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Marine101 Arc 3: Wingdale part 2

May 8, 1800 Wingdale


     Episode 3: Into the heart of things! Finding clues in Peacock's Place

Daniel was up walking in the streets of Peacock's Place, it seems to be the heavy activity of raven now. This must be where they are preparing to ship things from here to Skyway Town, well he better find Jimmy Killdeer so he could get started out here. He knows this place easily so getting some help will be much needed, yet that doesn't mean he wont run into any trouble while he is here. Once he found his brother he could get to work before he gets to Icebow, you don't know how happy Jimmy is right now.

|Oh, thanks for coming here! We have a lot of work to do out here from the looks of things, I know for a face someone is doing something bad. I heard that Skyway Town has gotten hit heavily with pirates, its so dangerous there you can take a walk without being kidnapped and robbed...or worse. However we got to focus on Peacock's Place first for now my friend, for the first part we need to look for some clues out here. I know for a fact that some ravens are here about working, they've been carrying stuff from here to Skyway Town. I bet someone is carrying something we can use to help out, Daniel why don't you fight some to see what you can get out of them. Be careful now these ravens here aren't pushover like the other streets, so you might want to take your brigade just in case the fight gets a bit rough.| Daniel with out to find some ravens to see what they have.

Getting to them he found that these guys weren't easy at all, he notice that they were ready for him as soon as he came up. This was going to be a lot tougher for him than he expected it to be, however just in case this happened his brigade was by his side. After a rough twenty minutes he found some note on them, whatever it was Jimmy might know what to make out of it. He needed to get back to him to take this note for examining now, who knows they might find who might be responsible for all this mess.

|Oh this is a shipment note to a warehouse not far from here, if I can guess it seems that someone is preparing for a shipment to Skyway Town. I don't know who commands them from a stand point right now, we've got the first part of the puzzle. However we shouldn't stop here just because we find their hideout Daniel. We've got to disrupt the shipment in order to get the leader ticked, once we do that we can find out who's been commanding them to do this. So I want you to go check out that warehouse to see what is happening there, I warn you don't think they wont find you for a mere second. Otherwise you have more trouble than Steel Jack, just be careful you never know what can jump out at you.| Daniel left to find the warehouse that look suspicious for a moment.

Daniel found the warehouse not far from this spot, it look awfully quiet from the other parts of the town...maybe a bit too quiet. Once he went inside with his team he knew full well that it was a trap set for them, yet thank goodness he brought his team with him just in case it was. After a good twenty minutes of fighting he manage to defeat them all, yet I can ensure you things might get a little tougher from here. Going back to Jimmy he knew it might be dangerous from the looks, yet they weren't done yet they have to fight some kites now.

|Oh I see that the head honcho had some people waiting for you, typical this means that the leader isn't a pushover at all I'm afraid. Now we know that we have to fight some others to get some clues, I know for a fact that the kites are father down the street from here. I can tell you know don't you dare brush them off for a second, there attacks are so strong that they could defeat you in a couple of hits. I hope we can find something useful on them as you get there, whatever it maybe it will help us on in the process. However went wont get anything if your just standing there, so you better get to work on fighting those kites that I saw down the road.| Daniel left the area quietly as he needed more clues.

As he got down to the area the kites look mean as guard dogs, even worse they were slashmen making is job more difficult. Well he had better get started fighting them to find something that is useful, after a good thirty minutes he found something that had a strange name to it. He doesn't know who it belongs to nor how they got it, yet Jimmy might know who this thing belongs to. Once he got there he Jimmy knew who this things belong to, and knows who is controlling the shipment from here to Skyway Town.

|I knew it all long that guy is nothing but deep trouble for us, Charles Redwing he has been helping the pirates ship stuff from Bluebird's Place to Skyway Town. I know for a fact that he's the one that told them about the royal palace, I didn't think he would stoop this low to get rid of the royal family. I thought he was my friend we did everything together when we were young, I guess sometimes you get fooled by the people you thought were your friends. Enough about the past now I know that the past is gone now, however that doesn't mean I want him to cause no more trouble out here. He's located somewhere at the end of the street down the block, while you fight him I will tell your friend Colonel Icebow about this matter quickly. Once your done with that come back to me we have to get Skyway Town cleaned up, however you just worry about Charles your friends will handle everything else.| Daniel went to fight Redwing in his place.

