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Marie101 Wraith of the Pirate King Arc 2: Hartugal

March 11, 1815

           Episode 5: Quick thinking! Into the streets of Alcântara

Anthony was already up ready to do some work in Alcântara, this isn't going to be easy since this place had a lot of security measures. Yet with a little help they can get through this place together, finally reaching the spot where Ermenegildo Haresjumper was they can get right down to business out here. This place has complicated stuff out here so Anthony better list to Ermenegildo Haresjumper well, he knows this place like the back of his hand since he was born here. However there wasn't enough time for sight seeing they need to get started, and Ermenegildo really wanted to get this place cleaned up well.

|Well it's good to see you've made it out here for your going to be working, this place has a lever system that requires you to solve puzzles before pulling the lever. It isn't easy but we made this to keep pirates out here greatly, yet it seems like they have opened them and are hiding in the towers that have each lever code my friend. Your going to have to enter those towers to defeat them, however to do that you need a jeweled key for each of the towers. The thing is that we don't know which key opens which towers since they have the same gem, but they do have color markings like black, silver and gold my friend. Yet we wont be getting them until we fight some baddies first hand, well I'm going to tell you now your not going to find it on one group of them. There is about three groups of baddies in each section, meaning your going to have to get your hands a bitt dirty in battles. Oh be careful majority of the baddies here are swashbucklers so make sure you have your brigade, trust me getting injured against these guys will be your downfall. I suggest you get start on fighting the enemies down the street from here, it will allow you to fight them all to find the key. Once we've cleared all the levers we'll be able to face Oscar Wright at last, but don't think he's easy for one second this guy is nothing to sneeze at one bit. But I think you better start on those baddies first, besides we need the key to the first tower.| Nodding Anthony went off to fight some people.

This wasn't going to be easy at all for him right now, fighting one group of monster is easy but fighting three makes things a bit tougher. He finally reached the spot where the group of pirates were at the time, knowing that most were swashbucklers he had to be very careful about their armor piercing. Yet with his little group they surely could get things done easily...they hoped. After a good twenty five minutes he finally got a key from one of the pirates here, it looked like the black key that Ermenegildo spoke of. He didn't know what order the keys went to so he went back to Ermenegildo to give it to, once he gave it to him Ermenegildo examined it to see if it was the first key.

|Hmm I see that this the first key that you gotten me here, however I don't know that it will open the first tower Anthony. Yet it wouldn't hurt to give it a try besides we don't know the order they go in, however don't just think your going to get the answers to the puzzle for the first section without a fight. Trust me they wont be giving you those clues very easily, however what do you expect from a pirate other than to fight. They wont take kindly to someone trying to get in, once you defeat them the puzzle should appear somewhere in the building in front of you. Once you comeback here go to the lever that separate section one from section two, but I must remind you that in order to open it the puzzle must be put in complete order. Just don't go pressing buttons thinking that it's going to open easily, we created the system that only the correct combination works. So just put in the right combination and your be ok going into the next place, yet you want to talk to me before you do the fighting in the next section. Well you better get going your not going to get the combination by standing here, don't worry I'll make sure that not one will give you a tough time as you get there.| Anthony nodded slowly as he listened to his instructions.

The first tower wasn't far from here so he wont be walking that much, but that doesn't mean the battles wont be so nice to him. Pirates will give you an tough time even if your in the first world, but you do what you have to when your a young marine. Once he reached the tower he breath slowly to get himself ready, going inside he noticed that they were already set for him. This for a young marine is something your enemy wouldn't have did that moment, however he better get used to it and start fighting these guys. He needs that combination and they wont be giving it to him easily, after a good twenty minutes he defeated them with a few cuts here and there. The combination came in the room quickly so he got a piece of paper to write it down, hey marines carry everything they need on missions. Once he got out the building he went straight for the lever, putting in the combination in the correct order he pulled the lever and the section opened for them. Now that this place is cleared they can get to the second section, yet the second one is going to be a bit harder than the firs one. Ermenegildo stood right besides him ready to give the next set of instructions for him to follow, there are baddies out here but only one group is carrying the key.

|Well done you've cleared the first section greatly however it gets tough now, there are about four groups of pirates out here so there will be some work. Only one person in the groups has the key buddy so your going to do some fighting, it's going to get a bit rough but I know that a young marine like you can handle it. Once you get the key you will be able to get to the next tower, yet like always you have to be careful out here with the sneak attacks. I see them not far from here so your going to have to work quickly, I don't want to boss to be on to us right now. I'll make things short this time so we can get the key, don't worry nobodies going to hurt you while I keep watch.| Anthony set off to find the second key.

