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Marine101 Arc 2: Felindon Part 2

April 24, 1900 Felindon

                   Episode 6: Stormwraith's Dilemma In Feline's Courts

Daniel was already up ready to go to Melissa Stormwraith for his mission, she already knows what happening in prison from yesterday. So she might be a bit angered by him today on his missions, yet it wasn't his fault Steel Jack was helping him escape from prison. Yet there was no time for him to think about things now, inside Feline's Court he could already here Major Stormwraith calling him from a distance. This wasn't going to be good for him right now, she looked him with a deep stare to her face. When she does that she quite angered with a mean temper, so he might need to get prepared for him bashing.

|Thanks to you we weren't able to capture Doberman or Steel Jack, I knew we should have brought someone more experienced here right now. Yet were so thin on are marines we cant handle everything. So unfortunately I have to deal with you for the time being, I might not be able to for you might give me a headache. Don't tell me that you tried to capture him the best you could, why didn't you just avoid the minion and fight him? Oh I forgot it blocked your path to get to Mr.Dobermen, well we better get started we have no time to keep talking about this. I heard that Marcus Kelpie have been stealing from the royal museum, you have to stop him before he sells them off. Your no help here while he still stealing things now, why are you still standing here Daniel? Get going out there and stop him!| Daniel hurried along as he prepared to do his mission.

She didn't have to be mean with him to get going, yet with all the chaos she is a tad bit annoyed from a standpoint. He entered a small tower across the street to see what was inside, it was Marcus Kelpie getting stuff ready to sale. Daniel and his brigade was ready to take out Kelpie in his tower, yet he didn't realize just how sneaky this guy really was. When he was defeated he jumped off escaping from his grasp quickly, now he needs to fight out where he is now. Oh now he has to go back to Major Stormwraith to tell her the news, she isn't going to be happy about this one bit I'm afraid.

|He got away again? Uh I cant stand chancing him every time he scurries off somewhere, well your going to have to go after him now. But before we can get to work we need to find some clues to is where about's, this is where you going to help me with most of it. I seen some deadly barkers rooming around here lately, they don't have clues for us to go by if you wanted to think that. However defeat some barkers to clear the streets of them Daniel, at least that will clear my mind for a tiny bit. Then report back to me I shall have something else for you, don't worry I know what I'm doing with my plan I have in place. Daniel your not going to get anything done just by looking at me, so I going to tell you this sweetly as I can...go defeat some barkers now!| Daniel hurried off as fast as he could then.

I don't know why but I think she scares him a lot at times, back on his mission he going to defeat some barkers to see what they hold. As he was fighting barkers one of them dropped a golden watch, he didn't know where they got it he just found it on one. Going back to Stormwraith she might now, yet to his surprise she didn't know anything about this things. Yet that didn't mean she wasn't going to continue his duties, she had him speak to someone when he was done with this.

|I don't what this thing has in common with all the robberies Daniel, well that doesn't mean your work here is done we still have a job to do remember that. I heard a woman named Felicia Javanese has been looking out on everything here, go speak to her she might have useful information on the robberies that been happening. If I am correct this might lead us to our little friend again, yet I still don't think that's his real name in general. Well Daniel you better get to work time is not on our side, report to me after you get some information solider. Then I can find out more about our little thief that alludes us so much, um why are you still standing here Daniel? Get going!| Daniel hurried off to find this Javanese person she spoke of.

Walking down the street he spotted her looking happily as he came her way, she too is quite happy that marines are here. Whatever she had to said to him had to be very good for him to hear, so he didn't waste anytime when he was talking to her.

|My pleasure to meet a young marine working out here in these parts, trust me this is one of the darkest streets out here. Most people here are afraid even in their own homes because of the barkers, well I have much information about this thief you are after, I didn't get a good look at him yet he wore a large black hat. He seemed to look like one of those nasty barkers, but he was quite different in his demeanor. I'm afraid that all I happen to know my dear, please tell tis to your major she might know about him.| Daniel went back to Stormwraith to see what she knows about this.