Once he got there his brigade was ready to fight him, inside he knew he was ready for anything coming at him. Daniel couldn't believe his friend would stoop this low to betray him like this, he took this battle very personally when he fought them. After a good twenty minutes he defeated Charles Redwing, now that this is done he went back to Jimmy Killdeer to give the news. However Colonel Icebow replaced him as he got the news from Jimmy, once he knew that Daniel handled this matter he went straight to him. He was going to tell him that the mission to Skyway Town starts soon, for him this time there is no room for error.

|Well done, Daniel! Now that you've defeated them we can get down to business right now, I know that Skyway Town has gotten so hectic with all the ravens. We have to clean this place in order to get to the Avias Estate where the family is, I know for a fact that they are being held there as we speak. Thank goodness your friends were able to give me good amount of clues leading me to them, I also know that James Bladesmen and Steel Jack are at the palace getting things from them. They have there mean in Skyway Town doing much to keep us from getting there. I heard that there are many traps awaiting us in that deep place as we speak, so be careful I cant ensure that we make it without getting a scratch. Yet were not going through that place just yet Daniel, its getting late going at night will ensure the most ambushes I know it. Get some rest I shall meet you there before noon around nine o'clock, once your here we can get down to the dirty work of cleaning Skyway town. Trust me it wont be easy doing this I can tell you that, but I assure you with my experience we'll be able to defeat them once and for all.| Daniel left the area as he saluted to Colonel Icebow.

Patrick closed the book as he got under his blanket in his bed, another chapter was done as he slept in his bead. What new adventures Daniel will see we might not know for sure, perhaps waiting for answers might be the best solution for us now.  
last street before you do the dungeons
Marine101 Arc 3: Wingdale Part 2

May 7, Wingdale 1800

             Episode 2: Helping the Lieutenant out! In Flappers Court

Daniel got up already in Flappers Court ready for his missions, Lieutenant Silverstone needed some help out here cleaning this place up. This place was crawling with ravens about making things hectic, and I can tell you Lieutenant Silverstone had his days like this before. However for the time being once Daniel got there they can get to work, so when he arrived they got down to business quickly.

|Well Daniel I heard what you did back in Cardinal's Avenue, you did good however we still have work to do out here. Yes I'm Lieutenant Silverstone I wish I had more time to look over this place, however with Steel Jack around you don't have time to  sit and wait for him to come. We need to get started on cleaning this place very well, first why don't you fight some ravens out here to start. Whatever you find could be helpful in cleaning this place out, please can you at least do this small thing for me. This is my first time in a place like Wingdale its so big, with some ravens gone I could breath a little easier for the moment that is.| Daniel saluted as he left the area quietly.

Ravens were destroying everything to find some treasures here, the pirates really know how to pick there places nicely. After twenty minutes of fighting he found something else to his surprise. It was a combination that looked important from the view, so e decided to go back to Lieutenant Silverstone to see what he knows about this. Yet this was his first time out here doing this work, so he might have to ask for help out her like the other marine did. There was someone out here with them this time of day, well at least that can get a helping hand out here.

|Oh I don't happen to know this combination myself I'm afraid, well I have an idea for us in this predicament here. There a person named Richard Killdeer who knows this place like the back of his hand, I bet if you talk to him he might give you some good information about this. Trust me we need all the help we can get out here at the moment, so go visit him to get a load off my mind. Colonel Icebow can be really tough on new people at first, don't worry once you get on his good side he will be easier one you.| Daniel left the area to find Richard Killdeer.

