needed the information, sadly I don't have that kind of Starstone my friends. Maybe your highest rank has one of those stones, Daniel I didn't know that you were a marine now well you how you've grown. I've heard about your father it was indeed terrible news yet his spirit is at rest, your work has brought peace to his soul knowing that his son will continue his dream. Tell your Grand General thank you for the help, me and my daughter will continue to make sure that this place stays pure.| Daniel and Ironsmith bowed respectfully as they left the area.

As the time came for them to leave Shailand Ironsmith notice someone wasn't here, it was Daniel he wanted to do something before he left. Daniel was with his long time friend Chio-Yieh again, however this time it was to say a heartfelt goodbye. Chio-Yieh didn't want Daniel to leave so quickly, yet she also knew that his missions would keep them apart. You see even when they were children Daniel had a tiny crush on her, he wasn't the brave enough to tell her up front. From the stand point you can also say the same thing about Chio-Yieh, the wind was blowing with a somber tone with the cherry blossoms slowly falling. Daniel looked into her eyes knowing that she didn't want to leave, but he would always write to her telling her how he felt.

|Daniel please promise me you will always write to me each month, by the I know that you haven't been killed by those pirates. When you finally defeat the person that's leading them come back to Shailand, I wish to see your home world of Seala to see what's it like. I know that your duties will keep us far apart Daniel, but writing to me will at least give my heart a little ease.| Daniel nodded knowing she was feeling sad.

|Chio-Yieh yes I'll continue to do the letter writing swiftly, yet about the Seala part I shall make you a promise as well. You seen when I do return to Shailand I'll take you to Seala, but I want you to be by my side as long as you live. Ever since we met as children I didn't have the courage to say I love you, its been still true all these years since we last wrote to each other. When were together I promise you we'll never be apart again, my missions will keep me from writing time to time. However don't worry when the head pirate is gone I shall return to Shailand to get you, all that I will need is your fathers blessing for us to stay together. If I could stand here and watch the sunset I would do it peaceful, well I hope that you don't give up on me-----| he was cut shorty by his higher rank telling him its time to go.

Daniel gave her a slow kiss goodbye as the somber winds blew, Ironsmith didn't like to disturb a conversation but they did have their duties.

|Well Daniel you've certainly did your work out here well this time around, now that Shailand is protect the emperor can get back to his work. I'll send a letter to the Grand General telling him of your good work here, now that Steel Jack is gone we can deal with this shadow five. This could not baud well for us since we don't even know who they are, yet I think we can get the biggest clue in about Captain Avery leads them. However we'll let the Starshower deal with that for the moment, he might know what to do about them when he gets the time. I guess you've shown you can do the tough stuff out here, that little scratch you got will heal soon with some rest. Its be fully healed when you go back to Seala on your ship, I'll be in Shailand doing some patrolling in the area. You've earned your good rest for today my friend, go back to Seala and tell about everything Steel Jack said to us...Dismissed!| Daniel let on his ship to head back to Seala.

Patrick closed the book on another chapter as he left the room, what will happen in the other worlds is yet to be determined...perhaps waiting might be our best solution.      
Final chapter for Shailand
Well people, I'm starting my first year at my new high school so I wont be on for so long. Don't worry I will be still type like I always do. Monday the first day of school
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