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Jasmine Breman Upclose by dreammaker123
Jasmine Breman Upclose
This is Jasmine Bremen an up close look at here, as you can see she isn't the person that wears eyes shadow. Yet wearing lip gloss is her area since she likes to were something with a burgundy shade to it...well its her personality.

Lineart by :iconxaomi:

where to find it…
Nightwatchers: A slayers Tale

           Episode 5: Bruised but never bitten! The twins fight to lives

Although the twins do most of  the slaying in the night, they have normal lives like any other teenager in the day. However it's sunset now and their work will begin, yet something was on the mind of Amy making her worry a bit. Mostly most of their battles have been a bit too easy going, grabbing her arms she gives a tiny shiver looking down. Tracy looked to see his sister looking down nervously, he knew something was worrying her a bit.

"Amy, what's wrong? You don't normally act like this every night, if it's about the vampires here don't worry about it." Amy looked at her brother knowing this isn't going to be an easy night.

"Tracy I have the feeling that we might get into more trouble, trust me our battles have gotten a lot easier than the last one. I think were going to be in for a tough battle brother, the elders might have something for us this time around. Even D.J can tell you that were in for big battle, I think we should slit up and search for some clues. At least that will ease some of the damage from them, so what do you think about this plan?" Tracy had has reason to worry about that.

"Amy I don't like sending you off on your own just yet, this is only your fifth night and your still inexperienced in hunting. However I will let you go on your own this time around, however I want to tell you to never look behind your back when your walking. Keep your mirror close to you at all times, be careful you will be going into hidden hideaways with no light. Here take this solar light just in case you feel someone on you, shine it one them and it will burn their skin very well. If your in trouble page me and I will be right there if I can little sis, just to never trust anyone out here that you don't know. They can be a vampires hiding their presents from you, take care of yourself now and good luck out there." Amy went off as she hugged her brother tightly.

As they went on their ways Amy did like her brother said with caution, she didn't use the solar light very much since there wasn't anyone the moment that is. Getting her mirror she would check to see if anyone was around her at the time, however that doesn't mean they wont be on to her very soon. Even though she will meet a few grunts here and there is expected, yet one of Tracy's fears was that she got an elder instead. You see unlike the grunts elders are much more harder to track, they don't breath very much when they come close up. This in a way can fool Amy into turning her back quickly to see, yet there weren't any near hear right now thank goodness. Just as she stoke a step she heard something coming from the distance, getting her solar light she shined it down the ally. Nothing was there as she went on her way, as she went walking up she found a strange place she never had seen before. Amy took out her pager to tell Terrance about this matter, maybe he might know about this place.

"Oh Amy I wasn't expecting you to call me this quickly, so tell me what did you see that got you thinking?" Amy turned the pager around to show him this building.

"I've found this place Terrance it looks a bit deserted to me, maybe I should take a closer look to investigate into." However Terrance stopped that plan really quickly.

"Whoa I wouldn't do that right now you'd be heading for a trap, I'm calling your brother he going to help you out with this. It's a secret hideaway which belongs to one of the elders, going in there like that will cause you to get killed Amy. Just because your doing things your way doesn't mean it's the right way, trust me your brother had did that a couple of times and almost got killed. Wait here I just paged him and he will be one the way, I've got to say you've did well on your own so far. Yet sometimes a little help can go a long way out here. Oh I see him coming up right now so I'll be seeing you, good luck it's going to be rough in there." Hanging up Tracy came to the ide of his sister.

"Good now that we have fond the location of the elder we can get to work, you've did well out here despite your inexperience fighting vampire. D.J is coming shortly I can seen him in the distance, were going inside to see if he is home or not. Be careful he has set some traps in his home just in case hunters come, avoid them since we don't want our auras felt in here. Come one let's get started we don't have time to wait, besides we don't want the elder comes and finds out were here." All of them went into the building quietly.