This place was nice with all the carving of many items, yet hidden under that pretty like place was danger if you didn't keep watch. Once he got to his spot he went to speak to him about this combination, looking at the paper he knew it had to be some warehouse. Richard got to work once he saw that combination, he knows that warehouse has a key and he has to find it on a raven.

|Oh don't worry I can help the new guy out on his first task, trust me I know this place well it can be a bit hectic here. I know you need a key to enter the warehouse a couple of blocks down, yet were the key is located might be a little bit difficult. This combination is to a safe if I am correct, however we don't know where that thing is located so we might have to do some fighting. The best way to start is to fight some of those ravens, they might have some clues to where the key is hidden. Trust me you can find a lot of clues on them, they work for the pirates but they failed to learn not to keep things that look suspicious on you. However that are gain from this we get some good clues out here, well you better get started they wont be here for long.| Daniel went off to fight some ravens again.

Going into the area he found some ravens everywhere out here, yet finding something one them might be a little easier said than done. After a thirty e found something on a raven that looked use for Richard Killdeer, whatever it was it had a strange look to it. He better take this to him for a little observation, he might know what secrets this thing has to offer.

|Hmm this is a strange item indeed young Daniel, however you only brought me only one half of this. We need the other half to find the second half of this piece, whatever it is might help us get into the warehouse down the street. I have a great plan from the top of my head buddy boy, listen I saw some kites down the street a couple of blocks from the ravens here. If I had to bet some kite has the other piece here, and with another hint I could tell this might lead to the combination to the safe. Go defeat them to see if you can find the other piece of this thing, with you do we can continue on our mission to find out who's in the warehouse.| Daniel goes off to fight some Kites near that section.

After finding them this wasn't going to easy like the ravens, it might take a hour before he could find something on them. After a good fifty minutes he finally found something, it looked like the other piece of the strange object they obtained. Going back to the area where Killdeer was he got happy, he finally found who owns this strange cane they had. Richard wanted to get to work quickly to he could get rid of them, for they were brothers he could tell by the words on the cane.

|Oh, great! This is the final clue that we need to get to the warehouse, I know these two guys are no good at all from their battles. They are the Redtail brothers they are the names of Marco and Alex I've seen them fight, I can tell you they don't fight fare at all so be careful. If I had to guess Marco is in the warehouse preparing stuff for pirates, and I bet that Alex has the key to the warehouse in a safe. If you can get that safe from Alex then I can unlock it to get the key, don't worry about Marco we will deal with him after this. Once you get the key from me in the safe you'll need to beat Marco, once you do that I'll tell your marine friend while you are gone. At least he'll breathe a little easier from a standpoint, yet you wont be finished with your missions here though.| Daniel went to find Alex Redtail in his place.

Once he got there he got his brigade ready just in case, he doesn't know if these two brothers are slashmen for the moment. Going inside Daniel's hunch was proven right for the first time, he was indeed a slashmen making his job a little bit difficult. If Alex was a slash there was a likely chance the brother was too, so he will have to be careful about the two of them in battle. After a good thirty minutes he finally beat him with some cuts, there was a tiny safe in the corner of the room. It wasn't heavy so he could pick it up easily and take it to Richard, there has to be a key inside this safe for them to unlock the warehouse.

Richard put in the combination to the save very slowly, and once it was unlocked the key was finally reveled to them. Daniel got the key and hurried down the street quickly, the warehouse shouldn't be far from the spot he's in. Once he found the were house he used the key to unlock it, when he went inside he found another slashmen waiting for him with a mean glare. He wasn't happy about this matter one bit by his voice I can tell you, Marco wasn't expecting some marine to ruin his plans.

|Oh you had to come ruin my little fun getting things, oh James Bladesmen isn't going to like this one bit. He told me to the supplies to the strong brute in Peacock's Place a moment ago, when we got there we could have gotten through Skyway town to meet Steel Jack for the instructions. Now that you've caught on to us he knows we've gotten caught, well I guess I'm going to have to take a noisy marine out, don't worry once your gone I can continue my work out here knowing----| He was cut short heavily by a kick in the face by Chun-Hu