Unfortunately even she was quite stumped by this herself, they still needed some more clues to figure this case out. However for now they will have to use the information they got from her, although it wasn't much it was a start to their journey. Yet this was only the first person he has spoken to for now, he will have to do again to someone who is nearby.

|Well this isn't the best answer we've gotten so far Daniel, yet its better than not having any clues at all. Now it's time to interview another person that isn't far from this spot, speak to Jenna Siamese has been seeing strange things happening near her area now. I know she might help us out since she was robbed of valuable items, learn whatever you can get from her testimony. With this we'll be able to get to the bottom of this, well like I said before get moving we have a lot of stuff to do.| Daniel hurried off again to get information about

Here a good bit a distance from the major's spot as he could tell, once he got there he saw Jenna Siamese standing near the east end of the city. She was looking at the time knowing it was almost sunset by the hour, once she saw him she was quite relieved to see that.

|Oh, hello! Thank goodness someone came here to help with the barkers, you must be getting clues about the recent robberies here. Well here is some information that I have about the robber, I saw this strange barker like person too. He tried to steal my things from my home, luckily the major caught him and chase the man off.  I noticed that he had an eye monocle when he left the area, he also wore a black hat with black and white shoes. I could have swore that he looked like Zakariyya Kelpie if I am correct, he's that mad scientist that works for the O'Bradly gang no so long ago. Well that all the stuff I have on him dear, please do come again if you need any help.| Daniel left her to speak to Major Stormwraith.

This time Daniel got some good information they can use, yet Melissa was still stumped by this matter. Even though she has good information they cant arrest them yet, they just need a strong clue that would help them out. Maybe Melissa Stormwraith was wrong about Daniel for the moment, yet she still needed more form him.

|Well you've got a good bit of clues for us to think about, yet I still can piece these things together. I have heard of the Zakariyya Kelpie guy from many people, but how does he tie up with Marcus Kelpie somehow? Well I think there is one more person for us to interview now, her name is Carrie Nebelung she is near her out at the west end of the street. She asked me for a favor a while ago before you were here, however I've been so busy I'm not able to. Don't worry she'll be happy that I sent you to take my place. Well you really want to get some good points with me? You've better not come back without a good needed clue this time Daniel, we need something good to find out where this thief went to.| Daniel left to find Carrie Nebelung to complete his task.

Reaching her spot he went to talk to her when he got their, Carrie was pleased that a marine came to help her out. There was something in her house needing to be checked out, she didn't know if it was bad or good. Once she saw him she could asked him from there, trust me there was something in that clock tower...what was inside was yet to be found.

|Oh, greetings! I see Melissa sent you here to do the favor for me I had, its ok she been quite busy since that thief came along. I wish I could have took it back to give her more room to deal with things, yet you will be helpful for me for the time being at least. You see I feel that something is inside my house love, yes I live in the clock tower in front of you. Lately some one has been breaking into my home a couple of times, could you be so kind and see if someone is still inside there. Don't worry if you do find any clues take them to Major Stormwraith she needs them more than I do.| Daniel went inside the place to see what was inside.

Her hunch was right there were someone in here at the time causing trouble, they weren't the best of robbers of the O'Bradly gang hand. It didn't take to long to defeat the newbie thieves on their first day, yet he found the glove with a symbol of the initials that said "Mk-Zk" on them. Maybe Melissa might know who this glove belongs to, Daniel took it back with him to show her. However she didn't know who this glove belongs to, she was going to get some help from her higher rank out here with here.

|Marcus Kelpie or Zakariyya Kelpie, who does this glove belong to? Oh I have a swell idea I have a higher rank as well out here, his name is Corporal Anderson Nightstone he is in the grand museum. Tell him I sent you to asked about this glove and the two named people, maybe he might know who might own the glove. He's been out here many time so he has the experience, get going Daniel I don't have time to dilly around.| Daniel headed off to the grand museum in Kitty's Square.