This place would give anyone the creeps since it was so dreadful, yet it was also intriguing to explore as well. Yet doing that would get you killed in a big way, Amy went off into the rooms to see if she could find the elder. Tracy watched her back carefully as she explored the place, Amy came to a particular spot in the building quietly. Going inside she tried not to set anything off in means of traps, all of a sudden a loud bang could be heard from another place far from this spot. This startled Amy a good bit since she got her mirror out, luckily nothing was behind her at the time...yet. She closed the door just in case someone tried to attack her from outside, then those loud bangs got even louder and more intense every second. Hearing gunshots Amy knew that D.J and Tracy were in a battle, hopefully she could avoid the fighting by staying inside this room. However that was about to be one bad decision for here, walking backwards she felt a bit uneasy.

A chandler fell from the ceiling as the crackling sound came, Amy just quickly before she could get killed by the sharp glass that could hit her. This was indeed a close call for she was breathing heavily, that was way too close for her liking one bit.

"How the hell did this chandler fall like that?!? I mean it look find before I came over there, this might be a trap setup for me then. I better get out of here so I can meet up with my brother, besides he needs a lot of help and I cant afford to stay----" She was cut short with a chill running down her spine.

"Oh sorry my dear I'm afraid that you wont be meeting him now, you see he's in a bit of a snag with my warriors right now. Don't worry dear I have great plans for you too, that chandler was purposely cut to attack you, yet you seem to be faster than I though you were. Yes I'm the elder that your brother spoke of earlier, he was so foolish to think I was not at my home...I've been here the whole time. I remember you from the party that got ruined from the raid, this is my lucky day it seems...I haven't had a full taste of a human before. I guess there is a first time for everything, now if you could be so sweet to come to---" Kicking him in the groin she quickly left the room...that was painful.

"Fat chance of you doing that sweetie, brother he's in this room!" she quickly left ready meet up with her brother.

The elder slowly got up with a very displeased look on his face, yet he wasn't displeased at all by her little stunt that she did. He was going to catch up to her even if she ran away from him, meanwhile Amy came to Tracy with quick speed.

"Tracy, listen up!" he killed the last one before he turned to Amy.

"Amy I did hear glass breaking from the room, are you ok little sister?" Amy nodded yet she wanted to tell him something else.

"Brother this was too good be true all along, the elder he's been here all this time. I need to warn you since there might be more monsters coming, geez look at the scratches on your arms. I'll go look for the elder if I can find him, maybe I can take him out with one shot if I----" Tracy cut her off short when he heard a bad sound.

"I don't think you should do that right now sister, besides we've got more company coming our way. Hmm I should have caught on to his tricks sooner, yet we need to get rid of these guys before we get killed out here." Amy tried her best to keep up with her brother.

D.J saw an opportunity to run ahead to see if there were more monsters, once this section was cleared Tracy followed him quickly. Amy when a long with them as they tried to clear the area before they could get trapped again, yet there was going to be one snag in there way trying to escape from this place. It was the elder he was behind them all this time, yet only Amy knew about this since she looked back for a moment. Although Tracy and D.J kept them back for a good bit they were still coming, getting outnumbered this looked like a bit sign for them. Amy tried to come to her brother to help them out swiftly, yet the elder put a stop to that real quick.

"Sorry dear helping them will not be allowed here, they will suffer for ruining my evening with my family that other night. Now as for you I have a little surprise in store, oh don't worry I'm sure that you will have a much easier time than---" The elder turned to see someone coming in this direction.

"Father I see that you are dealing with those slayers again, oh I didn't know she was here as well. Are you planning to do away with her too?" The elder looked back at his son smiling.

"No I wouldn't be so harsh with her my son it would be a waste, I was wondering if you wanted her as a little doll you can have during our parties." Before he could give his response Tracy was having none of that.

Kicking the elder he was able to get his sister free, Amy quickly ran to help D.J as he took the worst of the damage.

Although Tracy was ok he was about to get more trouble coming towards himself now, the elder was ticked and had enough of him meddling every time they would meet. While Tracy was fighting the elder Amy took D.J to another room here, he was ok yet he got a nice scratch from the monsters. Getting the kit she had she put some ointment on the scratch, although it burns it will help with the healing process.

