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Princess  Cassandra by dreammaker123
Princess Cassandra
Princess Cassandra

Age: 14

her bio will be written soon. All I can say is that her personality can be a bit harsh to newcomers

mermaid game by :iconazaleasdolls:

where to find it…

June 11, 1800 Seala

                Post Arc: Finding the hideout! Heading for Starabia!

Daniel got to Seala to tell Starswimmer the knew about Richard Hawkeye, Although he got away it was still good to know his goons were taken out. Grand General Starswimmer was sitting in his chair looking tense, it was almost time to fight Avery in Skull island yet they needed to focus on Starabia.

|So it seems that we've found the hiding place of the shadow five, good now that we know that we can bring them down for their crimes. Yet I do think that its too difficult for you to fight them on your own this time around, I know full well that this guys will set traps just for you. Yet there is always strength in numbers I already have higher ranks there, so you'll be in good hands when you do some missions my friend.----| Starshower looked up to see another marine coming in the office.

|Grand General, sir! There has been new developments in Starabia that you might want to here, oh I almost forgot Sergeant Jerry Stonesong giving the report. I told my higher ranked this news as well it might shock you, we've had recent reports that Captain Avery has been see in Starabia from time to time. He must be speaking with the shadow five secretly to throw us off course, luckily we got word from a villager that they have seen him near the palace of the sultan. I came back here to give this report from my higher rank Commander Oscar Dreamfeather, do you have any recommendations we should do sir?| This made Starshower stand up from his seat quickly.

|Of course I do, Sergeant Stonesong! Tell Commander Dreamfeather to up the patrols in Starabia, I cant let Avery cause trouble there like he did when I first faced him. Avery is nothing to play with he tougher than you think, make sure you also tell your other rank Sergeant Cathy Mistbloom to be on her toes as well. Once you see Avery again report back to me I'll alert you when to attack, but for now just stay low I remember Avery quite well he could catch on to us very soon...Dismissed| Saluting Sergeant Stonesong went back to Starabia.

Once that was done Daniel thought he was going to have to wait to fight soon, yet Starshower didn't want to lose an opportunity to catch Avery. Although his capture was unlikely now getting a early start would help, Daniel was already now a Corporal since his battles in many worlds so this will be a big test.

|Daniel now is the time to put your leadsmen skills to the test, I want you to go to Starabia and assist the higher ranks there. They can use all the help they can get the shadow five is the meanest group of pirates out their, we cant afford them claiming that place as their own. I've given you the orange Starstone for you to use to get to Starabia my student, it will take you at least six days to get their so you'll have your rest easily. I wish you heaven's sped on your journey my friend, we cant waits time in this matter young one so you might want to be heading for Starabia now.| Saluting Daniel headed off to Starabia.

Things look well in Seala knowing the marines protected the place, yet something dark was stirring in a far place from our eyes. Recently Captain Avery sent a letter to the shadow five, it stated that he's already been spotted so he's staying put. But he also told his students to be prepared for the final battle with Seala, for if Starabia falls they will be coming here.

Patrick closed the book on another chapter as a he left for school, what dangers await Daniel for the new world is yet to determined...perhaps waiting might be the best solution.
Marine101 Arc 5: Part 2 Final  Ambersberg

June 10, 1800 Ambersberg

            Episode 5: A showdown and a getaway! Richard Hawkeye escapes

Daniel was already up with Sergeant Swiftwillow to deal with Richard Hawkeye, this was probably be one of the biggest test he will face. Knowing full well that Richard is a swashbuckler doesn't make it easy, the harder part is that he will indeed cheat on you if you try to hit him. They were quiet so they wouldn't get spotted easily, once they were at the place they snuck in by a secret entrance. Sergeant Swiftwillow wanted to wait until everyone of his minions were gone, that way there was no way he would call for back up. Also he blocked the secret entrance so no minion would get in from there, once everyone was gone Daniel and Swiftwillow came out with their brigades in to. Richard Hawkeye looked back knowing he was in trouble, he was surprised that these marines ruined his plans once more.

