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Marine101 Arc2: Felindon

April 12, 1800 Felindon

                          Episode 1: Welcome to the city of Cats

Daniel finally made it to Felindon after three days of sailing, now in the new world they can continue their search for Steel Jack. However first he needs to speak to the two higher rank students here, they've had lower ranked soldiers out here patrolling the area now. Unfortunately because of the O'Bradly gang they have been spread thin, so Daniel well be getting a lot of orders from these two. Landing on the docks they saw a girl standing, it was Melissa Strongwraith she was waiting for him to come out here. However she wasn't the only person out her doing work, her partner Peter Nightstone was out here doing work as well. Although she seemed sweet don't let that demeanor fool you for a bit, she's quite harsh to new soldiers out here doing work.

|Oh they sent you I wasn't expecting them to do so now, however with our predicament I guess I have no choice in to settle with you. I wish the grand general would have sent someone with experience here to help, unfortunately they are out dealing with more dark issues beyond this place. Listen buddy Steel Jack is nothing to play with out here Daniel its true, you face the clone made by that witchdoctor the last time. He was only a small taste of what you will expect, if you think that fun just wait until you face him for the first time. Uh and this is not the only thing I must deal with now, the O'Bradly gang has give me no relief from their battles. Well your no help to use to us here in the docks of Felindon, go to Meowiarty the mayor of this pretty place. See if he needs any assistance of any sort from the marines, at least we can get one thing off his mind.| Saluting he went into the city quietly.

The town looked peaceful at first yet looks can be deceiving, there were a lot of stuff going on around here. Poor Mewowiarty couldnt handle all of the chaotic mess by himself, luckily he asked assistance from them marines back in Seala. For the most part they have been doing some good out here, however with Steel Jack it makes thinks a lot harder to fight. Daniel met him for the first time as he approached him, he was quite relieved to see a new face out here in Felindon. Yet he was more focus on getting down to task with the O'Bradly gang, so without hesitation he spoke to him kindly.

|Ah salutations, dear friends! Oh your arrival has come as a blessing to me the city has really go to the dog, my name is Meowiarty it's a pleasure to me someone from Seala. It seems that you are here for a missing girl a presume, well I can assure you one of my associate managed to see her with a young fellow. I must say she was tied tighter than a trapped bull, I also manage to see the charming fellow with a few friends of his. If I had to guess I say he was a pirate, this is not good for all us I tell you that young one. If this Steel Jack person is here he'll be talking to them, with them I mean the O'Bradly gang of thieves. Steel Jack you call him is a person I wouldn't want to deal with, the worse thing thank could happen was for him to meet Mr.Dobermen himself. That man is a mastermind when it comes to crime, we have to work together to stop them both from doing awful things here. I cant help you by just talking we have to get to work to get some order here, speak to my associate in Persians Square he's seen a lot of things in the past few days. I know he wants to speak to you quickly before they find him, his information could be key in finding Mr.Dobermen's secret hideout. Xavier Bobtail will be in Nippers station waiting to talk to you, its best that you get started now.| nodding Daniel left the area to meet with Xavier.

Walking through the little city it was quite large, there could be many dangers hiding and he wouldn't know it either. Reaching Nippers Station he saw Bobtail waiting for him there, it seems that he's the detective dealing with this predicament.

|There are no needs for any words to be spoken now, you are from Seala seeking any knowledge of Steel Jack? Great we can get down to business with the matter of things, I don't know what this Steel Jack wants out here. Whatever it is we might not get the good part of it I'm sure of it, may men tried to rescue the girl he had but we were out numbered heavily. The girl looked terrified as he carried her off, she managed to get away from him that moment to ask for help. We need to act fast about this matter quickly young Daniel, I don't have any idea what his plans are for her...they cant be good if he treated her like that. Mr.Dobermen is at it again causing trouble in the place, we were able to lock him up in prison for now I hope. But with this place turning into a dog park I cant expect things to say, lets see I know a friend name William Terrier that knows a lot about the O'Bradly gang. He got some much needed information about their job this time, go speak to my friend Clarisse Shorthair in Clawed park. She's a good friend to William Terrier and will be great help to you, however you need to get a ticket to get go speak to Janet Bengal the ticket master.| Daniel left the area to begin his first mission.