Once he went inside Anderson saw him coming to talk to him, he knew that Melissa needed some help with something. Daniel spoke to him about the strange glove and the names it had on it, Anderson chuckled under his breath playfully. He knew she'd been tricked by him with the two names, Kelpie is know for using this tactic to get away easily from the police out here.

|Well I think she fell for his little trick with the two names, the truth is Marcus Kelpie is Zakariyya Kelpie the evil scientist that steals thing for his work. Melissa should have caught on to his trick sooner, yet she is new to Feline's court so I shall give her some slack. Tell her that he is located in the last clock tower in the middle of the street, I bet he's been hiding there all along since he dropped the glove off. Go tell her what I told you Daniel, she will learn from her mistake with this lesson. She knows that I'm one of her higher teachers she goes to, make sure you listen to everything she says ok?| Daniel went back to tell Melissa the information Anderson told him.

Once he got back to Feline's Court he gave her the news, Melissa couldn't believe she would fall for one of the oldest tricks. Well it cant be helped now they have to defeat him, once they do that they can continue on their next mission.

|Well I guess I still have a lot to learn from my Corporal, even though I am a major he still has things to teach me. However I do know one thing that we have to do now Daniel, you are going to have to defeat him to stop his antics. Once you defeat him come back to me to go to another location, at least I will have something off my mine for now. So Daniel you want to get on my good side? Then I advise you to defeat him for this place to be protected, then I might change my mind about you.| Daniel went off to do the final mission of this place.

Once he found the tower he went inside to face Zakariyya in his tower, he was ready to fight him this time around. Yet Daniel had to be careful he was tougher than the last time they fought, so he will take his brigade with him into battle. This slashmen was quite terrifying with all of his moves, Daniel really had to dodge him so he didn't take a hit. Chun-Hu was able to land a couple of hits on him with his speed, yet in order to beat him his crew was going to have to work together. Jeanne was able to get a good hits in with her marksmen's eye, the Armada slashmen was also able to hit him as well. With their effort they were able to weaken him for Daniel, remember leadsmen are not good when it comes to high critical enemies. Daniel delivered the final hits on him that moment, yet this time he got away from him again. I think Anderson might know where he is going to now, perhaps Melissa might know this as well.

|Oh, he got away again? Oh don't worry he is heading to his laboratory not far from here, he plans to make something to protect his boss Mr.Dobermen. Whatever it is it might not be good for all of us here, don't worry we will get him in his lab very soon. I have to admit you did well Daniel for this time, you will have your work cut out for the next battle ahead of you. Just because you did good doesn't mean you should relax, this mad scientist is quite tough if you get overconfident. I've faced him before when I was with my higher up Anderson Nightstone, and this time I shall be your higher up in the place were about to do. I wish we could start now however we'll get ambushed if we did it at night, so get some rest for our big mission tomorrow. Your only this place until we find the hideout of Mr.Dobermen, I hope we are able to defeat him to bring peace here.| Daniel left the area to rest for tonight.

Patrick closed the diary ready to go to sleep for the night, these adventures can really take a toll on you when you read them. Whatever is to happen in the next chapter we might not know, perhaps waiting will show us the location of Mr.Dobermen.    
This will be the second place before you do Zakariyya's Laboratory dungeon. Please leave a review i would be grateful
Mlima Winter Look by dreammaker123
Mlima Winter Look
As you see here Mlima looks quite surprised at something at the distance, she almost look pure white since she rules over the Frostlands  ruled by Nguvu.  However if you looked really closely you can see a tiny hint of grey on his fur and tail, and the tiny bit of pick on her nose and ears . Although she is a lioness she can be a great at hide n seek game when its winter time, living from atop the glacier's rock you can see the ice world from a far. Despite being an ice lion she cant get a bit snippy at you easily, and she can also be a bit of a trickster that loves to play tricks on people. Just don't believe that she is a perfect little angel, read the chapters of her story and you will see.