|I've got to hand it to you little marines your smarter than you look, you never take the opportunity to leave us at peace for day at least. Well at least I thought Joey would be ready with my stuff soon, yet he hasn't responded back so something tells me you both got to him. My plans are ruined out here and so is my mission in Ambersberg, you thought all of my minions were gone...I'm afraid you are a tad bit wrong on this one. You see my second in command is in here with me as well, he'll be my distraction so I can get away from you marines. You've may have stopped my plans here in Ambersberg for the moment, but I'm not worried you'll never beat in Starabia. Even if you did the shadow five will have there fun with you during the battle with them, don't you see a victory against us is almost impossible against us marine. Daniel your the one who's been messing with the plans of Avery, this my friend doesn't bode well for you. Yet with your death will bring much joy to him when your taken out, this will make us have one less problem---| he was cut short sharply by Daniel speaking back.

|If you think we'd let Captain Avery have that map then your wrong, we do mess with your plans only to ensure the safety of the spiral. You don't know the dangerous power that map has Richard, yet you play with it like a toy not knowing the consequence you could unleash from it. You don't see the error in your ways that is why we must stop you, Ambersberg has had enough of you out here anyway.| Richard chuckled under his breath at Daniel.

He was just a marine a goody two-shoes marine to be exact, they knew nothing of the pirate ways they had built. Nor did they know the pirate code of their existence, yet there would be no way he could afford them coming to Starabia. Richard knew full well that Starabia was the easiest shortcut to Skull Island, so he called on some of his men to fight these marines. As they came in Richard got on his ship to Starabia quickly, this left Daniel and Swiftwillow to deal with these guys now. Yet they cant allow them to cause any more trouble, plus the items they have belong to the queen which the palace isn't far from here. This wasn't going to be fun since their plan was to get Richard, yet sometimes they had to settle to fight other enemies. After two hours they finally defeated them, though it was bitter sweet victory for them since they didn't get him. Although Richard is gone they can give back the items to the queen, going to her palace she thanked them for their hard work.

|Oh thank you men for helping us out with those thieves, they have been causing trouble ever since they got here. I know that Richard Hawkeye got away from you back there, but at least his goons cant cause anymore trouble. Well I know that you think that he's gone but I know that he must be in Starabia, I've seen a spy to search from the Shadow Five. He told me that their hideout is in Starabia, not only that he also told me that he saw one of their messengers go to Skull Island where there leader is. I must bet that is where the final battle with the pirates will be, but for the mean time let us focus on the present now. You need to get to Starabia to stop them from completing El Dorado, however you need an orange Starstone in order to get there. Your Grand General should have one for you to use to get to that place, thank you all for your help you've deeds here will never be forgotten in Ambersberg.| Daniel and Swiftwillow left the throne room.

As the sun wasn't about to set Swiftwillow sent a letter to the Grand General, before the day ends Sergeant Swiftwillow was talking to Daniel about his work here.

|Well done, Daniel! You may be small but your quite tough for your size, although he got away we manage to arrest them and send them to Seala. I wish we could tell him we got Richard but I guess we can wait, don't worry we'll get him in Starabia if you have the right team with you. I shall stay here to make sure no one causes more trouble here, yet I have a feeling darker evil is coming from Skull Island. Well Daniel you better get to Seala and tell the Grand General that our mission is complete, he'll tell you your next mission once you get their...Dismissed!| Daniel saluted as he went to his ship back to Seala.

Patrick closed the book on a great Arc as he put the diary down, what will happen to Daniel is yet to be determined...perhaps its best for us to wait and see.  
Final Chapter in Ambersberg
Marine101 Arc 5: Ambersberg Part 2

June 9, 1800 Ambersberg

                   Episode 4: Sharpened Danger! In Moltkestraße

Daniel was already in Moltkestraße ready to report to Sergeant Swiftwillow, they had a lot of work to do since Richard Hawkeye was close now. They were near the port so that meant that their ships were there too, yet they weren't alone Angus Bartholomaus knows this place pretty well so he wanted to help them out. Sergeant Swiftwillow knows for a face that this place is well guarded, so there was no time for them to play around they started quickly.

|Good you've made it out here at an early time Daniel, now we can get to work out here near the harbor. For a start Angus Bartholomaus has told us that there is a secret building at the end of the harbor, that might be where Richard Hawkeye might be hiding for the moment. If we can get there we'll be able to give him a good message to give to the other members, but lets not get ahead of ourselves Joey Eggert is who we need to focus on first. To get to him I have no clue what must be done out here, so you'll be speaking to Angus Bartholomaus himself for getting to Joey. Don't worry I know that he will give you some great tips on how to fight him, just be careful I don't know for what he has planned for us.| Daniel saluted as he went to speak to Angus Bartholomaus.