The second section was a bit bigger than the first so it's easy to get lost, however once he saw the baddies he knew that it was mostly swashbucklers. This gotten a lot harder since these guys have high attack power, yet there was not time for him to waste just thinking. Going to each group he was going to get a good bit of scratches, so he better get started righting if he wants that key. After a good thirty minutes he finally got the key from them, from the looks this might be the silver key he was after this time around. Now that he has the key it's time to head back to Ermenegildo, the second section has a puzzle as well but it's a bit harder than the last one. Ermenegildo saw Anthony with the silver key in his hand, now with the silver key they can head to the next tower. But like always Anthony has to listen to Ermenegildo, this sections lever had a much difficult puzzle to solve.

|Great you've got the key now we can go to the next tower down the street, yet be careful like always they wont be parting with the puzzle combination easily. Expect to get roughed up a bit since the swashbucklers are their too, yet young marines have some prep in your step so your going to do good. Once you defeat them come back to the lever your going to have your work cut for you this time, there are about eight panels on this puzzle so write that combination down as soon as you see it. Remember you have to put this in the correct order to make the lever open the gate, oh with the second section comes there is also a trick with this one. You see thee is a tiny lever in front of the panels as you see right there quietly. You have to pull that lever down first to put in the first four, then you must pull it up to put in the last four of the puzzle combination. We created this specifically to confuse people and keeping them out of here, I must admit it did pretty well before those pirates caused us trouble. Yet once we get passed this the hardest one shall be waiting for us, however we wont be doing anything if your just standing there. Go get the puzzle from those goons and come back safely, don't worry I'll make sure nobody harms you.| Nodding Anthony left to get that combination.

Although he wishes that they didn't have these sections he had to do it, this place was quite difficult yet you have your reasons to keep pirates out. Once he reached the place the tower look somewhat safe to enter without trouble, but the lessons from his instructor always say when you sense that you know theirs trouble. Going inside they were pirates guarding the puzzle combination, from the looks of them they were a mix of musketeers and buccaneers. This wasn't going to be easy for him and his school one bit, with the buccaneers this was going to be one long battle he knew it. After a good thirty minutes he final defeated them all, writing the puzzle down he quickly went back to the lever. Pulling the small lever he put in the first part of the combination, the letting it up he put in the last part of it. Pulling the big lever the door opened going to the third and final section, luckily they wont have to do any fighting out here at all. You see Ermenegildo's good buddy was able to keep the gold key safe, he came out and gave it to him when he saw the marine coming. Now this this over he can use the last lever here to get to Oscar Wright, yet doing this is going to be a bit tricky indeed.

|Now that we have the key we can go to the last tower. be careful they will not do anything you say nicely. Once you defeat them write down the combination so you can use it greatly, there are sixteen panels on here so it's going to be a lot harder now. Remember the small lever it's back along with three others, the big lever is in the middle of them. Pull them from last to first as you put in the puzzle, don't forget to let it down to put in the next one. Once you open the section Oscar Wright will be your only worry then, yet be careful about him he'll do anything to win so you better come prepared. Focus on his men first to make the battle a bit easier for you, once his men are gone his tricks wont work very well for him. Yet focus on the last tower first we don't want to rush things now, when you defeat the pirates put the combination in and go straight to Oscar Wright, don't worry I'll make sure no one tries to give you any grief.| Anthony scurried off to the last tower quickly.