Daniel knew he was going to be steaming after that hit, so it's best to handle him first so they can deal with the other goons later. after a good forty minutes they finally were able to beat him as they cleared the place. Daniel went back to see if Richard Killdeer was still there, yet the person to replace him was Lieutenant Silverstone as he gave a sigh of relief. It seems that Richard told him everything that Daniel did for him, yet Richard had another favor for him to ask the Lieutenant that moment. Agreeing he would Daniel know of his next mission quickly.

|Thanks for helping with Flapper's Court I needed the help, now we know that James Bladesmen must be at the royal compound of Ariel Estate. That means they are sending shipments through Skyway Town easily by now, we've got to stop them before they create more havoc for the royal family. However you maybe done here but you still have lots to do, Peacock's Place is the next street you need to get to. Richard's Brother Jimmy Killdeer was asking for help through his place, I heard that Colonel Icebow went to investigate Skyway Town when he was finish patrolling there. Well I think they need all the help they can get there with the ravens, well you cant go there yet its night time perfect scene for ambushes. Rest for the night you've earned it from me today, just be careful about the new challenges await for you.| Saluting he went off to heal his wounds.

Patrick closed the book slowly as he put a book mark inside the diary, he wanted to fold it however this diary was very old...folding it would rip the pages off. It was night time anyway he has school tomorrow, maybe more stories from the diary will appear if we wait and see.        
Marine101 Arc 3: Wingdale Part 2

May 6, 1800 Wingdale

             Episode 1: Meeting Steelwroth! Welcome to Cardinal's Avenue

It was a good morning as the wind blew softly through the street, yet looks can be very deceiving friends if you ignored the trouble. Cardinal's Place has a lot of pirate activity lately, and I ensure you that much of it is unwelcomed out here. Daniel was already up at the time about to report to Alexander Steelwroth, he has been doing some good out here without another marine out here. However Daniel's presence will take a little ease of his mind, he is his higher rank so he going to address him in his formal title as Corporal Steelwroth. Yet Daniel should worry about getting there on time, in his mind he hopes Steelwroth isn't hot tempered like Stormwraith was.

Once he got there Corporal Steelwroth gave him a not so impressed look, yet for the time being he needs to be grateful that someone came to help. Not wanting to waste time he got straight to work out here, and he didn't care that Daniel was new to this place either.

|Yes I'm Corporal Steelwroth that you speak of out here, however I didn't call you here for a name introduction at all. You've did some good in Bluebird's Square with your buddy to come along, yet I want to see more of that before I pass judgment. This place has gotten so hectic I cant manage things on my own, I heard that James Bladesmen has been causing trouble somewhere out here I don't know for sure. Yet Steel Jack is the number one person on my mind right now, where ever he isn't going to bode well at all. However before we do that we have to clean the streets, the ravens here are quite obnoxious with there troubling ways with those pirates. Why don't you clean some of them up at least you will be doing something, don't even give me that I've cleared some haven't seen anything yet!| Daniel went off to follow the orders of Corporal Steelwroth.

He was a patient person yet he can get mean really quickly, going to the ravens he was going to have to fight them like always. After a good twenty minutes he was done fighting them, just then he found something strange inside one of the ravens jacket. Whatever it was it might be useful for their investigation, going back to Corporal Steelwroth he wanted to know if he knew anything about this. Sadly even the Corporal didn't know much about this strange thing, yet this could be a helpful clue for them on the mission trough this tough place.

|Daniel I don't know what this thing is that you brought me, it looks like some sort of combination that is needed for something. Whatever it is it could help out a lot in this predicament were in, but don't worry I'm not out here alone Daniel. There is a winged fellow out her that might cane help us greatly, his name is Johnny Bluebird he knows this place like the back of his hand. I know this is my first time here but Colonel Icebow didn't give me enough time, however I hope he doesn't mind me getting a little help. Take this paper to him he might know what to do, don't worry tell him I asked for help with this little thing.| Daniel saluted to him as he was his higher rank.