Lineart by :iconred-cayenne:

where to find it…
Marine101 Arc 2 part 2: Felindon

April, 22 1800 Felindon

             Episode 5: Prison Break! in the depths of Stonebridge Prison

It was early dawn Daniel was up ready to meet with Author Abyssinian, this was going to be a tough task for them today. He needed to go to Jesters Place to meet up with his detective companion, once there he went to Author to get started on his mission here.

|Oh so your the young marine Xavier sent? Oh jolly good now we have a good chance of stopping them now, well lets get down to business we have no time to lose here. This is bad for us right now if we don't stop them, I've over heard that they have freed Mr.Dobermen from his cell he was in. Oh one of the higher ranked marines tried to stop him, but even she was push back by his sheer force of his men. Thank goodness she was ok during that little scuffle she had, I heard that Major Stormwraith is in Feline's Court doing some work of her own. Her friend Corporal Nightstone has also been working here as well, he might be at the Royal Museum near St.Ragdoll's Tower making sure they nothing gets stolen. Well enough about that we have to get to the prison and fast, my men are trying there best to stop them from freeing theme. Its time for you to go in that place now Daniel, quickly my friend we have no time to lose!| Daniel quickly went into prison to stop them from freeing Mr.Dobermen.

However it seems like they have already freed him by the looks, going into the streets he walked until he found Mr.Dobermen standing happily. Yet he wasn't alone at the time I can tell you that, Daniel's eyes widen to see Steel Jack standing along side him.

|Steel Jack, don't you move a muscle! I'm come with a letter from the king for your arrest, this time you wont be getting away from me. That goes for you to Mr.Dobermen as well, your going back into your cell this instant!| Daniel shouted as he came down to reach them.

Mr.Dobermen felt insulted that this little marine could arrest him, however he wasn't that stupid to try to challenge him as well. He noticed that his men were taken down by this little marine, so for the meantime he shall have some fun with him.

|Oh, arrest me? Your quite the confident little one I see, well I'm afraid that you have no idea who your dealing with here. I'm known for my great crime that I've done around these parts, and to think this little bitty-----| He was sharply cut short by Daniel not having time for his little chat.

|Mr.Dobermen I already know about your deeds here buddy, so I would love to talk to Steel Jack at the moment. Jack don't make it hard on yourself I already have two higher ranks here, do yourself a favor and tell me where the girl is. I don't want to get rid of you quickly, but if I have to then that is a mission I shall do.| Daniel didn't look afraid this time around.

Mr.Dobermen looked at Steel Jack with a twinkle in his eye, he didn't realize he was a criminal also on the run. Steel Jack looked at Daniel with a smirk to his face, he didn't think he would make it this far out here. He slowly clapped his hands softly as he looked down, he didn't underestimated him so secretly from his sight.

|Daniel I seem to have underestimated you for a sheer moment, you really think you can defeat us all by yourself? I'm afraid you are so blind about who you face so far, I will never be going back to that prison Daniel. We shall meet again once we have a little conversation, for the mean time my friends shall have a good time with you.| As the two villains left the area, more baddies came to join them.

Daniel didn't like these guys this from his stand point now, he knew for a fact they were used to hold them off until they escaped. Daniel and his bridge will have to fight them even if they didn't want to, by now they were at the end of the street ready to leave. They quickly battled the minions until they reached the end of the street, they found a lone clock tower it could be the place they are hiding inside. Going in they found them standing at the end of the room, yet they weren't alone in the room as they thought. They had one more minion for them to deal with, and this meant Mr.Dobermen could make his escape easily.

|Oh I sorry that we had to end our little cat and mouse game, but I have other things to deal with now. Even if you defeat him you still wont be able to stop us, you are just not quick enough to catch up to our plans. I would love to see you destroyed by my men, however I don't have another engagement I must attend to...toddles!| Daniel saw the leave the area as a strong minion appeared.