Getting a ticket from Janet made it possible for him to travel, now the adventure in the world of Felindon begins now. Daniel rode the balloon. Things about to get very interesting in the city of cats, the fights are about to get tough now/

Patrick closed the book slowly as he gave a soft smile, trying on the marine outfit he looked happy as he stood looking in the mirror. His father spied on him without him even noticing him there, he knew that he was slowly starting to change his mind about the academy. What will happen next chapter we might not know, perhaps we need to wait for more answers.
Double duo by dreammaker123
Double duo
Here we see Marco and Alexandra Starfrost they are twins if you didn't know, we will meet them later with the Marine101 game fiction Starabia. These two aren't bad at all they are in desperate need of help to fight the shadow six, they are the darkest of the pirates and the strongest of the skyways. Daniel well meet them we he gets at the level 45 or higher they will be in Arc 5: Starabia, she should already beaten steel jack by now. Anyway the monsters their are tough so it best to stay on your toes, trust me Marco and Alexandra know full well that keeping your guard down could be fatal out there.

parther by :iconrinmaru:

where to find it…
Marine101 Arc 1 Final: Seala

Seala April 10, 1800

               Episode 5: The cunning trickster! Steel Jack wasn't there

Daniel was patrolling the skyways with his brigade today, they might be out for a while searching for the girl who got taken. Yet before he did that he got some information about the pirate a few moments ago, and how to find his ship in the Lilly Skyway. This wasn't a easy task at all for them, they would have to go through pirate infested skies in order to find the ship. Luckily his lieutenant Chun-Hu took to the sky to search for the ship, this was one of the easier ways to do it by air.

Coming up to a pirate's ship they knew it had to be his workers, Daniel thought this was a good time to get some information out of them. Firing like crazy they were able to do some damage to their ship heavily, enough for them to board it and fight them one on one. Yet what he didn't expect was the battle be over quickly, their were three of them here yet they were cowards to be exact. Daniel didn't think this pirate could have weaklings on his team, yet they told him he was somewhere in the Blighted Vortex. With this information they will be able to find Steel Jack, looking in the sky he spotted his winged crane buddy Chun-Hu coming in for a landing.

|Daniel I was able to find the vortex they were speaking of, I bet that's where he has Victoria on his ship. We have to be careful we have no idea what he has in store for us, Steel Jack might be a tough person to deal with, luckily we have enough crew members to defeat him there. I don't know what lies in wait their so we better get a move one right now, the sooner we get their the better chance of finding the girl he has. However before we do this I do have a bad feeling in my feathers, Daniel there is something very wrong with this picture now. I didn't think we would find the captain this fast out here, this maybe another trap he's set up for us. There is only one way we can find this out Daniel, come let go there he's got a lot of explaining to do.| Agreeing with Chun-Hu they went to the Blighted Vortex with caution. As Daniel went along with his brigade he too felt a bad aura as well, it was if he wasn't their at all that moment.

As they entered the vortex a ship stood inside quietly, it was as if something sinister was keeping it a float for all this time. Once they board it they will be able to fight the crew, Steel Jack was probably inside the ship...or was he at all? As soon as he took the first step he almost got hit heavily, it seems that Steel Jack didn't take kindly to ones who like to play hero. His crew look fearsome they could easily get beaten by them, luckily Jeanne Stormsmith knows about the henchmen he has. At least they have a good plan to deal with these guys nicely, Jeanne has fought them many times before.

|Daniel don't worry about this henchmen we need to get Jack now, once the captain is gone the rest will run like a bunch of little cowards. We need to focus all of our attacks on Steel Jack to get rid of them, arresting him will open the door in finding the girl| Right now all of them focused on Steel Jack at once. Steel Jack was fast every time they hit him he would only get faster, that also means that he can get dangerous here.

Chun-Hu was just as fast as Jack in a way to land a hit on him, although this was good he might need to do better in order to defeat. Jeanne was able to give a good shots at him with a musket, she was a good shot to be exact she seems to have a keen eye with him. Daniel was still new to this fighting style of a leadsmen, yet with his training he was getting a little bit better. Jack held him down pushing his blades to his neck slowly, Daniel was holding them back with his sword. Daniel was able to leg sweep him in order for him to regroup for a little bit, as he did Chun-Hi and Jeanne were able to do some good damage on him. Once Daniel saw a good spot to do a final blow he did it, Steel Jack went flying into the pole of the ship. Finally Steel Jack was done and the other henchmen went running fast, Daniel went up to arrest him to get Victoria. However something happened that shocked everyone including Daniel, a cloud of smoke came around Jack reviling that it wasn't even him. It was a witchdoctor using his magic to think it was him, yet when he was defeated they found a note on the ship.

It was Steel Jack's handwriting he had trick them all, they felt angered that he wasn't here at this spot. Chun-Hu was right about feeling something strange, getting the not they read it knowing that he was somewhere else.

" Dear, young marine

It's quite tragic that you couldn't find me out here, I was surprised that my little trick would do so well against you. Victoria and I are doing quite well with our meeting, oh she a little tied up a bit during her situation. Don't worry I'm sure she will be giving me so much needed information, on the flip side you'll never be able to catch me now that I'm in Felindon. I found that these dogs really can give this little felines a good show, they can cause a real ruckus out here when I paid a visit.