Walking down the street he went to find Johnny Bluebird, it was a big street indeed Daniel was afraid that he might got lost out here. However after a few good minutes he finally found Johnny Bluebird standing alone, he saw a marine coming towards him as he felt relieved.

|Oh, so Steelwroth sent you her for help? Don't worry I can help you out here with this combination you have, if I have to guess its a safe combination. Those ravens are working for some pirate out here that I know of, whoever there working for I know cant be in this location. Few weeks ago before they came a girl went to our bank, she said she had a special item her great, great, great, great, great grandfather owned. She wanted to keep it here to protect it from pirates, she looked like she was from Seala if I do say so. Enough about this little matter lets get down to business, go fight some more ravens until you find something else useful. I know these ravens don't like to keep thing secret, don't worry I know that we will find something else.| Daniel went to fight some ravens out her to see what he can get.

Finding the ravens he knew he was in for another long fight, so there was no time to complain from the standpoint. After a few good minutes he found a note on the ground, this was another clue in his searching in Cardinal's Avenue. So he went back to Johnny to see what he can make of this, it must be of good use to these ravens since one of them had it. Once Johnny Bluebird got this note he started to look at it deeply, sure enough he knew something impotent about this letter.

|Well this is a note from a strange indeed my friend, wait hold on this isn't just any ordinary letter they have. This might be a ransom note of some kind, oh my this isn't good at all Daniel let me read this note.|

"We have the princess looked away within the palace, she will not be harmed if you do as we say. The map to El Dorado is located in the bank. Once we have the map the girl will be released safe and sound, it's all you flee-bitten birds have to do for us. However if we get word of the marine coming here she will die, you have a couple of days to decide once you retrieve this. Hopefully I don't plan on a little marine finding this note, if he dose she will still meet a dark faith. Remember bring the map to the both of us willingly, if that is you want to see the princess alive and well." Daniel looked pretty shocked about this.

|Oh yes thanks for getting this letter before the bank did, now that we have it Daniel I know for a face that the princess is held by pirates. They must be at the Aerial Palace in the grounds of Wind Estate, we have to act quickly in order to drive them out before things get worse. However with you on my side we have a good chance of stopping them, first we need to get some clues on who was suppose to send the note. First I want you to fight some ravens again for me, they might have something else in store. Then if you do find something bring it back to me, once there I can determine what or who is commanding this guys. With that we can determine what we have to do, yet we cant do that if were standing around doing nothing,| Daniel went off again to find more clues out here.

Fighting more ravens he started to get tired doing this, yet when you need to find clue sometimes you have to put a little hard. After a while of fighting he found something with a strange name on it, who ever this maybe it might be useful for Johnny Bluebird to see. Once he got back to his spot he gave him this paper, Johnny Bluebird smiled knowing that he found who this note was suppose to go to.

|Well done Daniel you found who was suppose to get this note, his name is Randal Hawkeye I must say he has been causing trouble out here for a while. It seems he's been hired to do some work for the pirates out here, if I had to guess he was going to give this note to the bank to get that map. However I'm afraid we put a little dint into their plans, now we have to defeat him in order to clean this place. Go to his place and give him a good roughing down there, once you do that come back to me and I'll tell the marine the good news about the guy out...oh don't forget to tell him about the ransom letter we got too.| Daniel left the area to find Randal.

After a good ten minutes of walking he found his hide out, with his brigade he should be able to handle him if he is indeed a slashmen. However much to his surprise he was a leadsmen like he was so it wasn't easy, yet with the armada slashmen he can cut straight through his armor. It was a tough fight but luckily they manage to defeat him with some scratches, now that this place is clean he went back to the street where Johnny Bluebird was. However this time he didn't see him out here around this area, yet the person to replace him was Corporal Steelwroth. Johnny Bluebird told him everything that he has done so far, he was quite pleased about this.

|Well done Daniel now that is place is clear you can continue on, yet that doesn't mean your work here is done. Cardinal's Avenue is cleared out but we have to get to the palace, I don't know about you however the other higher up needs your help as well. You see Lieutenant Silverstone is somewhere in Flappers Court, he's been asking for help out there since its pretty tough you know. I really wish Colonel Icebow gave us some time to review the streets, however he wants us to make sure nothing happens. Thanks for helping me out when I needed it marine, you better rest up before you head into Flappers Court buddy. I heard that its dangerous over there in that place, don't worry I know that giving Lieutenant Silverstone tomorrow wouldn't hurt.| Saluting he left the area to rest up.

