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Marine101 Wraith of the Pirate King Arc 3: Purratia

March 24, 1815 Purratia

              Episode 4: Getting down to business! In the streets of Zagreb

Anthony was up walking down the streets of Zagreb nervously, out of the streets this had to be one of the most dangerous to walk alone here. Swashbuckler are down here doing work for some pirate now, they already know who is giving the order they just need to find who is receiving them. Once Ljubomir Persian saw Anthony he felt a little bit better out here, now that he's at his location they can finally get to work.

|Thank heavens someone has came here to help us out in this place, yes I am Ljubomir Persian however we don't have time for name introductions. Thanks for helping my brother out in his little predicament, yet this time were going to need some big help around here. My brother told me that a pirate is giving orders to a person out here, I also took a look at the pocket watch as well last night. This pocket Watch belongs to his little pirate friend Joseph Sharpshot, he is probably the one doing stuff in Slavonski Brod so he's the one getting some of the valuables here. However were going to need some clues to help us find out who's getting the orders, I saw some Canine Cutlasses not far from my area they may have something we can use. Yes they are of your school but they have more tricks up their sleeves, they will be tough yet I think you can manage with them quite well. Once you get something on them come right back to me, I'll see what I can make out of the clue that you gave me. However you wont get any if were just standing here and talking, go to them we have a lot of work to do out here.| Nodding Anthony went to find some Canine Cutlasses.

This wasn't the nicest place to get lost in this street, trust me you'll see a lot of pirates out here that will make things worse. Anthony finally reached their location as they were checking the whereabouts, once they spotted him they attacked full on giving Anthony a little jump that moment. Luckily his brigade gave him some breathing room allowing him to attack, since they were a type of buccaneer this wasn't going to be easy one bit. After a good thirty nine minutes he finally defeated them, he found a strange note addressed to someone that moment. However it was in pieces so he's going to need some more of them to complete it, maybe Ljubomir Persian might know of this if Anthony brings it to him. Going back to Ljubomir Persian he gave him the small piece of paper that he got, sadly even he didn't know what it was at the time.

|Sorry Anthony I don't know what to make of this clue you got me, it seems to be some piece of a note that someone wanted to give to. However that isn't going to let us down one bit were going to find the other parts of the note, if we complete the note we can finally find out who is getting the orders at the moment. Yet let focus on completing the note first my friend, were going to need the second clue to find out who is getting the orders now. There are some Growling Privates a few blocks down from our location, they might have the full second piece of the note we can use. If they do then we probably have the person who's controlling things out here, however don't get your hopes up Anthony they might have just the second piece in their grips. If they don't I wont find that surprising the person doesn't want us to find them, yet were going to find them don't worry about that Anthony. Once you find something good come back to me quickly, now you better get going to get that clue we have no time to waste now.| Nodding Anthony went to find some Growling Privates.

These guys were Privateers so this will be a new challenge for him, although they weren't strong they have many tricks up their sleeves to use. Once he spotted them they were ready for him greatly, Anthony just hast to be careful for they are the jack of trades when it comes to attacks, yet with his brigade he can manage to even the odds with them. After a good forty minutes Anthony finally defeated them, yet he only got a small piece of paper in return in his battle with them. Going back to Ljubomir Persian he knew this wasn't going to be a good find, but at least they got something to help them along the way. Giving him the clue Ljubomir Persian looked a bit disappointed, however the pirate was smart not to give them the whole clue so quickly.

|Well this isn't want we wanted for both of us Anthony, yet it will have to do for the moment as we get the last clue. It gives us a tiny bit of a name however I still cant make it out, but were thankful to just get this clue so we can continue our work here. Hmm we still need the last clue in order to find out, never to fear I have a perfect solution in this. Down the street there are a mixture of enemies, manly swashbucklers and musketeers a couple of blocks down from our location. Go fight them to see what you can receive that can help us out with the name here, if you find anything come right back to me so I can put the last piece together. Once we have that we can defeat that guy who's causing us much harm here, yet we wont be done I'm afraid we'll have our work cut out for us on the next street. We have to defeat Joseph Sharpshot in order to stop him from stealing priceless artwork, that will put a damper on Peter's Slashes place for good. However let's focus on getting the last clue first my friend, you better go fight some we need that clue quickly.| Nodding Anthony went to find the dog pirates.