This wasn't good the good news they were going to have to tell, they tried everything to capture them however it was too late. They managed to defeat the minion yet Mr.Dobermen is out free now to cause more chaos, now they have to tell Author the bad new from the prison. Once they got to Abyssinian he knew something didn't go well, however he was glad they were able to defeat the other minions there.

|This wasn't the news I was hoping for my friends, it seems that the O'Bradly gang has really gotten sneaker since we last fought them. But its this Steel Jack person who gets me the most pit worried, I see that you are after him for a kidnapping in Seala. If they are working together this doesn't bode well for us, however I suspect someone is doing some dirty work in Feline's Court causing more trouble. Major Stormwraith is in there right now trying to clean up the place, she could really use your help out there. However it's already four o'clock out here now, it gets late out here in Felindon so you might want to get your rest my friend.| Leaving the area Daniel was quite tired from the battle.

Patrick closed the book to finish his homework for tonight, things were looking quite good in the diary. Things might be getting rough for a little friends, perhaps waiting might be the best solution.  
This is the part two of Felindon when you leave Nipper's Station and go to Jesters Place to start new missions. Please leave a review I would really appreciate it greatly
Marine101 Arc2 part 1 final: Felindon

April 20, 1800 Felindon

                Episode 4: Danger Awaits! Welcome to the Steel District

Daniel got up feeling better after his bruise healed, now with this he will be able to continue on his mission Xavier will give him. The Steel District isn't the safest part of the city, nor that is something you should overlook with ease. Once he got there it was time to get started now, Xavier knew that they had to stop the jail break fast.

|Good, you've made it! William Terrier is already in the Steel District I've heard, its best for you to get going to meet him there. Be careful that place is not the safest part of our town, there can be many traps waiting for you there I can tell you that. Oh make sure you defeat Rodger O'Bradly there as well, once he's gone maybe we can stop the jail break he's about to do. Mr.Dobermen is a terrible man if you don't know quite yet, if he gets out who knows what troubles he can cause. I've know you have only did much here my friend, but we have to get tougher right now! Go to the Steel District and Rodger from freeing Mr.Dobermen, however like always go to Janet Bengal to get a ticket first| Daniel left the area heading to the ticket booth.

Once he got the ticket he went to the Steel District, this place was quite dark by its gloomy appearance. Daniel must keep his eyes open for any dangers out here, I know for a fact that ambushes are done the most here. Once he reached the middle platform he found William Terrier, he was quite thankful that he was able to reach him. However now wasn't the time to catch up I'm afraid, the door that they needed to get through needs a key. It looks like it wont be easy getting it either, they might have to fight to collect the key from someone.

|Good you've made it here to the Steel District, there has been many things happening in this place lately that's got me worried. That door over there is the first place we need to get through, yet its locked I cant help you if we don't have the key to it. Say I saw a couple of O'Bradly Tricksters take off with something shiny, so you might have to defeat a few until you find the key to the door.| Daniel hated fighting the O'Bradly minions every time.

Yet in order to open the door he had no other choice in doing so, they were everywhere it would be hard to started with just one. Well after a fight with a couple of them he manage to find the key, going back to the door Daniel opened to see what he would find. Unfortunately to his surprise there was another lock to undo, so he went back to William to see what he knows about these locks.

|Oh there it seems that Rodger has added more security here, these chimney locks need a combination in order to get by them. Say I have an idea in getting this door unlocked friend, Rodgers cousin Larry O'Bradly lives at the end of the street from here. He holds the combination to unlock this door in front of us, defeat him so you can get the combination to unlock this thing. Once you do that I'll meet you on the other side when your done, just be careful Larry quite tough to beat I heard so you might need your crew with this one.| Daniel took his brigade to fight Larry in his tower.