Daniel saw Angus Bartholomaus already standing on the front on the street, well there was no time for him to waste so he hurried quickly.

|Don't worry my friend I know this place like the back of my hand, you see to get to Joey we have to do a few things to get their. There are mechanical gates blocking his tower at the end of the street, the only way to open it is to press a combination in the correct order. You'll find the combination button in each secret house you discover, first we need to find the map to tell us which place to go to press each switch. The best way to find this is to fight some monsters to find it, I happen to see a few of them coming from the corner just then. They are those nightly slashmen that have been causing trouble out here, they might have the map that can show us the write order we should go in. Yet we shouldn't get to happy Daniel I know their tricks, they might not have the full map that we need so be careful. If we do happen to get pieces of it we'll have to do some fighting to obtain the others, trust me we don't want to deal with all of that hassle. Well you better get started there is no time to waste now, don't fret I'll make sure no one comes to attack you from behind.| Daniel left the area to fight some slashmen.

Daniel walked down the street looking very cautious at the time, they weren't friendly when it come to their attacks they use. It was quite strange no one was around at the moment, then on of the slashmen almost attacked him from behind while he was walking. Luckily Chun-Hu manage to catch on to them before Daniel was hit, this wasn't going to be an easy battle since they were able to move that fast. After a good hour and a half Daniel did indeed find something on one of them, unfortunately it wasn't what they wanted to get right off the bat. It seems that Daniel has gotten only a piece of them map that they needed, he was hoping that he would get the full one yet it was better than nothing. Going back to Angus Bartholomaus he knew that this wasn't good news, so he looked at the little piece as a start to their work out here.

|Well I guess you didn't the full map I wish we didn't get a piece, but its better than nothing so let get started with the secret houses. The first place you should go is the third secret house down the road from me. Now when you go inside there is a switch on the end of the floor my friend, one you see it step on it to activate the lock to put it into the gate. Be careful there will be enemies there waiting for you once your inside, so make sure you have your friends with you at all times. I don't know what who can be hiding in them but they can be good for us, now when you hit the switch come back to me I tell you want to do next. You better get going there is not time to waste right now, don't worry I'll make sure nothing attack you from behind quickly.| Daniel left the area for the third tower.

This is where things are about to get tricky for him, there is an order to this place that can be tricky. Going to the third secret house this place looked very dark from the looks of it, yet there was no time for him to see how it looked from a distance. Going inside he saw that there were enemies waiting, although Daniel didn't want to meet with them it was unavoidable, so he was ready to fight them so he can touch the switch After a good hour and a half he finally hit the button to the gate, now with that done he went back to Angus to tell him about this.

|Good work you've hit the third button that was the first one, now we've got three more to go before we get to Joey. Now your going to have to fight some Sandling brutes in order to find the second piece of the map, they are bulky so save your attacks when you need them the most. If your lucky you might get the full piece of the map minus the first piece, but I don't expect that to happen one bit so bring me the second piece. Just be careful I don't know what waits for you in this street, yet I do know that Richard Hawkeye is in a secret area here waiting to strike at you. It's best for you to get going to the next area my friend, don't worry I'm make sure no one hurts you out here.| Daniel left the spot to find some Sandling brutes.