The tower wasn't far so at least he doesn't have to walk a lot, reaching the place it seems like no one was there at the time. Yet when he went inside he nearly go bombarded by musket fire, luckily he moved right out the way before he could get hit by them. It seems like they will be hard as well so he needs to get started, after a good twenty nine minutes he finally defeated them all and got the combination. Writing it down he went to the lever and did the correct order of the puzzle, pulling the large lever the section opened to where Oscar Wright was. Going to his place he snuck inside to see where he was at the time, luckily he dodge him before he could get hit by his attack. Oscar Wright didn't take to kindly to Anthony finding him out here this fast, with his mean he was pretty formidable to deal with. Yet with a little elbow grease they will be able to get past them all, after a good thirty minutes Oscar Wright was finally defeated at last. This place can have some peace knowing that he's gone, Anthony looked a bit worse for wear with all of those scratches on him. Ermenegildo was happy now that Oscar wont do any more damage to them out here, but I do know that Peter Slash wont be pleased one bit about this.

|Thanks for all of your help out here in this place, the guards will now keep this place heavily locked so no pirates get inside the place. Now with this place cleaned up we can finally deal with this Peter Slash person, I know that he will not be pleased about this little thing we've done. Yet he will probably be trying to find the girl he lost, oh you didn't here the girl got away from him and is looking for you guys. I think she is with my relatives that live a few blocks down from my street, I'll tell your higher ups about this so they can send her out of this place fast. When he does find out he wont be happy with any of us very soon, but as long as you drive him out we'll be happy. I think one of your higher ranks is in the street of Mouraria, however I wont send you there just yet you need to heal up. There is a rest area out here where you can sleep for the night, tomorrow you will be able to help her out in that place...oh and thanks again for helping out clear this place up.| Thanking him for his kindness Anthony was finally able to rest after a long days work.

Patrick closed the book on a long chapter as he went to bed, what will happen to Anthony is yet to be seen...perhaps the fog will clear allowing us to see more.
Marine101: Wraith of the Pirate King
First dungeon of the game fiction
Baby Zuberi by dreammaker123
Baby Zuberi
This is Zuberi as little baby at the time of his birth, he is the daughter of Queen Mlima of the Ice Pride and King Mbwana of the Northern Forest Pride. Although she had feeling for Kuwinda he didn't want to be a king and sadly left the Frostlands, this left Mlima broken hearted for a while yet her mother comforted her during that time. A some months later she met another lion by the name of Mbwana a traveler from another pride, at this particular time her sister Raziya still at the glacier even though she is a adolescent.

 The two lions decided to talk to him for a day your two, they seen each other about once a month secretly well her mother knows about this. Then after a some months they started to see each other more often, this also got attention from his family as well from his parents not knowing where he was. When they find out they saw that there was a pride out here in these parts, from the looks of things they have been seeing each other for about a year now and their love has grown for each other. The families decided that it would be best for them to marry as one, Mbwana wanted to take Mlima to his lands where she can be his queen. Although she was scared he promised her that the winters there can be a bit chilly so it will be comforting to know that, Mlima said goodbye to her family and left for the Northern Forest. Once they got there the ceremony began with a great celebration, finally the kings has his queen at last.

Some month later they welcomed their newborn son, his name was Zuberi

Lineart by :iconlittlekirara:

where to find it…
Marine101 Wrath of the Pirate King Arc 2: Hartugal

March 10, 1815 Hartugal

                       Episode 4: Trouble brewing! In Belém

Anthony was already up in Belém walking slowly with caution, this had the be one of the most dangerous places out here. Trust me walking down the street he felt very uneasy as a scared rabbit looking into lights, yet maybe getting to Ermenegildo Haresjumper might help him ease down a bit from his nerves. Once he saw him he started to sigh with a little bit of relief, at least he knew he close to him without being scared to dead. Reaching Ermenegildo Haresjumper he knew that Anthony was scared a little bit, but he couldn't blame him this street is so dangerous you can get hurt easily out here.

|Hello I'm happy that someone has come to help us out in my area, I see my brother has met you too thanks for helping him out back there. My name is Ermenegildo Haresjumper yet I believe you already know that by now, but we have more troubles to worry about than worrying about introductions. Belém she has become ever more dangerous each day as I see it, these pirates have really turned things here for the worse and I don't know what to do. Their leader is somewhere controlling everything from a secret place, his location is yet to be discovered my friend. However I do have a feeling that the boss he is working for might been hidden in another street, so we going to have to look for clues to find out who in charge here. Yet let's focus on my street first trust me it's gotten hectic each day, let's get started on finding those clues the sooner were done the better. I saw some Shadow Fighters a few blocks from here, they aren't anything to sneeze at those guys will destroy you if your not prepared. Go fight some of them they might be holding something we can used, if you do find something come back to me I'll have a look at it.| Anthony left to find some Shadow Fighters.