Patrick closed the book on another chapter of this diary, what will happen to Daniel we have yet to see...perhaps waiting might be the right thing for now  
first part of part 2 please leave a review :)
Marine101 Arc 3: Wingdale

May 5, 1800 Wingdale

            Episode 5: Stop Tabitha Nightingale! Into Bluebird's Square

Daniel was ready to go into Bluebird's Square today with Octavian, with his brigade they manage to sneak inside the place without getting notice. Now that they were here they needed to get to work quickly, for if they waste time they might catch on to them easily. That is something he didn't want to do now, once they got to the sidewalk they got down to work. Octavian knows this place like the back of his hand, he was born here so he will be much help for Daniel in this troubling street.

|Glad you made it we have a lot of things to do now, Tabitha will have guards protecting the grand area of the Winged Estate. This is one of the royal families compounds they have, she is inside the place quietly I just know it too. However we might not be able to get inside the place easily, its heavily guarded there and the place is locked with three gates. However the first thing we need to do is investigate the area, I heard that someone has a combination to a door out here. However we cant get there for there is a password that we need, so why don't you go fight some Ravens out her to see if you can get it. Once you have the password come back to me at once, then we can continue our little estate assault then hmm.| Daniel went down the street to find clues.

Once he saw the Ravens he was ready to fight some to get some clues, it took about twenty minutes before he got the password. However he doesn't know where to use the password at right now, so he needs to head back to Octavian to get help with this little matter. Octavian received the password from Daniel softly, he looked at it to determine where to use it the best. Once he found the right spot he told Daniel quickly, there might be something inside that can be helpful to them.

|Well I found the area where the password might work well, I see a small little place up the road a bit. Why don't you go there to see if you can get a combination, be careful now you might not get it without a fight. However with the things out here why wouldn't you not fight back, I will make sure nothing will happen out here. Yet I don't have my feeling someone is watching us softly, but you need to get that password for us to unlock the door my friend.| Daniel went off to the house to find the combination.

Once he reached the place he went inside to see quietly, sure enough someone was ready to fight him for this combination. Although this boss was small he was a slashmen at best by his class, not only that he was extremely difficult to deal with alone. Doing some arrangement he was able to go into battle, his brigade was able to aid him in battle for this guy. It took about a good fifteen minutes for Daniel's group to defeat him, the combination was on the wall next to the doorway. Once he saw it he went back to the door to put the combination in, the door was finally unlocked well for them to enter. However Daniel must report back to Octavian Mockingbird to continue, for he knows more than he does about these parts.

|Well now that its done we have to get to the second part of Bluebird's Square, I know that something is up at that point. Now that were here we can get down to business with the second part of our plan here, in order to get to the palace we have to have the keys to the gates. I know for a fact each street has three gates blocking a section, yet we have to unlock the first gate with a key. I don't know where the key is hidden out here I'm afraid, yet this is where my second part of our mission begins. I happen to know that there are some kites around here as well I've seen them, they must be protecting someone with them patrolling the area. I have a feeling that one of them has a good bit a information where to find the key, with luck we might get a map to the location of the keys with help. However I don't expect it to be that easy though I'm sure of, go and fight some kites to see what you can get there. Once you find something come back to me so I can examine it thoroughly Daniel, then I can determine what we will have to do after that.| Daniel nodded as he went to complete the next mission.