"D.J you took a nice beating from the battle earlier, are you sure you can handle the pain now?" D.J looked up seeing Amy putting bandages on the spot.

"Yea I'll be alright I've gotten worse scars than this, thanks little lady for doing that now I got to go help Tracy out. He's fighting the elder alone which isn't a good idea, yet as long as were in here he in danger." Amy followed D.J to Tracy's spot.

Although he was banged up he was able to get away from the elder, they've got to get out of this place right now since everyone has taken a beating. He couldn't killed the elder for he was too fast for him, yet knocking him out allowed  them to escape. Everyone got cuts and bruises from this place...maybe the next night wont be so troublesome.
Masa Goddess of Honor by dreammaker123
Masa Goddess of Honor
In this picture here you can see Masa in the Everdawn forest, she is the young minor goddess and the apprentice the goddess of truth Shinjitsu. Masa is a fighter by nature and will often test warriors by their strength, yet that not the only the way she can test a warrior that comes to her. She is also the goddess of honor and loyalty as well, if she doesn't see any truthfulness in you she'll most likely harm you greatly. Despite her cute face she is quite feared for having a bad temper to those without honor, trust me it's one thing to be without honor its another thing to try to trick her and getting her ticked. However she is normally gentle by her nature if you are worthy, helping the warriors she can only offer so much to them. Although she a goddess she like to fight demons here and there, in a way she keeps her forest clean of darkness that comes in.

Game by :iconrinmarugames:

where to find it…
Nightwatchers: A slayer's Tale

               Episode 4: Operation Red Rose! Amy goes undercover.

The three slayer's made it back to the spot where they last stopped, however things were a little bit different this time around. Amy was wearing a red dress at the moment looking completely different, for she doesn't normally wear her hair down often...well except for a night like this. Amy was a little jumpy at first since this was a tough mission, yet Tracy put a hand on her shoulder to give her confidence. As the pager went off Amy picked it up slowly, now the investigation shall finally begin out here.

"Terrance were all here now, what do you want this time?" Terrance looked at Tracy as he came up.

"Oh good your all here now we can get down to business, this place is know as a secret meeting to the vampire clans. It's a hidden club not seen by many people out here, mainly because they keep slayer's away from this area. However that plan is going to be in a little bit of a snag tonight, oh I almost forgot about the blood charm that has to go on her have it don't you? Oh good that gets one thing off my mind right now, well let's get back to the important stuff right now. We need to investigate this place in order to find out what the clans are planning, Amy this is where your going to come in to this. With the blood charm they will get the expression that you one of their belonging, they will let you in with the other girls waiting to come in too. Yet you need to be careful in there as well I remind you that, they will try to corner you if you ever happen to get lost. Try to sit in the corner of the building and don't give eye contact, use your makeup mirror to feel if someone is coming towards you. Oh and one more thing place this tiny ear piece on your earring, with that you can communicate with me secretly as you walk through the place. If you ever get in danger call to me and I shall send Tracy and D.J, let's hope my plan works for the time being. Well there is no time for talking anymore, Amy good luck in there and please try to keep yourself safe." Amy nodded as she walked up to the place.

From the looks of things it didn't look very busy at all, one of the guards saw her coming up. Looking at her wrist he saw the blood charm she had on, letting her inside Amy walked slowly acting calm for the moment. Inside the place it was a bit different than outside, it was quite crowded with most of the clan members. She sat quietly trying not to draw attention to herself, for the moment things were going smoothly as planned. Amy decided to go deeper into this place, getting her little clutch she went off acting if she had to powder her nose or something. As she continued she saw many things in here that got her attention, once of them was a conversation between elder vampires. Recording it she told Terrance to whisper to her, this way she wont get caught by them easily.

"Those slayers have really gotten troublesome for the start of things, we have to make sure that we take them out quickly. I didn't know that those rats could track us down like a bloodhound on patrol, we really have underestimated them which is not what we expected. However they are just wasting their time trying to slay us, even if they are slayers there only human and that's it. Yet we shouldn't get concerned about this matter right now, besides there are many of our lovely belongings here waiting on us. It is a party after all so we better enjoy ourselves, we can deal with the slayers later." Amy stop quickly before they could come out.