This is something Anthony doesn't really like to fight, yet in order to get the clue he's going to have to do it. Mixture of pirates aren't good if they can do a good bit a damage on you, yet if they are two good groups then the battle will be a bit long. Once he found them the swashbucklers came charging at him, the musketeers stayed behind to do their work from the back. He has to be very careful not to get himself into trouble, for once these guys know this they get ready for the final blow. After a good forty nine minutes he finally defeated them all thankfully, getting a piece of paper Anthony went straight back to Ljubomir Persian. Giving him the piece of paper he quickly put it together with the other two pieces, smiling greatly they finally have the name of the person that has been causing trouble here.

|Geez I cant believe I didn't see this guy coming sooner, Jerry Deerhound has been receiving the orders from Joseph Sharpshot. Now that we know he we have to defeat him in order to give Joseph the surprise, Deerhound is located in a storage place some blocks down. He wont cheat on you so that's a good thing to be exact, however he is a good marksmen so you might want to be careful about that as well. Once you defeat him then we will be able get to Sharpshot in Slavonski Brod, when he's gone then you can continue the work with your other marine friends out here. However we need to focus on Jerry Deerhound first at the moment, yet you wont be able to defeat him just by standing here Anthony. Go defeat him so we can all breathe a bit easier, once you do that come back to me I'll tell you about the next street.| Nodding Anthony went to find Jerry Deerhound.

After a long walk he finally reached the storage place, once he got prepared he went inside as he almost got hit by a musket attack. This battle wasn't going to be easy since he's a good musketeer, however that doesn't mean Anthony wont beat him in this place. He had a little cut on his face but after this battle he could rest, after a good forty five minutes he finally defeated Jerry Deerhound. Now with this over he went back to his friend Ljubomir Persian to tell him the good news, although he was done with this place doesn't mean that the problem is over for them.

|Thanks for helping us out with that troublemaker Jerry Deerhound, now that he's gone we can finally relax knowing that he wont be doing harm to us. However that doesn't mean your done with your work out here I'm afraid, now we have to deal with Joseph Sharpshot in the streets of Slavonski Brod. It's a little tricky there so you will need my help in that place, it has many traps in there that we set to keep the pirates out. However they control them now so you want to be careful, those traps will confuse you so its best to listen to my words carefully when we get there. Yet I wont send you there right now Anthony it's already nightfall, and that injury wont heal if you just keep going. There is a rest area that you can sleep in for the night, you can heal up and feel great for tomorrow morning. Once the sun rises meet me in Slavonski Brod so we can get to work, oh and thanks for everything that you did for us out here.| Thanking Ljubomir Persian for his kindness, Anthony left the area to rest for the night.

Patrick closed the book on another chapter as he was preparing to do some chores, what will happen to Anthony is yet to be determined...perhaps waiting might be our best option.    
Marine101: Wraith of the Pirate King
last street before the first dungeon in Purratia
Neo Queen of light by dreammaker123
Neo Queen of light
This is Cadence when she becomes Neo Queen of the light Realm, in this picture its eight years later and she is at the age of twenty. Now that she is the queen she will try to make things better, yet she is still learning from her mother giving her wisdom each day. Someday she will try to be a great ruler like she was, however even she knows she may not be able to fill her shoes. But sometimes overtime we get better and learn from our mistakes, what adventures will come to her is yet to be seen...perhaps we may never know.