This was now getting really hard that the missions are getting longer, yet since he's been doing this he'll get used to it soon. Walking down the path he spotted a brute looking around, yet once he saw Daniel he called over his buddies over to come. This wasn't going to be a good fight for him since their so defensive, yet there was no time for him to think about things he needed to get some clues. After a good hour and a half he got the second piece of the map in his hand, however it wasn't the full map that he wanted from this. Going back to Angus he gave him the second piece, although it wasn't the full on they were making some progress.

|Although this isn't the full map were making some progress, now that we have the second piece we need to head to the second tower in this place. It says here to go the tower number one I bet that will be the second switch to the gate. I don't see any more monsters out here so there might be a piece inside that place, go look around to see if you can find this piece were after my friend. Just be careful for anything in that secret house when you go inside, you know full well that Joey's men wont take to kindly to you when you enter this tower. Once you get the map piece come back to me so we can get to the third switch, however let's focus on the second tower for now Daniel. You might want to get going my friend we don't have much time to work with, don't worry I'll make sure you don't get hurt from anyone trying to sneak up on you.| Daniel left the area to get to the second tower.

This wasn't going to be fun since those are strong henchmen, yet there was no time for him to complain he needed to get there now. Once he arrived he checked to see if there was a switch inside the place, going inside he nearly for cut from a flying dagger coming his way. Fortunately Chun-Hu was able to catch it before it hit Daniel since he was not quick enough to react, fighting the people in here wasn't going to be easy yet he needed to find the map. After a good hour and a quarter he finally defeated the people inside, now that he has this piece there was only two towers left to deal with. Daniel went back to Angus to give him the map, but not before he activated the switch on the floor next to him. Doing that first he quickly raced off into the street heading back to his location, Angus knew that they were about to get to Joey quickly.

|Great you've gotten the second building cleared and got the lock too, well now onward to the third place my friend which is the last one number four. You gave me the piece of them map although this isn't the easy way of getting to them, well after this tower there will be one more left to unlock. I know that Joey is scared out of his mine knowing you're doing this with my help, yet he wont be easy to beat since he like to be quick about his moves. However let's not stray away for the tower business were in my friend, we've got to get to Joey quickly I don't want Richard Hawkeye escaping justice the he so deserves. Well you better get a move one there is no time for us to wait and talk, I'll keep an look out for someone that tries to hit you from behind. I'm a retired Marine that knows all about pirates my friend, trust me they can do anything sneaky.| Leaving the area Daniel headed for the next to the last tower on his list.

There was something dark about this Joey person in Daniel's mind, sadly he couldn't picture it that this person was quite scary to deal with. Yet Daniel didn't have time to sit and think about how Joey was evil, he was already at the tower ready check on its surroundings inside. Going inside quickly and quietly he was able to get the enemies by surprise, unfortunately that doesn't mean that the battle is going to make it easier. After nearly two hours he finally beat the bunch who were protect this place, hitting the switch he got the piece of the map and headed back to Angus. Now with one tower left I think Daniel knew he was going to be told something different this time around, so he went off to Angus to get the last of the instructions.

|Great you hit the third switch to the gate Daniel, now there is one more tower for you to deal with now. Yes this time your friend Swiftwillow will accompany you to the large building that Joey's hiding in. Once you hit the switch go to Joey's place quickly, I'll tell your friend that your already fighting him. Once your done with that you'll meet up with your higher rank Sergeant Swiftwillow, although you'll be done here it will be a bit too late to deal with Richard Hawkeye then since he is a swashbuckler. He will rip you to shreds since he is able to move so fast in the night, yet let's not shy away from the mission we have right now. Well all I can tell you is that you better get to work my friend, I'll tell your friend about the work you've did here.| Daniel left the area to get ready for the fight with Joey.

He got to the last tower quickly so they wouldn't get spotted, reaching the tower they went inside again to give the people their a little surprise. Sadly they were ready for Daniel so this plan was a small failure, yet they had to unlock the gate to get to Joey and there wasn't any stopping them. After a good hour and a half they finally defeated them, hitting the switch the gate opened allowing them to get to Joey's hideout. Quickly going down the street they entered the gated area to find a large building near the port area, this was Joey's place so his brigade went inside his place quietly. Joey knew they were there so he was already prepared, Daniel didn't like this guy since he was indeed a swashbuckler and their attacks cant get serious. There was not time for him to run away now from this battle he was in, after two hours they finally defeated Joey Eggert with a few scratches. Going back to the spot Sergeant Swiftwillow took the place of Angus, he did help them out a lot and deserves to rest for a bit.

|Well done, Daniel! Now that this place is secure we can get to Richard Hawkeye, he probably still thinks Joey is still doing his work out here. He'll probably leave tomorrow night so we can surprise him by morning, I know you want to fight him but its too dangerous for you to go there now. Richard Hawkeye will crush you with his abilities and he wont even try that hard with you, so you better rest for tonight you've earned it from me. Once morning comes meet me at the docks so we can get started, I don't want to waste any time getting to Richard Hawkeye with the opportunities we have. Yet for the meantime you get some rest you've earn it Daniel...Dismissed!| Saluting Daniel left the area for the rest house.