Finding is tower they went inside to get the combination, however he wasn't going to be getting it nicely I afraid. Daniel doesn't do so well with this type of fighter, the slashmen do more damage than he can. Luckily Chun-Hu can match them speed for speed in battle, lets just hope they come out on top in this battle without a scratch. After a few minutes of getting pummeled they defeat him, his crew looked worse for wear when the battle was over. Luckily he had tonic for them to drink to keep them in good strength, looking at the combination he went back to William to unlock the gate. Finally at least something was going right for them so far, yet they weren't done yet with the Steel District. William whispered to him to come over her to see something, by the look on his face this had to be urgent indeed.

|I just saw Rodger O'Bradly taking some plans from his hideout, they must be for something I presume. If I could get a look at them I could tell you something, hey Daniel can you do a favor for me now? I see the plans down there in the factory, do you mind if you can go get them for me? Once I have them I going to see what they are about, careful now he has his men down there waiting to ambush you if your not cautious.| Daniel snuck into the factory not to get spotted.

Once he saw the plains on the table he snuck back out, it was a little bit hard to do with so many O'Bradlys around. William Terrier retrieved the blueprint from the factory, it Williams hunch was quite right from the get go. They were trying to break someone out of prison, who it is we don't know at the time.

|Hmm it seems they are trying to break someone out of jail, who ever it is we'll be in big trouble if it happens. We've got to stop Rodger O'Bradly from causing anymore trouble here, don't worry I got a plan that can get us to Rodger in no time. Rodger's secret spot in the factory here, go up the stairway and see if you can get inside his spot. We cant let him break this person out you know, don't worry this should work out to my advantage. Got it?| Going up he got the secret code to unlock his chambers with.

William knows Tracy O'Bradly well he on his side, he also snoops for things that this devious gang does. Lucky for William he was able to get the code in no time, now that he does Daniel took his bridge with him to battle Rodger. Opening the door Rodger was quite surprised that someone was able to get up here, yet that didn't stop him from fighting Daniel.

|Oh I got to admit for a marine you quite slippery, but this is where you meet your end buddy. No one stopping my plans from going into effect, lets get him boys!| Daniel was ready for a tough battle.

The other bridge members handled the lesser minions in battle, leaving Daniel to take on Rodger O'Bradly himself. Right of the bat Daniel took lighting hits, despite Rodgers size he was a fencer...a dangerous one to be exact. Daniel hasn't take on a fencer before in his battles, I can tell you know its going to be really tough for him. Fencers have great armor piercing when in battle, there critical attacks can easily take out Daniel with a shot. However for the most part he was doing quite well against him, despite that damage fencers have the worst defense of the three classes. So as long as Daniel can keep a safe distance from him he can do well, after a good twenty minutes of battle he was able to beat Rodger with a small scratch to his leg. Unfortunately even though he beat him doesn't mean his work is done, it appears that Rodger has already did something in Stonebridge Prison.

|Yea you may have defeat me in my domain little marine, but I'm afraid your too late I've already called my boys about the raid. Have fun going on an adventure in Stonebridge Prison now...Heheheheeh.| This wasn't eh best news they were all hoping for.

Going back to William Terrier he had to tell him the bad news, this was troubling for him to here this. If he is breaking out someone then this cant be good, well he needs to get back to Xavier Bobtail to get the message from William.

|Well you manage to get a good thing out of bad news, with the jail break happening now were in big trouble if we don't do something. I cant be any more help you here Daniel, go to Xavier now and tell him the news. He may not be happy about getting a bit of bad, yet at least Rodger is out of the way| Daniel quickly left the Steel District.

Meeting with Xavier he knew that this wasn't good news one bit, luckily he has more friends in high places like this. I think it's time to go to Stonebridge Prison to do some cleaning up, at least this will ease the mind of the detective here.

|Well this may not be the news we wanted from the beginning, however we were able to stop Rodger O'Bradly from causing trouble in the Steel District. Now we need to get down to business pronto my friend, William doesn't know who they are breaking out...but I have a feeling I know who. If my hunch is correct they might be breaking out Mr.Dobermen himself now, I would sent you up there now to fight his men. Yet you have no idea how terrible those guys are in the dark, you might want to rest up for your next place my friend. I ensure you tomorrow you will meet a friend of mine, his name is Author Abyssinian he will be in Jesters Place where the prison is located. Yet for now get some rest you will need all the help you can get, getting hurt is not a good think if your battling.| Daniel left the area tor rest up.