Come follow me here you'll be in for a big surprise, it will be much harder to fight these people out here. You've already freed another armada trooper on this ship, he's agreed to join your brigade as a fencer. Don't think that he will give you an edge against me out here, this place is were thieves are more cunning now. Come follow me if you want to save Victoria, it will be sad to know that you be dead soon...Heheheheeh." Daniel took the note back to the grand general Starswimmer.

This wasn't the best of news that they had this time, Daniel also manage to get a strange lavender stone the shape of a star. This was the star stone to Felindon in a way it was a little portal stone, this will lead them to a new world to explore.

|Daniel you don't bring the best of news here to us, yet the Armada slashmen is freed and now will join you in battle. Luckily you also manage to arrest the witchdoctor and get the star stone, this will able you to travel between worlds to search for him. This will be a big task for you Daniel boy, you cant do this job alone you'll have a friend out in Felindon. Major Strongwraith will be there patrolling with Corporal Nightstone there, follow their orders and they will lead you to Steel Jack. I wish you heavens sped on your journey to the new worlds beyond here, however it's sunset get some rest you'll need it for your trip.| Saluting Daniel went into the resting quarters to rest for tonight.

Patrick closed the diary as his father Jonathan entered the room, looking at him he could see that he was getting excited about her fore fathers great adventures. Jonathan knew that the diary had more than one chapter in it, it also have stories about his friends and meeting the love of his life.

|Patrick this isn't the end of your grand fathers adventures, he had more travels than you would ever know about son. Trust me your great great great grandfather did many things in his time, the only question I ask you want to read more?| Patrick smiled widely as he wanted to read more...yet the fog will clear once we get more answers.  
In this chapter we learn that Steel Jack is difficult than we thought this time, Daniel will have to do more to stop this guy for good. In the new Arc we will be meeting two new marines there soon, they will be a higher rank than him for they've been their for a long time. Like always a review would be so kind now, it will be a early birthday present for me XD :)
Tropical Twins by dreammaker123
Tropical Twins
here are the bird twins Sunset and Pastel the paradise parrots, Pastel the green often likes to sit at the tip top of the tree enjoying the view from their forest home. Yes although they may seem tropical they actually live in a forest, the forest is located in the world of Seala in my fan fiction if you don't know by now. Her brother Sunset enjoying flying in the sky going towards the mountains of the Shining Valley, at dawn the air is fresh with dew on the grass. They often will visit the City of Diamante when they see new people coming in or leaving, so if you see them in the sky know that they are a helpful duo for the marines.

Lineart by :iconchat-noire:

Where to find it…
Marine101 Arc 1: Seala

Seala April 8, 1800

              Episode 4: The deceiving maiden, Swashbuckler stalks his prey!

It was a beautiful morning down at the docks of Seala, the birds were singing with the morning sun. A young woman was walking down the street looking gentle, yet be for warned looks can be deceiving if your not careful. Dispute her looks she is really a mean witch by her demeanor, although small doesn't mean you should underestimate her one bit. You see she is smarter than you think, because of her little tricks she's arrested many pirates because of her ways. Yet this time she might have gotten the wrong person tricked, the swashbuckler she double-crossed his heading back here to give her what for. However to understand this we might have to flashback, come we have a lot of things to cover here.

((Seven years ago))

It was in the dead of night in Seala, the young maiden came running down to meet someone. Victoria Nightshine was waiting for a pirate to come, little did he know she had something in store for him greatly. Once he pirate came she spoke to him with a gentle voice, at first the pirate thought he was getting the map to El Dorado from here. You see her elder father from long ago met with Marco Pollo, they were good friends at the time of their meeting. For many years they sailed the skyways with great adventure, one day Marco Pollo created a map to El Dorado. He created two just in case someone tried to steal the original one he made, he gave it to Victoria's grand fore father as a gift for helping him back there. To this day Victoria always keeps it away from pirates, with swiftness she was able to trick the swashbuckler into think the map was in the museum. Little did he know was she told the marines about him, they arrested him for seven years in their harsh prison in Mooshu. Luckily his crew was able to free him from the prison.


Like the wind it was stating to turn into dusk out here, this was the perfect time for the swashbuckler to make his mark. Well almost from the scene around here the marines are everywhere, might be best for him to sneak when there is no one around to see it. Yet this guy has to be careful about Victoria, she is a tricky woman to deal with when she sees you.  Walking down the street she felt quite confident that the pirate wouldn't come, she was in for a big surprise if she keeps this up.

|Oh that pirate isn't coming back he's in the prison in Mooshu, he was quite a fool to think I would give him the map to El Dorado. My family has had that map here for generations long ago, well that's not all the treasure that my for father had with him. A grand sailor gave the treasure of the Grandes Lagos, yet he didn't realize that a pirate own that treasure from the start. My fore father was able to save him form the dark threat, as a thank you gift the sailor gave the treasure to him. I don't know why security has been risen like this, maybe a new pirate is coming out here to have fun out here. Oh this is going to be so exciting for me right now, what should I do to get under his skin this time around?| Reaching her house she unlocked the door quietly.