Daniel had to walk for a couple of minutes before he found the kites, like always you might have to fight more than one to find what your locking for. It was harder this time around for finding this thing that they needed, after twenty minutes of fighting he found a torn piece of a map. This might be the first location of the first key that they need, however he was hoping to find the full map of the three keys. I think someone knew that they would look for this thing easily, so they tore it to piece for them to lose hope. Going back to Octavian he knew this wasn't the best thing he has gotten, however this was a good step for them to start searching for the key.

|Well Daniel this isn't the best thing we've gotten so far out here, but I'll take this little clue than not having anything. It seems to me the first key is at a tower at the end of the street, why don't you go there to see if you can find the first gate key. Like I said before don't expect anyone here to give it to you, you might have to fight them in order to obtain the key. Once you have the key unlock the gate so we can move ahead, something tells me that we might find three pieces of them map. This will allow us to find all the keys that we need to get into the Winged Estate, however for the mean time you need to get that key we cant waste anytime here buddy.| Daniel went to the first tower in Bluebird's Square.

Daniel finally reached the tower after a long walk there, his feet were killing him having to walk all that way. However he cant stop now they are a third of the way done, so he went inside to fight whoever has the key. Another slashmen they face with a good amount of difficulty in battle. after another twenty minutes the had the key. Going to the gate he unlocked it to get to the second section, that means they have to more gates to unlock before they get to Tabitha. Likewise he went back to Octavian for the second part of the mission to begin, he went through the gate to speak to him one he was in the second part. Things were going to be a little bit different from here on out, there were both kites and ravens on this part of the street. Who has the key Daniel has on idea in that matter, however Octavian might have a great plan to deal with that.

|Now that were in the second part things are getting harder, I think Tabitha put both kites and ravens here to get us on the wrong path. However I don't think she realizes that we can be a tough team like her pirates friends are, now that I got that off my chest we need the second key to unlock the gate. Like always fight some ravens and kites until you find something, we might get another part of the map to lead us to the key Daniel. I have a feeling the key is somewhere near the warehouse down the street, yet I'm not sure about that matter at the moment. Don't worry we will be getting that second piece of the map, you just fight those guys until you find something...ok?| Daniel left to fight some more enemies.

Although he hated dealing with these guys he had to fight them, this wasn't going to be an easy battle from his standpoint. He might have to fight more of them just to find the piece of the map, however he didn't complain he had to continue the mission he has. After a grueling thirty minutes he found the piece of the map, going back to Octavian he kind of knew that it might be at the warehouse down the street. Once he put the map together his feelings were proven true, yet they shouldn't celebrate just yet...who knows what things could jump out at them.

|Well now that we have the other piece we needed to get the second key from them, I went up the road to see the third gate whole you were gone. I saw no one guarding in the estate grounds at the moment, so its a safe bet that they are inside. So if I can guess the third piece of the map is in the warehouse as well, this might lead to the final key being somewhere in a hidden spot. Daniel go check that warehouse it might be where the third piece of the map is, be careful who knows what's in that warehouse buddy. Like always make sure you have your friends, for I don't think they will be friendly to you when you enter their warehouse quickly. Hurry, we don't have much time here! We need to get into the Winged Estate to clear it out, Tabitha Nightingale has be causing to much trouble and needs to be taught a lesson from my standpoint.| Daniel went to check the third warehouse down the street.

Once he got there he went inside to check the surroundings, like always he had a heavy fight on his hands. With these slashmen you cant rest for one minute, for they can destroy you with their high critical attacks. After twenty minutes he finished the battle and got the third piece of the map, yet he found a shinny box in the corner. It needed a combination to open it from the looks of it, taking it back to Octavian he wanted to see what he can do with it. Daniel handed him the third piece of the map form the warehouse, once he saw it there were some numbers on the end. Octavian put the numbers in the lock to open it, sure enough when it opened the third key was inside the box.