These foxes weren't anything to joke with when it comes to fighting, they like to hid in the shadows and wait for their prey. Anthony was going to find that out really soon as he took on more step, he quickly moved to the side as he heard some one step on the ground. They were finally here from their eyes they were ready for a fight, Anthony didn't like swashbuckler monster so well they were his least favorite to fight. However there was no time for him to complain about fighting, there was no avoiding it where he liked it or not sadly. After a good twenty minutes he finally defeated them. He found a strange paper on them that caught his eye quickly, going back to Ermenegildo he gave the strange paper to him for him to examine. Little did he know that this paper was a map to some other street, this was gone of the best clues he's gotten so far for the moment. Yet there was still work to be done out here still, finding the leader out here was still on their list even if they got the map.

|Hmm what you've given me seems to be the map of Alcântara, that's where most of the gems own by the king and queen reside. I have a feeling that the leader is telling someone to ship things there, I also have a feeling that Steel Jack wants to trade things for weapons for some friends he has. That cant be good for any of us if they are planning that, were going to have to stop them to bring the shipping to a holt there. Yet first we have to figure out who is in charge out here, there are a brunch of fox fighters I don't know what types they are so your going to have to be careful. They are a few blocks from here so make sure you have your brigade present, if you happen to find anything on them come back to me quickly I'll have a good look at it. If we find the leaders name we can get to his place and stop the shipment of gems, well you better get going they aren't going to fight themselves.| nodding Anthony went to find some foxes lurking around here.

Anthony took some good nicks and cuts from his good time of battling, however this is going to be a bit tougher knowing that he going to have to fight some Foxes again. This time he doesn't know what he's going to get so he needs to watch out, once he found them he got a mix bag of buccaneers, musketeers, and swashbucklers. This is going to take a while so he needed to get prepare, knowing the swashbuckler attacks he is going to have to be very careful in this fight. After a good twenty five minutes he finally defeated them all, he found a note that probably was meant for someone out here. Going back to where Ermenegildo was standing he gave him the note, with a big smile on his face he knew who was causing trouble out here in the streets...he also got the name of who was controlling everything from the other street as well.

|Great job, Anthony! We've finally got the names of the people who are controlling things out here, in Alcântara Oscar Wright is the fox in charge of everything the men are doing. If we stop the shipment of gems there we might be able to stop him, his hideout might be hidden by of our good security there. Yet getting through it will be challenging so your going to need my help to navigate through the place, when he is out of the way the streets can finally get some peace knowing he's gone. However let's focus on this street first it needs as much help as does Alcântara, the person taking orders from him is Larry Fox he that buccaneer that keeps popping up here now and again. He's shipping the gems to that place for Peter Slash to receive, I guess he trying to get stuff for his pirate buddies to trade across the spiral. Yet little does he know we've already figured this out before he can react to it, now we have to stop the shipment before they leave this place today. Anthony you going to have to get a bit tough with this guy, yes he's in your leadsmen school but that doesn't mean he isn't beatable. Go fight him were not going to stop the shipment by just standing here, don't worry I will be here at this spot when you come back here.| Nodding Anthony went to find Larry Fox.