Patrick saw his father Jonathan come inside his room happily, his son was really getting into the diary of his great great fore father.

|Patrick your almost done with the second arc I see, it seems that you have really gotten hooked by this thing. That's only the first part of the second arc my son, you can read the next part tomorrow its night time. Come its time for bed I don't want you getting up late for school, you will get to know more about it very soon.| Going to bed he knew that even more adventure will come, perhaps we might need to wait to see what else will come to us.  
This is the first dungeon you will enter in my game fiction! please leave a review it would be so kind
Marine101 Arc2: Felindon

April, 19 1800 Felindon

                   Episode 3: Saving William Terrier! into Anglers Court

Daniel was going to meet up with Xavier Bobtail again this morning, this time he has a new mission for him today involving a new place. Arriving at Nippers Station Xavier saw Daniel coming up on time, now with him here they could get down to business with the rescue.

|Ah, Daniel! So good of you to make it here this morning, now lets get down to the task that is ahead of us now. Since you've did somewhat good in Clawed park we can try again, if William Terrier was taken I suspect he might be in Anglers Court. I heard that someone has been building Dark Clockworks to cause havoc, we have to save William in order to get the information about the O'Bradly gang. There is a young lady named Angelica Burmese, she always keeps a lookout when something is happening. She has claimed to see William being taken by those dark machines, I have a feeling that he's in a clock tower in that area. Angelica Burmese will be waiting for you in Anglers Court, however go to the ticket master Janet Bengal to get a ticket.| Daniel headed off to the ticket booth to get a ticket.

Once he did he went to Anglers Court going to meet Angelica, well she saw him coming up form a distance. She was quite happy to see a new face out here in Anglers Court, yet she didn't stay away form the face that they needed help out here.

|Welcome young one I see that Xavier sent a marine here, its about time we did something about the O'Bradly gang. They have been terrorizing the neighborhood with these golems they made, its quite frightening to know what happens if they try to concur us. I heard your looking for William Terrier, well I don't know if I can help you much at this spot. Yet I saw him being taken by those golems into that clock tower, he might be there if you go and take a good check for me. Be careful now anything could be inside that tower, I just hope no one inside ambushes you in their.| Daniel went to investigate the strange clock tower near by.

As he went the knocked on the door he heard a voice coming, it said to him: "Password? No password, no entry!" This was quite odd that you would need a password here now, yet he might need to return to Angelica Burmese to see what she can do.

|Oh, you need a password to enter? My heavens! I didn't know those guys would get defensive now, well I knew something wasn't right about that place. I'm afraid that I cant help you get the password dear, however I know someone who can do this for you. His name is James Rex love, you'll find him near the side of the tower you were at. Be careful he can be a bit harsh to new comers arrival, before you speak to him tell him I sent you for help with the password. Good luck, love!| Daniel leaves Angelica to find this James Rex person.

Finding him he saw that he was quite intimidating at first, yet it cleared up soon once he told him about Angelica Burmese. He listened carefully about how to get the password, and believe me it wasn't easy to do at all.

|Yes I do associate with the O'Bradly gang thank you very much, but that mad crazy one Charles O'Bradly is just plan nuts! He constantly changes the password every time just to make sure its save, go to his clock tower and defeat him before he changes it again. Then I can help you save your friend William, at least that crazy loon Charles will be taken care of.| Daniel went to find the hideout of Charles O'Bradly.