Daniel got the key to open the third gate in front of them both, once he opened it the Winged estate was finally clear for them to pass. Octavian was relieved to know that they have cleared the way, however they weren't done yet in Bluebird's Square I'm afraid. They need to get rid of Tabitha Nightingale once and for all, so he went to the entrance of the compound to tell him what he needs to do.

|Oh don't worry I see some of your marine friends coming up here, I've wrote to them about Tabitha Nightingale in this place. They will arrest her so she can go back to your world in Seala, I guess she has been stealing priceless stuff from them king and queen. Now lets get down to business with our your mission, Tabitha is in the middle of the hall looking for things to steal. I want you to stop her if you can so we can preserve the great history of Wingdale, I know this will be a tough battle so you might want to be careful. She I think is a Musketeer she is quite a dead eye to be exact, so make sure you don't get in her line of fire. Now get going we cant allow here to cause any more damage here, once she is out the way I can really breath a sigh of relief.| Daniel nodded as he entered the palace quickly.

As he entered into the main hall he saw she was there with ravens, she wasn't the most bit pleased by his appearance inside this place. She didn't expect him to get through this place easily, yet once she found out Octavian helped out she was furious. This is her example if great meddling in her eyes, this time she wasn't going to let him life. She was going to end his life by letting his blood flew softly, she didn't care how he died she just wanted him gone.

|You little rat! I didn't think you get this far our here by yourself, yet your little bird friend helped out with your mission out here. You've thought that helping these guys gives you good points, only marines care about helping others in need, They are like the goody two shoes of the pirate world here, guess what being good Daniel sometimes gets you killed out here. That's why I'm going to end you once and for all, you should have died in Seala a long time ago with the rest. Yet I guess you had other plans in that plan of ours, however no matter you will still die in this battle even if you fight back. Boys, get him now!| Daniel had to be careful in this tough battle.

Tabitha wasn't going to be easy on bit from the looks, and to make matters worse they have to defeat them all before they can get victory. Daniel wanted to take on Tabitha on his on for the time being, this left the other warriors to his brigade to take them out quickly. Right off the battle Daniel nearly got hit with a pellet from her musket, she wasn't playing around with him this time from the looks of things. He did manage to get close to do attacks on Tabitha for the moment, yet she was keep him back ever so slowly trying to take him out. On pellet managed to his its face causing a little to bleed a little bit, and that wasn't the worst of his troubles so far in battle.

When Daniel took another step he tried to jump to dodge her musket, however that proved to be a terrible plan he thought up then. Although he dodged the attack he lost his sword when shot at it, it landed on the other side of the room with speed. Tabitha gave a devilish smirk as she came up to him, to her she has finally put an end to this meddling marine for good. However she should really pay attention to Jeanne Stormsmith at the moment, you she Chun-Hu had a brilliant idea in his mind right now. He needed her help to do this with great timing, Jeanne shot at her face to get her distracted from Daniel for a second. This pull all the attention on her as she gave her a dark look, then with a heavy kick Chun-Hu manage not only to take out the musket he took her out too.

Daniel got his sword from the ground while the Armada Slashmen arrested her, he was a clockwork of few words but he was quite fast to be exact.

|Well Tabitha now that we have you cornered there is no escaping now, your under arrest for majority of crimes across the spiral. The most troubling one for you is stealing jewels from the royal family, men you can gladly take her she cant do anything to harm you this time.| Two other marines from Seala tied her up to take her back there.

Octavian was quite relieved to know that Bluebird's Square was safe, he saw ravens and kites getting arrested by the guards of the place. For once he can breath a bit easier knowing that no one is going to harm the estate, yet for Daniel his work wasn't done quite yet I'm afraid. There was going to be more danger knowing that are beyond this part of town, so its best for him to get a move on to start his new mission.

|Daniel you have done some good work out here in Bluebird's Square, yet I'm afraid your work isn't done out here with luck. This is only the first part of the street you have cleared, I have a feeling that the royal family is being held up in this as well. I want you to go to Cardinal's Avenue not far from here, I heard that one of your marine buddies are doing some good work over there. However I do fear that he needs some much needed help if you can lend a hand, yet its getting late you need to heal up from that scrape you got.| Daniel left the area to get some much needed rest.

Patrick closed the book on another chapter on Wingdale, what will happen to Daniel it we wont know for sure...yet perhaps waiting will revile something new.
The first dungeon in Wingdale
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