Walking down the street he was told that his hideout isn't far from here, Larry was hidden in a building at the end of the street. Once he got their ne knew it was a bit too quiet for his taste, going inside they were already prepared to fight him greatly. Although he could live without getting another cut he had to fight him, this isn't going to be easy since he is a buccaneer. Yet there was no time for him to think about the match up of enemies it was time to do some fighting, after good twenty eight minutes he finally defeated Larry Fox with some scrapes and bruises. Going back to Ermenegildo he told him the good news about Larry, now with him gone he can breathe bit easier.

|Finally that menace is gone from out peaceful little street for good, however were not done just yet with things. We need to clear Alcântara in order to make sure the streets are clear for good, Oscar Wright will be tough to deal with so your going to need my help. Trust me Oscar will do anything to win so you better listen to what I have to say, going to fight him unprepared will bring the end of you. Alcântara will be heavily guarded by his mean so make sure your ready for a fight, however I'm not going to send you there just yet my friend. You've got a nicked a good bit and those injuries will be costly in a battle. There is a rest area here that you can sleep in tonight, it isn't a long walk from here you will heal up after a good rest buddy. Once your healed up we can start on Alcântara the next day, when you get up meet me in the street of Alcântara quickly so we can get started...oh and thank you for cleaning this pace out.| Anthony left the area to get a good night sleep.

Patrick closed the book on a good chapter before going to bed, what will happen to Anthony is yet to be seen...however the veil of secrets will disappear the next time around.  
Marine101: Wraith of the Pirate King
Last Street before the first dungeon in the game fiction
Marine101 Wraith of the Pirate King Arc 2: Hartugal

March 9, 1815 Hartugal

                Episode 3: Slash and Dash! In the streets of Baixa

Anthony was already up after a good nights rest yesterday, now that he's healed up he can start on Baixa with a bit of quickness to his step. This place didn't look so well when Peter Slash came through, it's gotten worse now that the foxes have taken over their town heavily. Today Anthony was meeting Eustaquio Haresjumper in Baixa, he needs all the help he can get from the marines now. This place has really gone to the dogs now with all these troubles, but this is what to expect when a pirate come and mess up everything that's good. Once Eustaquio saw Anthony in the distance he was quite happy, it was time to get down to business in this small little place.

|Hello there it's good to see you made it all the way out here safely by, yes my name is Eustaquio Haresjumper however we didn't come here to just talk. The foxes have destroyed everything out here and were trying to stop them, sadly its like our efforts are doing anything at all. However the foxes are the only one's we need to worry about now, there are other henchmen that are helping with the destruction as well. The head honcho in this area is probably hidden somewhere I don't know of right now, I wish we could just skip this all together and find him easily. Sadly that cant happen so fast for us so were going to have to do some work, Anthony get ready for some battle for these guys wont be so easy to deal with. Were going to need a few things to find where this leader is, yet I have the up most faith in you of fighting these guys well. First off the first clue is going to have to come from the Night Dancers not far from here, oh when I said dancers I mean full well swashbucklers my friend. They are not far from my spot so you will spot them easily, just be careful you have to be careful about the swashbucklers well. However you should have a good time with them Anthony, once you find something come back to me I shall see what you bring me.| Nodding Anthony went to find the Night Dancers.

Walking down the street he had to watch his back for any danger coming, trust me swashbucklers are know for their sneak attacks on people. Don't think that these guys wont try to harm you with their tricks, Anthony is going to find out just how dangerous these swashbucklers are. As he took one step the swashbucklers came out like a flash, Anthony got startled for a second as they approached him quickly. Luckily Chao-Xiang was able to five him some space by attacking one of them, now that he has some room he can breath a little easier knowing that he can attack now. After a good fifth teen minutes they finally defeated the Night Dancers, he found a strange medallion on them as he looked at it strangely. Going back to the location he took the medallion with him softly, maybe Eustaquio Haresjumper might know who it belongs to. Handing it to him he examined it very thoroughly with extreme precision, sadly they needed another clue this isn't going to help them that much.

|Sorry my friend I don't really know who this belongs to right now, it has the initials J.K on them and that doesn't give me much help about this. Well I guess were going to have to do some more fighting before we figure out who this is, not to fear there are a lot of baddies out here so you wont get bored one bit. The Sharp Muskets aren't far from my stand point only two blocks away, why don't you go fight some to see what you can get. Besides they have been scaring us more than the foxes have frankly, they like to have target practice on our homes and that can almost lead to disaster. However you might need to watch out they wont take kindly of you coming, your going to have to be on your toes against these guys they are musketeers. I have good faith that you can beat these guys and give me something very good, just be careful there are some hidden places they can hide in where you cant see. Yet going there first will be the only way to get the item, come back to me when you have something good then we can get down to business.| Nodding he went off to find some Sharp Muskets.