Game by :icondolldivine:

where to find…
Marine101 Wraith of the Pirate King Arc 3: Purratia

March 23, 1815 Purratia

                   Episode 3: Dangers ahead! Into the streets of Split

Anthony was a walking down the streets in Split after a good rest last night, he's a bit jumpy since this place is know for its sneak attacks. Once he got to the spot where Jadranko Persian was they could get to work, this place needed a good cleaning up and with his help they can do that.

|Oh hello there I didn't see you come up to meet me, yes I am the one they call Jadranko Persian however we don't have time for greetings. This place has been hit hard ever since the pirates came along here, this Peter Slash person has given us nothing but grief ever since he came here. Not only that he has brought the dog pirates here to help him with his trouble making, however I know that one of the leaders are hidden from our sights. Your going to be looking for clues to help us out, for clue wise I think I know where you can start searching. For once I saw some Rover Marksmen walking down the street, they are a couple of blocks down from my location you wont miss them. Be weary they are know to be quick on the trigger with they hawk like eyes, so I would advise you to watch your toes since they will know your coming. If you happen to find something on them come straight to me, I see what I can make out of what thing you brought to me. Your not going yo do that if your just standing there doing nothing, I need that clue so you better get going and get that clue we need.| Nodding Anthony went to find some Rover Marksmen.

Walking down the street he felt a little nervous for the moment, since these guys are marksmen they can attack you in any direction. Once he got to their area it seemed a bit too quite for his taste, as he took one step a bullet nearly hit his foot. Sure enough it was the marksmen finding him at the time, now that they know he's here wont make things a bit easier. However if he wants that clue he going to have to fight them, and knowing full well that their attack can hurt a lot. After a good thirty one minutes he finally found something on them, it was some sort of strange medallion, he didn't know who it belongs to so he went back to Jadranko Persian. Maybe he might know who's this medallion belongs to when he gives it to him, giving him the medallion he looked at it very closely. However sadly this didn't belong to the dog pirates, however there was a clue you see this medallion was actually a pocket watch. Inside of the pocket watch was a clue to read for the moment, he examined it to see who did it belong to.

|Hmm it says here that a pirate is planning a secret raid somewhere, where it is I don't know for sure at the moment. Never the less if a pirate is planning now its not a good thing, although this is a piece of a clue the pocket watch is the best one. You see this pocket watch might belong to one of Peter Slash's buddies, so if we can stop him we can get to Peter Slash soon my friend. However we need to focus on this street first which means we need another clue, I know that the Snarling Strongmen aren't far from my location Anthony. They are a few blocks down, they are in your school so this will take a bit long for you to get rid of them. However you should be able to find something useful on them bring it back to me, I bet the too papers are connected to each other. If my hunch is correct I think that one of his pirate buddies are dong some damage in Slavonski Brod, if that's the case then we might have to deal with him as well as the dog pirates. Yet for the mean time let's focus on getting the next clue, don't worry I'll make sure no one follows you around.| Nodding Anthony went to find the Snarling Strongmen.

Fighting buccaneers can be a pain since they are heavily armored, yet with a fencer they can bypass their armor and do damage. Spotting them they came rushing towards him with a slow little pace, well at least they weren't swashbucklers with there blade attacks. Even though they were bulky he managed to fight them well, yet that doesn't mean other battle will go that easy for him. After a good thirty four minutes he finally defeated them, he did find something strange on them. Jadranko Persian might know about this since its another small piece of paper, going back to him he gave him the paper to examine. Sadly this wasn't what he wanted at the moment, this means they need to find one more clue to get it completed.

|Anthony this wasn't the thing that I wanted but it will do, it connects to some other pirate besides Peter Slash. It says here that there are two other pirates that are helping him now, however that doesn't mean we wont be able to stop them buddy. This is only the second part of the clue we need one more in order to solve this case, the last piece of paper might contain the person that leads these guys. To find the last one your going to have to fight some Barking Slashmen, they are at the last part of the street near the full storage place you wont miss them. Be careful about those guys their attacks are viscous if your not careful about things, however I find good faith that you will be able to find the last piece of the puzzle for us. Once you find it come back to me at once so I can look at it, I'll examine it to see what I can make out of it clearly. Then we can focus on the baddie who is causing us so much trouble out here, but first you need to get that clue so we can find out who is doing you better getting going Anthony.| Although they were tough Anthony went to fight some Barking Slashmen.