Going to her lamp she want some light just in case something was in here, little did she know who was sitting in the chair far in the shadows. Once she turned on the lamp she got startled so quickly, by the look she didn't expect someone to be in here at the time. It was her little clockwork friend coming in flying towards her. Well at least she didn't get frightens by a pirate, at least her friend was safe in here.

The swashbuckler was out here checking the place well, he wanted to see if it was the perfect time to strike at her place. By the looks its wasn't just yet I'm afraid it was still sunset, guards were everywhere you see them. Going into the main room she put fire in the lamp slowly, suddenly out of the corner of her eyes she yelled out of fear. There was a man standing in the main room grinning, whoever he was she knew this wasn't a good time to scream for help.

|Well hello Ms. Victoria, long time no see huh? I cant remember the last time we had a good meeting in Seala, don't worry I'm sure you don't remember the thing that you did. I was a big fool to think you'd give me the map, however I wont be fooled by you twice out here. Victoria you didn't think I would recall getting arrested, if so then I'm afraid you thought clearly wrong. Your nothing more than a manipulating little witch dear, for seven years I've been having a dark grudge against you. Your the one that ruined my live so long ago, luckily my crew spared me from spending twenty years there. As I was sitting in they place I learned to be cunning, I didn't get good at being a sneak...I became a silent assassin as well. I'm afraid that you wont be going anywhere no time soon, so if you can be so kind is to show me the map...I might let you go with your pathetic life?| Steel Jack looked into her eyes with a dark smile.

Victoria looked into his eyes as well with a bit of fear, she didn't think that he would remember her from this place. His eyes were dark like a cat in the dead of night, yet by the looks he seems to be a devilish monster. Victoria didn't want to run right at their encounter, doing that would get her killed on the spot.

|Very well come my friend I shall give you the map, please don't hurt me I...I'll give to you Steel Jack. I have it with me...Right here!| Just then Victoria threw pepper in his face to stun him for a second.

Victoria ran for her life as she went into her room up stairs, opening the winder she screamed bloody murder into the night sky. As people turned lit their lanterns the marines caught on to this, the guards rushed to the scene to see what they can do.

|Help me, someone! Steel Jack is in my house right now trying to hurt me, please don't let him steal me away from my family. Please don't let him take me!| The door burst open with great force. It was Steel Jack this time he had enough of her pity games, taking her he tied her up and covered her face...not before she put up a big fight that is.

Ratbeard took her secretly so that his captain wouldn't get caught, this allowed Steel Jack to get away easily like the shadows. Victoria's parents don't live far from her home it's down the road, once she got to her house she cried into her husbands arms. The grand general came to see what's wrong, what she said let him know Steel Jack was out here under their noses the whole time.

|Oh my poor little girl they took her away from my arms, that pirate she's been talking about lately took her away. Steel Jack she's told me how he's threaten to take her, I thought she was only playing...but I now realize that she was telling the truth. Her house was ransacked so heavily I knew something isn't right, oh please help us out if you can General Starswimmer. If the pirate wants something of our will give it to him, in return tell him to not harm our daughter she is precious to us...Please act quickly who knows what he will do to her.| Grand general nodded knowing the pain she was in at the time.

Back at his ship Steel Jack was celebrating a good raiding from Seala, they were able to take some items from the museum tonight. Yet Steel Jack was able to get the biggest prize of all out here, Victoria was tied heavily with her mouth covered so she couldn't scream out for help. Where their next location is might be hidden from their eyes, Starswimmer shall sent all of his marines out searching for any clues.

Patrick was quite shocked when he read this part of the diary, it seems that those times you could get taken by a pirate with ease. He wanted to continue reading however his school will start soon, that also means that the final arc of Seala shall be approaching us soon.  
In this chapter we learn not to believe everything you see, even the sweetest things can be the complete opposite. With Victoria she fits this profile very well by being deceiving, yet sometimes playing the wrong trick on people is a bad thing. Sadly she had to learn this lesson the hard way this time, maybe next time she wont be so tricky when it comes to pirates. Likewise a review would be lovely.
Well people, I'm starting my first year at my new high school so I wont be on for so long. Don't worry I will be still type like I always do. Monday the first day of school
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Welcome to my page enjoy looking around :iconbunnyloveplz:…

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