Walking down the street he felt like it wasn't going be long until they find him, soon his hunch was going to be proven corrected. He jumped as a bullet came crashing to the ground, they were here and ready for a good fight ahead. Anthony was a leadsmen but he knew full well that he wasn't invincible, just because he has armor doesn't make him a tank with musketeers. Yet there was no time for him to think he needed to get some clues from them, after a good fifth teen minutes he got a piece of paper off of them. It had a strange name to it as he looked closely, maybe Eustaquio Haresjumper might know who this person's name is. Going back to his spot Anthony gave him the piece of paper quietly, with a smile on his face Eustaquio knew who was controlling things out here.

|Great job, Anthony! Finally I know who is causing us much trouble out here, J.K is the initials for Jeffery Kane that nasty fox that comes here. He hidden in a building not far from here so you shouldn't miss it, be careful I've heard that he's a great shot so keep your distance from him a bit. I cant wait till the guy is gone it gets annoying to deal with him everyday, trust me you haven't got a clue how much trouble he has been to us. However I don't see any harm in you giving it a try against him, at least there will be one more trouble I don't have to worry about. But enough about that we need to focus on Jeffery Kane my friend, go defeat him then the streets will be clean of that little runt once and for all. Remember try to take caution when approaching him my friend, I don't want anything bad to happen to a young marine. Well you better get going buddy there is no time to wait here, I'll be right here when you defeat him so give it all you got.| Nodding Anthony went to find Jeffery Kane.

Walking down the street he felt a bit nervous even after the battles, I guess sometimes you can get scared of a good musketeer. Reaching his spot he went inside to investigate the matter, before he could take one step he was nearly hit from a musket's fire. There was no time to be cared of a musketeer for Anthony, things weren't going to be easy but it had to be done quickly before days end. After a good twenty minutes they finally defeated Jeffery Kane, yet it didn't come without it's scrapes and bruises as seen on Anthony's face. Going back to Eustaquio he was going to tell him the good news, finally something was going good for the people out here. Once Eustaquio saw Anthony he knew something good was coming towards him, yet he already knew good news was coming to him when Anthony spoke about Jeffery.

|Well done, Anthony! Finally I can sleep in peace knowing that nothing wont shoot our houses, now with them gone the street can clean up the mess they did. Jeffery is gone so that another thing we wont have to worry about now, although Peter Slash is up to no good somewhere hidden from us. But we will find that in good time let's focus on the present and defeat the baddies first, something tells me that we are going to have rough battles ahead. However for the mean time we need to focus on the next street in task, you see my brother Ermenegildo  Haresjumper live on the next street you will face. Belém she has seen her better days as there are some may foxes there, it's one of the most dangerous places in Hartugal Anthony. Oh I'm not sending you there just yet it's too dangerous to venture in your condition, a person that's injured will meet his doom their quickly. Don't worry there is a rest area in this place it two doors down from my house, you will be healed up and ready to go after a good nights sleep. Well you've better get some much needed sleep my friend you've happily earned it, oh and thank you for everything you've done out here...we appreciate it.| nodding happily Anthony left to get some rest and heal up from a long days work.

Things seemed peaceful for everyone in this part of the street, yet somewhere far off someone wasn't doing so well at all. Peter Slash had gotten new person as one of his hostages, Abigail untied herself and hid so he couldn't see her. She watched the horrors as the prisoner pleaded for his life, yet Peter Slash was merciless when it came to someone trying to free a hostage from his place. As he young man stood back he grabbed some flour and threw it in their faces heavily, this stunned them for a bit as he ran to escape the wrath of Peter Slash. Peter and his men went out to find the man who did this to them, Abigail snuck out of the place to escape to safety. One couple saw the girl that Peter Slash was keeping as prisoner, they took her in quietly so Peter wouldn't know she was gone. She would be safe here until they defeat Peter Slash out here, once he got back to the spot Peter was cleaning off blood from his sword. When he looked up the girl was gone from the spot, he didn't think that she was escape but he will find her.