They see her standing near the door area very quietly, to their eyes she must have been waiting for them to finish. They all left as she looked down softly, as they left she continued through the back. Once she found something interesting she got Terrance on the pager for him to see, this was a good start for the moment.

"Oh hello Amy I didn't know you called, so tell me what did you find?" Amy held the pager backwards for him to see.

"I found this strange little letter someone is going to send, can you make out what it says?" Terrance looked at the letter heavily.

"Oh this must be for the leader of another clan here, I don't know who he is but it cant be anything good. They are trying to plain something for all of us now, you've got to be careful going deeper into this place Amy. Besides it might be a matter of time before they know something is up, they have eyes of a hawk so trust me on this one. Try to find something else while you down here if you can, oh I hear someone coming...uh...pretend that I'm your boyfriend." Amy rolled her eyes when he said that.

"Ok I'll do this the one and only time, so don't expect me to do this again. Well love I'm enjoying myself at this party, I wish you could have came but you are busy with your good night and I'll talk to you again soon." She put the pager back in her clutch before someone come in.

As a elder vampire came he notice her standing in here alone, this perked up his suspicions really quickly. As he notice she had a mirror to check her makeup, for the moment she felt like he disappeared for now.

"Well if it isn't the sister of the vampire slayer, hmm I must say dear you look stunning in that dress. I didn't expect you to come in and crash our little party, however you should stay around for a little while. We normally don't get much company here since it is a bit secretive, now if you don't fight back dear we wont have any trouble. Besides It's been a long time since my first feeding, you will regret coming here trying to cause trouble. I only have one question you at the moment, how would like to die this evening?" Amy looked at him like she paid him no heed.

"Oh were being a little bit of a whiner, aren't we? Sorry dear I don't like to be mean but I will tell you this...not in your lifetime dear! Code Red!" As she shouted those words loud sounds could be heard from the entrance.

Tracy and D.J came busting slaying a good bit of grunts heavily, the elders already left knowing that this little get together is ruined. Amy got out her weapon just in case this person tried something on her, quickly leaving the area Amy joined up with her brother Tracy. With the information that she got they were ready to leave the place, yet D.J caught a vampire near them as they had their backs turned. Getting outside the building Terrance called back to see how everything went, well not before Amy got something from the back of the place first. Amy paged Terrance quickly for him to have a good look at this, the item that she got was the clue that he needed from that place.

"Great job, Amy! She god the clue that I needed to get the elders at the core, you see this is a secret code that they only know. However with a little tweaking I can really figure out what it means, ok I've got it translated enough for us to us see what it means. The elders plan to expand the colonies here by increasing their numbers, now that is quiet impossible as you may think of it however it isn't that so everyone. Have any of you heard of the crimson moon? Well let me explain how dangerous that night is to you all, the crimson moon is when the moon glows a blood like red. The blood drive of vampires increases to dangerous levels, being out there on that night is extremely dangerous for all of us. Luckily I've called on some friends to help you guys out a bit, although this event isn't until another month doesn't mean we can't be cautious about it. We going to be in some hot water now that we know this, as you head home please be careful we don't what there going to plan next...yet we will be ready for them." closing the pager they went to their separate ways.

As things keep changing more clues come into view for us, yet sometimes even they can turn out to be more deadlier than seeking them.
Nightwatchers: A slayer's Tale

            Episode 3: D.J's Speed! Sharp shot's never misses his mark.

Amy and Tracy are never far apart from each other, ever since they were children they were like two peas in a pod. D.J came up to them ready to get started, Amy looked up noticing someone as she gets her brother.

"Amy this is my friend D.J he's nicked named sharp shot, trust me yesterday night you got to see why he got that nickname." Amy looked saw him with a raised eyebrow.

Amy felt something buzzing in her pocket wildly, she had a feeling it was Terrance trying to contact them. Picking it up she turned it on to see his face, Tracy and D.J came along side her to get some information that's coming to them.