Walking down the street he knew this battle is one that he hated, yet in order to get the clue he's going to have to do the job. Once he got to their spot he looked around with caution at the moment, just then they came out of no where to sneak attack him. Luckily his brigade was able to attack a few of them to easy the tension, yet that doesn't mean the battle wont be easy at all for them. After a good thirty eight minutes he finally found something on them, going back to Jadranko Persian he gave him the tiny piece of paper he had. Smiling Jadranko Persian knew finally who it was at the time, however beating him was more difficult than on thinks.

|Well if it isn't our friend Richard Shepard he's been a menace to us, now that we know that he's doing all this trouble we can defeat him. However that is easier said that done I'm afraid, you see he will cheat if you try to attack him directly. To make matters worse for you he's a swashbuckler making things harder, attacking him wouldn't be smart so I would attack his men first. Once you do that his cheats wont work on you that time, then you can unleash your attacks on him. Yet he can attack you as well so make sure you come prepared for the battle, but I know that you can do this task Anthony no problem. Remember just because they are a class advantage doesn't mean victory, if you find his weak points  things will turn around in your favor. Well your not going to beat him by just standing there my friend, go defeat him then come back to me I'll talk to you before night fall.| Nodding Anthony wet to find Richard Shepard.

He was located at the unused storage place not far from their location, once he reached his place he got his brigade set to battle. Going inside he saw Richard wasn't going to be playing around with his men present. If they deal with his men first Richard wont be able to us his cheats on them, this was going to take some time since most of his warriors were swashbucklers as well. After a good forty five minutes he finally defeated, although Anthony had some cuts on him he was able to rid this place of him. Going back to the spot where Jadranko Persian he smiled happily, with him go peace can come to this street.

|Thanks for helping us out in this street Anthony, now with Richard gone we can breathe a little easier knowing that no good mutt is gone. However just be cause your done here doesn't mean your done with our world, some other places out here need your help as well so your going to see them as well. My brother Ljubomir Persian lives on the street named Zagreb, that place has been hit hard ever since the pirates came to that place. However I'm not sending you there just yet its night time, plus your cuts will do more harm than good if you fight right now. There is a rest area near the fountain two blocks down, you can rest there tonight to get your strength up. Once tomorrow comes you get up and meet my brother in Zagreb, oh and thanks again for helping us.| Anthony thanked the man for his kindness before he left to rest for the night.

Patrick closed the book on another chapter as he went to school, what will happen to Anthony is not yet seen...perhaps waiting will give us more clues.  
Marine101 Wrath of the Pirate King Arc 3: Purratia

March 22, 1815 Purratia

                    Episode 2: Hard knocks! in the streets of Osijek

Anthony was walking down the streets of Osijek quietly, this place had a creepy look to it since the pirates came along here. He was suppose to meet Dubravko Tigereye to help him out in this place greatly, it was big and Anthony had no experience in this place. Once he got there Dubravko Tigereye looked up with a smile on his face, finally help was coming to his home where the pirates has gone rapid here.

|Oh hello you must be the marine my friend was speaking of, its good to meet a young person trying his luck out here. my name is Dubravko Tigereye yet I think my friend has told you that already, oh this is horrible the dog pirates have came back after their defeat. This street has historic monuments out here that they might destroy, someone have been stealing items from our museum for quite some time. There is a person that leads this group of people out here in my peaceful street, we don't know who he is but that will surely change for us really soon. In order to do that were going to need some clues to start with, and I know happily where we can get our first clue from Anthony. The Sharp Barkers are not far from here from our location, I think they are about four blocks down from where we are at. Go fight a few of them to see what you can get from them. however you must be extremely careful about these swashbucklers, these guys aren't the foxes that you faced in Hartugal they are much worse. Once you get something come back to me so I can take a look at it, yet you wont be doing it by standing there so you better get going.| Nodding Anthony went off to find some sharp barkers.