It was located at the end of the street down south from here, walking trying to avoid getting caught in a unnecessary battle Daniel made it there. His men were ready to get the password from Charles, entering inside they saw a piece of paper on the ground. This had to be the password to the tower, however Charles wasn't giving up the password one bit I'm afraid. He has his boys ready for a fight with Daniel now, Daniel saw the henchmen attacking his group left and right. However Daniel was able to win this battle despite the scratch on his face, once he got the paper he went back to James Rex to tell him the news.

|Oh so you got the password good let me see the paper, hmm it appears that this isn't the full password that you got from here. Don't worry I know another place to look for the second part, go to Maxwell O'Bradly he is in a tower on the other side od the street. You might want to be careful he can be a brute, his attacks will do greater harm than what Charles did. All I can say to you now is good luck in your battle with him, once you get the second piece come back to me with it. Then when that is finish take it to Angelica Burmese to enter the tower, get going we don't have much time to wait here you know.| Daniel left quickly to get the job done.

It wasn't long before he found Maxwell's clock tower, this wasn't going to be an easy battle to deal with. Going inside it seems that Maxwell was already ready for him, he had tons of men fighting with him now. However Chun-Hu stated if they take Maxwell out they can get the password easily, so working together they managed to defeat him although Daniel got hurt good in the process. Although it was a bruise he will have to get it checked out first, so Chun-Hu took over the password job for him now.

|Oh so you retrieved the password then? I saw Daniel coming from the area a second ago, you shouldn't worry that bruise he has will heal with rest. Now that you have the password take it to Angelica for me, tell her that this will open the door to the clock tower. Thanks for your service you marines do have our interest in heart, do come again to Anglers Court.| Daniel wasn't going to let a little bruise harm him now.

Going to Angelica Burmese they finally completed the password, she was quite delighted that James Rex would help them out. However there was one final part to their mission here, William Terrier needed their help pronto right now.

|Oh you have the password? Oh this is great news love now we can free William now, quickly get to that clock tower and use the password. Once inside save William from those nasty things, he will give you information then.| Going to the clock tower they gave the password to unlock the door.

There were two more of those dark golems guarding William Terrier, with a couple of hits they manage to defeat them and free Terrier from his captors.

|Oh thank heavens someone was able to save me from those things, I honestly thought that this was it for this old dog. Well I don't have information about the O'Bradly gang you want to hear, yet lets meet somewhere secretive shall we? I'll be at Xavier's house in Persian's Square ready to talk to him, for the mean time I shall be going I don't want to get caught again.| William left the area quickly as he didn't want to get spotted. Daniel went back to Angelica to tell her the good news, she was happy that he was freed from those things.

|Oh well done now that he's freed we don't have to worry about that, oh I can thank you enough for helping us out in Anglers Court love. Blimey you better get back to Xavier and tell him the good news about the street, oh and one more thing before you leave hear...tell him I said...hello| Daniel smiled a bit as his face turned a bit red. However let keep back with the mission here.

Going back to Nipper's Station went to Xavier giving him the news, the Angelica part made him blush a bit under the collar. However he kept his cool telling him the good work he has done, with this they can get the information from William Terrier.

|Well done, young marine! I must say you could make a good detective out here in Felindon if I do say so, now that he's free we can get down to the important part. William Terrier is at my house right now, meet me their to get the information and your next mission.| Following Xavier they went to his house to speak to William. What he had to say was shocking and quite disturbing indeed.

|Well I might not know what going on in Felindon fellas, but I do know that someone is trying to do a jail break in Feral Prison. If I could place a bet I would tell you that its to free Mr.Dobermen, however you need to get the plans to understand where to commit the crime. I heard that Rodger O'Bradly has the plans in the Steel District in Nippers Station, I want to warn you that place isn't the nicest town I say. You going to need some help getting through it, tomorrow after your bruise heals we can get through| Agreeing Daniel rested up for tonight to heal up.

Patrick closed the book getting back to his homework, the marine academy is starting to get his interest up more and more. Yet it is still too foggy for us to continue on, perhaps waiting might be the best solution
Well people this is the chapter before you do the first dungeon in my game fiction. Please leave a review I would love to get feedback
Well people, I'm starting my first year at my new high school so I wont be on for so long. Don't worry I will be still type like I always do. Monday the first day of school
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