-Hmm maybe I underestimated Victoria's daughter well this time, oh it doesn't matter I will find her again with more of a crushing plan. I must admit she used the person trying to free her as a distraction for me, now that she's gone I suspect that she is hiding somewhere in the houses of a family. She thinks she can do a fast one on me and hide from my sight, unfortunately she is wrong and I will prove it to her greatly. However for now I shall check the shipment of things for the Pirate King, this items are good for him to collect yet I will collect something more precious....hehehe- things were getting serious here already now.

Patrick closed the book closing his eyes very slowly, he knew the fate of the man he read about and it wasn't a happy one either. He had to go to school so he will continue the chapter another time, what will happen to Anthony is yet to be seen...perhaps the fog will clear once we are given time.
Marine101: Wraith of the Pirate King Arc 2: Hartugal

March 8, 1815 Hartugal

             Episode 2: Tricksters and Thieves! into the streets of Alfama

Anthony was already up getting ready to meat with Bartolmeu Cottonhopper, these streets were the best and danger can come at you from any direction. However with his brigade he was a little bit relieved for now, yet that doesn't mean he wont meet trouble along the way here. Bartolmeu Cottonhopper was looking around nervously as the he was waiting for someone, once he saw the marine he relaxed a bit knowing someone was coming to help out. Once Anthony got to him they could get to work on trying to clean this place up, by his voice you can tell that things were quite hectic here.

|Oh thanks heavens I thought someone wouldn't help me out here, Alfama has gotten worse ever since those foxes came to aggravate us now. Oh my apologies I didn't introduce myself I've been worried about my little street, my name is Bartolmeu Cottonhopper yet I think my friend has already told you this from the looks of things. Every since that Peter Slash came along our home has been over run with foxes, my street has taken the most damage yet I think I could be wrong about this. They are stealing everything from houses and we cant stop them by ourselves, there is someone leading these guys out here but I just don't know who it is for now. Yet with a marine I think we can find that out really quickly, first we need to find some clues to get closer to that. I recently saw some Fox Dashers walk pass here before you got here, be careful they are quite dangerous with their slash like attacks they can do. Why don't you go fight some I bet they have some clues or a piece of a clue that is, once you do that come back to me and I'll se what I can make of it. Don't worry I'll make sure those foxes don't try to ambush you out here, however you need to get going we wont get that clue by standing here thinking.| nodding Anthony went to find some Fox Dashers.

Walking down the street he kept his eyes open for any danger coming, knowing well that his father told him never to turn his back. As he took one step he heard the foxes coming out of a house not far from here, yet once they saw him they can rushing towards them quickly. Daniel had a slashmen as his new companion in his brigade, trust me this is going to help him out a lot him. As they came there was no time to get prepared or setup perhaps, they had to deal with these annoying foxes coming towards them. After a good ten minutes they finally defeated them, getting the clue they headed back to the exact spot where Bartolmeu Cottonhopper was. Giving him the clue they found out that this clue had another part to it, it was talking about a key the leading person here.

|Hmm I sense that this clue is only the first part of things, we might need a key to unlock that storage area that we have down the street. I have a feeling that the person leading these foxes is hiding there secretly, and in order to get to him you need a key to do so. The second clue might be the key itself from the looks of things, yet like always this isn't going to be easy one bit. I think his right hand man has the key and I don't know where he is located, wait I got it now his right hand man isn't a person its one of his fighters. The Armormen aren't far from my location they are watching over the place for there boss, your going to have to fight these bulky buccaneers until you find the key. Be careful now its going to take a good time for you to defeat them since they are strong, save your best attacks for the finish and you will be good to go. Once you get the key come back to me quickly Anthony, I'll tell you what to do after that so you wont get in trouble with any. However you wont be getting that key if your standing around thinking heavily, go get the key then we can continue our work on this street.| Nodding Anthony went to find the Armormen quickly.