However before he could do that someone came up from his ranks, Amy Windsmith was born out here so she can help Anthony a lot in this place. Coming up she offed him some help for this place out here, however he needed to switch her to second in command to do that.

"Anthony this place is big so your going to need the help all the help you can get, try switching me to second in command I was born in this street so I know it well. Once you do that you'll wont have to be care of a new mission, come let's get to work on finding those clues." Anthony switched his crew members to make Amy Windsmith second in command.

Walking down the street Anthony felt uneasy for a good bit, the Sharp Barkers were know for their sneak attack so he was very nervous. As Anthony took one step one of them attack him so fast he didn't know he was hit, he found out when a tiny bit of blood came down from his face. It wasn't a bad cut but it did start to bleed making things worse, luckily he wiped the little drop from his face allowing him to fight. This wasn't going to be easy so he has to be careful about them, after a good thirty five minutes he finally defeated them with a few cuts and scrapes. He found a strange peace of paper that had an address on it, maybe Dubravko Tigereye might know if he takes it to him now. Once he got to his spot he gave him the address for him to examine, sadly he didn't know where this was since this was the first piece of the clue.

|Sorry Anthony I don't know much about this little thing, I did see an address so this is going to be our first clue to be exact. I can make it out a little bit but it seems its a part of another piece of paper, we have to find all the piece in order to make out the address well. So your going to go fight some more dog pirates to do it, and the second ones are know as the Growling Brutes they aren't far from my location. They are of your school so this wont be easy for you Anthony, however I have the upmost faith that you will able to defeat them. I'll take a look at the clue once you bring it to me Anthony, don't worry I'll make sure no one tried to ambush you while your on your missions out here.| As he did a small Nod he went to find the Growling Brutes.

Knowing that they were buccaneers didn't make this mission easy, yet with a fencer in his brigade this should make the job a bit easier. Walking down the street he finally found them breaking into shop to steal things, once he got close they saw him with some of his brigade. They weren't the most bit pleased about this. They were bulky with the good amount of armor they had on them now, yet Anthony and his brigade manage with all the tools they had. After a good thirty one minutes he finally found something on them, it was another piece this time it gave the other part of the address. Now he needs to give this to Dubravko Tigereye right away, going to him he gave him the other piece of the clue. Although it was the full address they still didn't know who leads them, then as he looked at the clue he saw the initials "T.C" on them. Dubravko Tigereye smiled knowing that they finally got the person that's controlling everything, it was time for Anthony to finish the last part out here.

|Great job, buddy! We've finally got the person that's controlling things out here, the person is named Terrance Collie a nasty person to be exact. He's in one of the storage places out here right now, its about good walk from our location so you'll get some work done. Be careful this guys is a great swashbuckler when it comes to battle, he will use tricks that are more cunning that your first battles. I've seen him fight so he wont be an easy person to beat, you'd better hope he doesn't hit you heavily my friend. However I find good faith that you can defeat him, besides once he's out the way we can finally get some peace and quite out here. However you wont be doing that if your just standing in one spot, go fight him so we can breath a little easier tonight Anthony.| Doing a quick nod Anthony went to find Terrance Collie.

Walking down the street he found a strange looking building in the distance, this was probably the storage place that Dubravko Tigereye spoke of. Reaching the spot he went to the door calling his men to come quickly, once they got inside Terrance turned to find a marine in the place he was doing work. However he didn't find it please that Anthony was here disturbing him, not only that he might have some secrets that he could share so its best to fight him. Dubravko Tigereye told him before he went that he might be hiding something, so he going to have defeat him in order to get some information. Going into battle you know your quite nervous when fighting a swashbuckler, after a good thirty seven minutes he finally beat Terrance Collie. The marines didn't say away knowing they wanted some answers, not wanting to get hurt any more Terrance spoke to them without hesitation.