Patrick closed the book on another chapter since he was in bed, what will happen to Daniel is yet to be seen from our eyes...perhaps waiting might be the best solution.    
next to the last arc chapter
Marine101 Arc 5: Ambersberg Part 2

June 8, 1800 Ambersberg

                  Episode 3: Helping Swiftwillow! In Habsburgerring

Daniel was already up heading for Habsburgerring, this place has gotten hit the hardest ever since the shadow five came. Sergeant Charles Swiftwillow has asked him to report for duty quickly, since there have been rumors of Richard Hawkeye being seen here. This wasn't apparently good news for the citizens here, knowing well that he is a highly skilled swashbuckler he'll do anything to them. Luckily he hasn't been seen here since yesterday, Daniel finally made it to the spot of Swiftwillow in good time. Now that he's here he can get down to business, there was no time to waste around out here.

|Good you've made it out here just in time young marine, yes I know that you are Daniel yet in my eyes you are still young. Now that you've helped out my two subordinates let get to work out here, Richard Hawkeye will most likely be near the royal palace if I'm correct. That means we know that he's here planning something for us, yet he wont be defeated that easily he might make his escape. If my hunch is correct he might be heading for Starabia they hideout location is there, if we can defeat them then they will lead us to Caption Avery the head of everything. Yet for the moment let us focus on this street first Daniel, this place has seen better days here before the pirates came. There has been secret shipments of things in and out of here, we have to cut off the source in order to find out who's controlling it. Once we do that we'll be able to get to our trouble maker in the next street, then that might lead us to Richard Hawkeye at last my friend. But first we need to find some clues to help us in our mission, the best way to do that is to fight some enemies on the streets out here. I saw some slashmen working about doing their dark things hidden from our eyes, go and defeat a few to see what you can get from them. If you do indeed find something come back to me quickly I'll see what I can make of it, so you better get going Daniel I say here in case someone tries to ambush you.| Saluting Daniel went off to find some slashmen.

This place was probably the biggest street in Ambersberg itself, so this could be a perfect ambush location as Daniel kept an eye out. The slashmen shouldn't be far from his location, all of a sudden a slashmen came at with great speed they certainly found Daniel by his standings. This wasn't going to be fun for Daniel since he is weak against these guys, luckily his brigade can really help him with those weak points. After a good hour he finally found something that might be helpful, it look like a strange letter indeed yet it had different writing on it. Maybe Sergeant Swiftwillow may know a thing or two about this note, going back to him he gave the clue that he found on the slashmen. Unfortunately he didn't know too much about this letter, it was writing in a strange code that only some pirates can read. Something tells me that somebody doesn't wake the marines to know about there location, yet someone else knew about this very well so they might give them some help.

|Sadly I don't know much about this Daniel its a deep code, Richard Hawkeye must know that were on to him by the way things have happened. Yet I wouldn't be too worried I think I know a person that might can help us, his name is Angus Bartholomaus he lives just a couple of blocks from here. He knows a lot about these codes since he is a retired marine from Ambersberg, he may give you some experience on how to fight the enemy that controls both this street and the next street. If you ask him tell him we needed help out here with this code, he'll understand that we need some good experience with this. You've better get going there isn't anytime we can waist, I'll keep an eye out for any danger coming towards you.| Saluting Daniel wen off to find this Angus Bartholomaus person.