"Terrance, so what's on task for the night?" Terrance was typing up something really quickly before he looked up.

"Oh good all three of you are here to get the message, now let's get down to the important stuff right now. It's no fact that the leader of the clan has gotten word of Emilo's dead from a scout, he's getting his men ready for us right now. I have a feeling that D.J will give you two some good protection, trust me I have a feeling you might get ambushed by someone along the way. Oh for another note I will be talking to all three of you for the next night, I have a good plan that can get us more information about them. I'll give details about how everything will work later, right now you need to focus on this mission tonight. I want you all to patrol the area like you do always, just be careful you cant be too cautious with all these vampires running about. If you find something interesting report it back to me, at least I can tell you what I know about the vampire ore the thing." Amy cut off the page and went off walking down the street.

Tracy and D.J weren't far behind as they got down to business, once they got to the first corner it was very quiet...a bit too quiet for their taste. Amy went first to see if there was anyone out here to ambush her, yet what she brought along was quite smart from the beginning. Amy got out a flash boom from her pocket to use out in this dark ally, throwing it she came along side her brother to shield her eyes. With a loud bang a great light covered the dark ally, there was also a good amount of screams coming from the blasé as well. Amy's hunch was quite correct on this point of view, going inside the ally they were able to take the vampires greatly by surprise. Take out a good bit of them the last remaining few left the area, well almost all of the remaining few for that matter. They were surrounded by vampires and they couldn't react quick enough to use their weapons, Tracy threw a boomerang like blade around them all slaying all of them. This surprised Amy since she doesn't normally see that weapon, Tracy knew his sister was going to ask him a question.

"Tracy, where on earth did you get that thing?" Tracy turned to his sister to speak to her.

"Oh I got this weapon from another vampire slayer a few years ago, you see our father sent me somewhere in the northern states to train. My father called this person a close friend in his days, for six years he taught me everything he knows. I didn't get his name since he didn't speak very much, yet he wasn't the only person up there with him. I'd had close calls up there training it was tough work to handle, yet once I started mastering these he slowly disappeared from me. Still to this day I don't know his name truly, but his enemies knew who he was." Amy was confused still but she shrugged it off.

Continuing down the street it seemed like it was going to be a quiet, yet D.J had eyes like a hawk and spoke to get Tracy and Amy's attention.

"Wait, Tracy don't move a muscle you hear! Someone is on top of the building behind you right now, it's likely one of those grunts that's been stalking us. Just be ready to fight when I take out the one standing up there, trust me they will get alarmed to this quickly." Amy and Tracy got set quickly behind D.J quietly.

Once he made the shot it alarmed the other grunts ready to attack, Amy did some shooting to as she covered D.J's blindside. However she should keep focus on her surroundings as well, luckily Tracy covered her blindside as one tried to sneak from behind to attack her. With a good thrashing they made sure the rest of the grunts didn't return, now with that over they can head down the street for a bit. Although tried to catch up to them they were too fast, getting to the location of the grunts they came to a secret building. There seem to be no way to enter the building, the pager went off again once Terrance found their location. Tracy picked it up this time to answer it, it seemed really Important since Terrance looked a bit worried for a second.

"Terrance, why are you calling us now?" Terrance put down his drink to answer him.

"Oh yes this place is one of the secret societies where the vampire socialize, mainly the leaders of the clans and others high ranks from different clans. Although you see the grunts heading inside there is no way we can get in, sadly that is where your sister Amy is going to come into play. I know you don't like sending your sister alone into places like this, unfortunately we don't have many options right now. I want to keep this secret until tomorrow night anyway, I don't want the clan to get curious about this information. All I need know permission from you and your father, so do we have a deal?" Tracy looked at his sister and sighed a bit.

"Ok I will ask my father about this undercover thing, just make sure we get a part in this Terrance." Smiling Terrance turned off the feed.

Tomorrow night they will get set for another mission, yet this time Amy will be doing a little snooping to get information. They always say that keeping yourself hidden is the best solution, however next time the situation might change a bit...?


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Welcome to my page enjoy looking around :iconbunnyloveplz:…

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