-Ok you noisy marines I'll tell you what I know about the raids here, Peter Slash and his friends came here to get some stuff for the pirate king. The golden items here are of great value to him in a way, plus he said some of the items that the marine gave back to them were stolen by Avery first. It seems that he wants to start where Avery left off, yet you wont be able to defeat marine never will!- arresting him he left the storage place.

Going back to Dubravko Tigereye he told him everything Terrance said, looking at Anthony he didn't find this too surprising at all.

|The pirate king is giving you all problems just like us, it seems that he wont be easy to deal with this time around. However we can focus on him at a later time, yet thanks for helping us out in this place. Now with him out of the way we can finally get some peace and quite, yet your job isn't finished just yet Anthony I'm afraid. There are many streets besides mine out here as you know, I do have friends on other streets that need help. My good friend Jadranko Persian is on lives in the streets of Split, it has gotten worse there the pirates haven't given him a break. However I cant send you there now Anthony your hurt good, besides that cut could use a good healing up with some sleep. Don't worry you can get up tomorrow to meet him, oh and thanks again for helping us out here.| thanking him for his kindness he went to rest up.

Patrick closed the book on anther chapter since it was nightfall, what will happen to Anthony is yet to be seen...perhaps waiting will show us more.
Marine101 Wraith of the Pirate King Arc 3: Purratia

March 21, 1815 Purratia

                 Episode 1: Dobar Dan! Welcome to Purratia

Anthony was happily sailing in the Starwish Skyways as he approached Purratia, the wind felt good on his face as he sailed along. Once he got their he part at the docks to get off of the ship, however he was approached by another marine at the time. This was probably the high ranking officer here that ask for help, greeting him he also stated that his place is nothing to sneeze at from a long shot.

|Welcome young marine it's good of you to make it here, I'm Corporal James Snowswan its good to meet you if you were going to say that. I must warn you that Hartugal is nothing compared to Purratia its really tough here. My two other marines Lieutenants Julie Starmist and Jeffery Raindancer are here as well, even with the three of us were having trouble here. Were spread so then with the pirates were having a hard time now, yet that doesn't mean your noting toing to do your part. The governor is standing at the fountains at shining square, he'd love to speak to you right now so you better get a move on Anthony. His name is Branimir Swiftclaw he's waiting for you right now, so you'd better get going to get prepared for you missions now.| Saluting Anthony went to find Branimir Swiftclaw.

Walking down the street he saw him looking a bit frantic at the time, with everything out here a bit haywire who wouldn't go a bit cray now. However one he saw Anthony he sighed with relief knowing someone is helping, introducing himself he asking for the marines assistance out here in their world.

|Hello you must be the new marine they sent here, my name is Branimir Swiftclaw the governor of the beautiful lands of Purratia. The dog pirates have came back to hit us again ever since Avery's defeat, the marines kept it safe here for quite some time now. Yet the dog pirates have gotten annoyed with the marines stopping them, they decided to hit are place harder than our sister city Felindon. They are much harder out here and will do may tricks to fool you, so I advise you to be on your toes for the most part. I have a good friend in Osijek named Dubravko Tigereye, that place has been hit heavily and he wanted some help with his place. however it's night time now and its much to dangerous for you to venture out, even we cats are scared since those dogs have robbed us as we sleep in our beds. There is a rest area for you to use if you are a bit tired, oh when you do wake up please go to Dubravko so you can help him out there.| thanking the governor for his kindness he went off to sleep for the night.

Someone else knew about the marines being here as well, and that person was Christina Steeldancer to be exact. She was one of Peter Slash's friends out here doing their dirty work, yet she knew this situation wasn't going to be good.

-the marines are here now this might put an end to our plans, well I better tell Peter about this right now. He wont be happy about this  about what I have to say to him. yet he'll find a way to deal with them...I hope- She went off to tell her friends quickly as the night slowly gleamed.

Patrick closed the book on another chapter as he went to sleep, what will happen to Anthony is know quite known for sure...but the cloud of mysteries will be cleared soon.


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