Walking down the street he found him standing holding a sword, although he's retired he still holds a lot of battle under his belt. Its rumored that he might have fought against Captain Avery, though the results of the battle is still unclear to us. Going towards him he sees that a marine is looking for some help, Daniel might need to listen to him well for he may lead them the Richard Hawkeye's whereabouts.

|Oh so your the marine that's here to help out with our pirate troubles, good its about time someone dealt with them. Your higher rank sent you here for me to decode a message you got, well you came to the right play youngster I can help you quite well. I might be retired but I have a lot of experience to help you, now its says here that they are sending shipment out to the street of Moltkestraße its where the harbor is. I bet there sending them to their second in command in that street, if we can stop this guy that's sending stuff to second in command we can stop him. Trust me once he finds out that its gone we'll be able to strike at Richard Hawkeye, but first we need to find out who is controlling everything out here. This is where a young marine like you comes into the plan I have, you see there are some Avian Ruffians not far from my place. If you can fight a few of them they might give us a good clue, with that it might help us lead to the guy that is doing all of his dirty work here. I don't know who he is but finding a clue is the first thing, yet you wont be doing that by standing there...get going solider we need that clue!| Daniel saluted even if he was retired, he went to find some Avian Ruffians.

Now even though he was a good fighter Angus warned him about the monsters, underestimating them can be fatal at time so he might need to be careful about them. This wasn't going to be an easy go for him since they are buccaneers, that tells Daniel a lot about them from the his stand point. He'll know that they will be bulky so he has to save his attacks, once he found them they were already charging at him so there was no time to wait. After a good hour and a half he finally beat those annoying guys, not only that he found something that could help them in their missions. It was a strange note written by someone he didn't know who, yet it was best to take it back to Angus Bartholomaus to see what he knows about it.

|Well call me a bird! You've got those two whose been causing all this trouble, there twins working with Richard Hawkeye himself doing harm here. If I had a hunch I bet one of the twins is in the street of Moltkestraße, he must be leading the shipment to the harbor in that area. There the brothers Richie and Joey Eggert they are good fighters so be careful, since Joey is a minute older he might be in the other street I mention. However for the moment let's focus on Richie for the meantime, he is a swashbuckler following in his brothers footsteps. I would be cautious around him when you fight him, he can use many tricks to harm you in this fight my friend. I know that he will cheat yet there is a way you can fight back, you see he likes to add traps when you fight his warriors. But he doesn't realize that it wont protect him from the sides. Do that and you've have defeated him at his own game, then we can get to his brother Joey doing his dirty work for Richard Hawkeye. However let's focus on Richie if you are thinking a bit to fast, your not going to defeat him by standing there...get going we don't have much time!| Daniel left off to find Joey Eggert.

This wasn't going to be easy knowing that his enemy is a swashbuckler, yet there wasn't time for him to worry since Richard Hawkeye is now close. Walking down the street he saw a old abandoned tower up ahead of him, this is probably where Richie was hiding for some good time. Entering the tower Richie didn't take to kindly to marine messing up stuff, so he was prepared to fight Daniel heavily. Daniel will indeed have a difficult time with him knowing that he cheats, yet his brigade might help him a good bit in this battle. After a hour and a half he finally defeated Richie, this place was cleaned up from his dirty business out here. He went back to the area where Angus Bartholomaus, yet when he did get there he saw Sergeant Charles Swiftwillow take his place. Even though his work was done they were finished with there mission, they still needed to find Richard Hawkeye out here in his secret location.

|Well done, Daniel! You've earned your keep and cleaned this place out, yet were still not done with this place yet. We've got Richie now we have to deal with Joey is in the street of Moltkestraße, I've heard its heavily guarded by pirates that work up there. Its near the royal building of the queen so we need to get to work, we can allow them to harm the royal family like they did in Shailand my friend. Yet I'm not sending you there now its late plus its ambush prone, there is a rest area out here where you can sleep for the night. Once morning comes meet me at Moltkestraße bright and early Daniel, we got a lot of work to do there. However for the meantime I'm glad that this place is clean Angus Bartholomaus will help us through the street of Moltkestraße, I know that you have learn quite a bit from him...get some rest you've earn it tonight.| Saluting Daniel went off to rest after a long days work.

Patrick closed the book on another chapter as he goes to bed, whatever happens to Daniel is not yet determined...perhaps waiting might be the best solution.    
Well people, I'm starting my first year at my new high school so I wont be on for so long. Don't worry I will be still type like I always do. Monday the first day of school
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