The Armormen will be a lot tougher since Anthony is a leadsmen, once he found them they went to battle to catch them off guard a bit. The slashmen was a great help since he can pierce through their armor, well at least that's one thing Anthony was happy about when fighting these guys. After a good twenty minutes he finally got the key from the Armormen, now with that handled he went back to Bartolmeu Cottonhopper to give him the key. Now with two things down they can finally get to the leader in this area, yet they both know fighting him wasn't going to be easy one bit.

|Great you got the key now we can unlock the safe building with this, ok listen carefully Anthony I'm going to tell you about their leady Rickie. This guy is a swashbuckler so you extremely careful when fighting him, he a trickster and loves to use moves that will keep his enemies far away from him. Focus on him for he summons fighters every time you defeat one, the others will run away since you indeed are a marine. Then once he's out the way peace can come to are little place out here, but don't just think you can beat Peter Slash just because you beat his helpers. Your still a young marine that's learning about the spiral still, he can really hurt you if you come to him unprepared. From the looks of you you've got your first bit of jitters, don't worry every young marine gets them its natural. Once you adapt to your fighting class you wont have to worry about that, things will slowly fall into place for you by that time. However you wont be able to do it by just talking to me my friend we need to get to work, come back to me when he is gone that will let me not that Rickie is dealt with.| Anthony went of to find this Rickie Fox person quickly.

Bartolmeu Cottonhopper told him to look for a place with the biggest door, after a few minutes of walking he finally found that place. Once he unlocked the door his brigade went inside to explore to find Rickie Fox, it didn't take long to find him since he was with his men standing with him. They focused on Rickie since it would make the battle a bit quicker, yet that doesn't mean it wont be easy when Rickie's men help him out a bit. As the battle started Rickie trickster ways was shown heavily, he wasn't a person to be underestimated nor was he a person to be messed with. After a good fifth teen minutes Rickie was finally defeated in this place, Anthony did well despite having a few cuts an bruises on him during his battle. Now with this done he want back to Bartolmeu to tell him about the news, trust me he was relieved to know that Rickie is gone from this place.

|Great work, Anthony! You've did well on your first mission in Hartugal today, you see I told you everything will fall into place we you get used to your school. Now with Rickie gone we can get some rest knowing he wont be hurting us, finally my street can get some relaxation knowing that trouble wont come back here. However that doesn't mean your work isn't done my friend you still have places to do, the others street in danger is called Baixa its gotten worse ever since Peter Slash went through. However I'm not going to send you there now in your condition Anthony, your banged up and your enemies love to fight an injured person in your state. There is a rest area you can sleep in tonight to heal up back to good health, then at the morning you can head to Baixa to start your mission. Well thanks for helping me out here however my friend in Baixa needs help, tomorrow when you get their you will probably meet a person named Eustaquio Haresjumper. Yet for the meantime get some rest Anthony you've earned it today, and thank you so much for helping me clear the streets where I grew up in.| thanking the man for his kindness he headed for the rest area quickly to get some sleep.

Things seems a bit peaceful since the streets were cleared here, but that doesn't mean something isn't going on beyond our eyes. Peter Slash was enraged to find out that the marines are here in this area, but the person taking the blunt of the damage was Abigail herself. Peter Slash is know to do devastating things to his captors, however this time things were a bit different...but its going to get a lot worse for her.

|That lying witch! I though she said that those marines weren't going to get involved, but it serves me right for believing her in the first place. Don't worry though Abigail I have so many plans for you right now dear, however the first one is to give you a taste a pain and sorrow. Come here now! Don't think just because your a young lady doesn't mean I won't do the worst to you sweetheart, but with your mother I will give you my darkest treatment every...but I wont tell you right now. I like to get my prey scared before I do so it weakens their spirits, however I don't have time to talk now those marines will be here soon. Men tire he up so she cant move a muscle I don't want her crying for help, besides her mother will be included in this darkest treatment as well...Aahahahahah.| Something tells me Abigail is going to see how dark Peter Slash is.

Patrick closed the book as he shook feeling a cold vibe towards Peter Slash, back in those times he was ruthless and dangerous to anyone who challenged him. Going outside he rested to help ease his mind for a bit, what will happen to Anthony is yet to be determined...perhaps waiting might be out best solution.  


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